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Everything Scattered When She Left Me

I’m just like a dot separating two sentences, Swinging between the past and present of my life. It had been two years since she left me heart-broken and now memories that slept deep and calm in the dungeons of my heart raised after i had seen her in the central plaza. I had a bouncing heartbeat. She swept me of my feet again.

The day she left me alone in the road of loneliness, I walked thinking of her with hopes and thoughts that just pricked my heart every time. Silence hugged me throughout my journey. Loneliness harassed me every time I think of her. I dared breaking the virginity of loneliness that hooked me into the deep-sea of stinging emotions. Time is the only thing that healed me. It had given me the best medication I have ever known as a medical student.

I sat by the shore. Memories started squeezing my heart. I still love her deep like the sea. She stabbed my heart all the way in the central plaza. Time, now, has become nothing more than a measurement of days from that moment she left me. I was on an emotional roller coaster. As I turned the pages of those old chapters of my life, they just made my hand dusty, made me hypersensitive to those memories and tears flooded my eyes

It was around eleven o clock and I was still thinking of her resting on the shore. There was no one around me and the darkness clasped the shore. Moon adorned the neck of the darkness casting its beauty. Stars are the silent spectators for my sadness. I could hear only the soothing music of the waves that made me bit relaxing.

She forgot to take my memories with her that still lies in my mind, untouched for years. She is still in my heart. My heart and mind soon started feckless debate as if they were two great enemies, one supporting her thoughts and the other opposing her thoughts. By the time I tried to find out who won the debate, I just dozed off.

As i opened the eyes, sun peeped into my eyes as if he is searching for some lost object in a dark room. I let my eyes drift open with great difficulty, to find myself curled like a dying spider on the shore. It was already seven. I felt something crawling inside my shirt and i woke up suddenly as if I had a nightmare. I grabbed the insect in my hand and it pricked me and jumped of it.

‘It’s a painful morning’ I thought.

I stood up stretching my arms, I found myself embedded with sand grains all over my clothes. I dusted them off and headed towards my bike which shined as it bathed in the rays showered by the sun.


8 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. yes it is a very painful morning..I can relate to this post of yours..

  2. This is a very unhappy ending if this is really the end of the DOT. I can only cry with u Manu and wish u every strenght in live. We live for today and tomorrow; so let the memory of her become a memory that is nice to remember. It is indeed a very touching story, a beautiful writing from a tortured soul, that only those who experience the agony can write as deep as this one.

  3. I’m just like a dot separating two sentences, Swinging between the past and present of my life. That is one great opening line. THis was really written well.. not someone weeping but speaking from his heart. Really great.
    I’m just like a dot separating two sentences, Swinging between the past and present of my life.

  4. You are such an excellent author! Sometimes I start reading someone else's post and my mind wanders off. Never with your writings does that happen. Your words pull me in and keep me hooked. Thank you!

  5. Maybe your DOT can be a new beginning too? Rather than separating the past and present, perhaps, its time for you to take charge of your CURRENT ?? just my twenty-cent opinion...:)

  6. You must stay confident in yourself. emotion is not a good advicer, with it we are not able to see the positive possibilities.

  7. @ Alpana : Thanks a lot for ur comments

    @Neneng : This is not the end. to say so this is only the starting of dot. Thanks for your suggestions

    @ Jim : Thanks a lot for stopping by and commenting

    @ Mari : Thanks a lot for dropping your comments

    @ Isabelle : yup what you said is absolutely true. Live in the present

    @ Pascal : Thanks for you advice...

  8. Very descriptive with the emotions. The pain is deep and will he ever get over her is the question or has she scared him for ever?


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