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The fading Good-bye

The soul wishes for a tryst with you, 
    you and me together far away in solitude. 
Solitude and Silence shouts Schmaltzy.
The arrow struck the moon shattering it into pieces, 
    that falls on earth as glittering remains of romanticism. 
Am collecting its pieces, 
    memory lane sheds a drop of tear.

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  1. very creative thinking...

  2. Anirban you surprise me everytime with your writing....creative as Alpana said :D

  3. nice concept dear...............

  4. Have read these lines have just arranged them now in the form of a poem I had said earlier "Nice"

  5. As much as I loved this poignant little piece, I am afraid it is a little too bitter to be sweet. But leaves a taste all the same.

  6. Hats off 2 u bro,ur amazng...hats off 2 ur pennmanshp...may allah bless u..

  7. Nothing to say dada! You are just awesome.. And I wish everything gonna be fine soon.. :) and I believe it will be..


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