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Writers' Block; Ever Experienced?

Writers' Block

Opens MS WORD...

He keeps staring at the page. The cursor blinks, and blinks again, as if it’s in a hope that some words would come outta it at any moment.
Outside the screen sits a man, looking at it. His fingers feeling too numb, to type anything. The cursor keeps blinking, in hope without losing it. The man desperately tries to write something, his fingers starts moving. But nothing worth comes out, as he types...


I can.... *deletes*

I can't..... *deletes*

Once upon a time..... *deletes*

Love is....uhhh i only write about love...*deletes*

What the…?!?!?!? *deletes*

Damn....!*cursor keeps blinking at the end*

Cursor says, "Bad day, huh?"
He replies, "One of the worst. Sorry, i am making you move back and forth at the same place. Must be irritating, isn't it?"
Cursor says, "No, it’s my job. I mean are you really thinking about me going back and forth? Are you feeling pity for me?"
He replies, "Yes, what’s so wrong in it?"
Cursor says perplexed, “EVERYTHING!! i am u cursor damn you, you cannot feel pity for me. A normal human being won't do it!"
He gets irritated, "Do you think i am not normal?"
Cursor says, "Of course i do!"
He shouts, "WHAT?"
Cursor says, “What, WHAT? Don't you get me?"
He screams, "GET WHAT?"
Cursor laughs, “You are Mad."
The cursor starts jumping all over the page singing, “nana na na...”
He screams, “What the hell? Why are you screwing up my mind ha?"
Cursor Starts screaming louder, "You are a, muddle head. Na nana nana..."
He says, "I am not, it’s you!!"
Cursor stops at a place and starts to giggle.
He screams, "What?!?!"
Cursor replied, “You internet router is switched ON."
He replied, "Yes, so what?"
Cursor giggled again, “So i told all my relatives around the world, THAT YOU FEEL FOR ME; A CURSOR."
He was puzzled, “So......?"
Cursor said, “So from now, where ever you sit; no matter where around the world...every cursor will act the same way i am right now."
He said, “You are lying, this cannot happen. How did you get my passwords?"
Cursor replies,"Uh huh are forgetting something. I am your laptop, remember? Heehaw."
He opens his Email ID and clicks into his "sent emails" folder.
He couldn't believe what he saw, Sent mails counter showed "1,000,000,000 + mails" at the bottom of the counter it was written "Dude Are You Crazy?"
From the background the giggling sound was echoing, he closed the document and the sound stopped at once.
He opens a new document again but this time the cursor was silent, blinking on its place. He realized then he was day dreaming with the eyes open.

He speaks to himself, “You are really mad, you muddle head."
And replies to himself sadly," Agreed!"

Has this ever happened to you? Well this is called writers' block. When you want to write, you cannot. Sometimes there comes a this strange situation, when you think you need to scribble but you just ain't able to. Well, I am going through a same kind of phase now.
Thinking about how to start, i end up thinking about different things which in fact has nothing to do with writing, i feel like the cursor is pleading me to write something. But then i can't do anything, sitting in front of the laptop, my fingers feel numb. I start writing a line, and then delete it again. But it is said that, "Nothing can stop a writer from writing. If something does, he starts writing about what is not letting him write." That’s what i did. What do you do?

Topic Courtesy - Sulekha Rawat
Written by - Sumit Kumar

25 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. Well, that's nice. I've experienced that when I was the representative of our class in English writing back when I was in high school. That was tough. I didn't actually knew what to do cause hey, I'm the representative, how am I going to win if I can't write about something? Anyway, nice writing. :) I like your story. The cursor and you :p

  2. @Mary :P LOLzzz hehehe thank you!!

  3. Bravo Sumit, You have done the impossible, made a wonderful story out of nothing. I am impressed, great post.I deserve a bit of credit, it was my suggestion after all :)

  4. Thanks for the mention Sumit, you didn't have to.....god bless.

  5. @Sulekha I am really thankful to you for giving me such a topic.. It was i difficult job to do. I gave my best shot, this topic actually got me thinking :) Hope i could live up to your expectations :)

  6. i heard it first from my partner in the art group... i find it intriguing that the word 'block' came mostly from male friends... women attribute moods to hormones... to men, i suggest a more positive outlook on this feeling...

    ... a call to AUDACITY... beyond the habitual things we write or do... ;)...

    ... listen to what it has to say...;)

    non aver paura... mai :)

  7. Interesting Blog...By the way if no one else has mentioned it.. it would seem your over your writers block!!! Yu wrote this. Did you not??

  8. @Melissa :D :P Well i like the way you comment :D

  9. @Jim Yes i am over it :) Thanks!!

  10. Superb Post Sumit..
    Loved the way you described all the things so clearly ..
    Yes, nothing could stop a good writer from writing..and here we can see that :)

    Keep Writing Dear ..

  11. Great post Sumit and Sulekha good topic. We all can relate to this post and yet it took you Sumit, to put it into words. Keep it up.

  12. @Simmy Thanks a lot for the sweet comment. and thanks for pulling me outta it :)

  13. @Rimly :D Thanks a lot :D just gave it a shot :)

  14. Bravo - you are over the block - crossed over as if there was no hurdle there at all. Good post Sumit! Keep it coming : )

  15. Sumit..I am happy that you wrote something..but I didn't know that your "SOMETHING",is going to be so good. Writers block..I am having it also..relax,life is not so will meet and loose many people in this journey of life..remember,NO ONE IS WORTH SO MUCH IN LIFE,THAT YOU GIVE SO MUCH OF YOURSELF,EVENTUALLY THERE IS NOTHING LEFT FOR YOU....

  16. @Kriti :D Thanks a lot.. :) well it was a hurdle really :D
    i feel right what i wrote there :D

  17. @Alpana Thank you for being there always :) and what you said really true.. I know, I'll be fine. I have to be. :)

  18. That was awesome.......something out of nothing...super cool :D

  19. Vow! Its soo damn true n so well writte. It happens with every writer, he/she feels empty after pourig down. They all hv strengths bt still feel emptiness..

    Its soo soo well writte. Thanks for sharing with me.
    Lots f love dearo!

    @Sulekha- Wt a brilliant topic!

  20. Thank You Manisha :) So Sweet of you!! :D
    Love you too :)


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