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On The Wall Of The Heart


On the wall of my heart a picture is hanging

When I look at the picture I feel like singing

But still I don't know why is this happening

Is this the time of the real awakening

all day long I hear sounds and think

is it the phone or my ears that are ringing

It never happened before and it's really freaking

me out Everything tastes the same that I am eating and drinking

Am I safe or am I sinking

Oh picture what are you doing

I am just a kid and still learning
Photo: Courtesy Google Images

Abhisek Panda
About the Author :
He loves challenging the concepts of others & that invariably leads him to create his own ideas and to pioneer new lines of thought.He Writes about Film,Art,Poetry,Stories and Personal views on things that matter.A Filmmaker,a Photographer,a CG Artist,a writer and Blogger.Music and Book Lover, curious about web design and development.He is the founder of "WE HAVE A STORY" and many other blogs and websites.

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  1. short, simple elegant.. true and pure!

  2. You really are everything I hoped and imagined. And these lines of yours,are going to be with me,within me,as long as I live...Love you always Abhi..for something so special and beautiful..and giving it to me.

  3. @kriti-di... yesh di poem- cute indeed... weirdly cuter is the "pink" mouse at the end! :P

  4. Sweet and innocent poem, Abhisek, enjoyed reading it.

  5. Lovely :) And yes, do not stop writing :)

  6. Love is like the seeds of life,
    To root is full of pain and strife.
    But to grow it"s like a great Oak tree,
    Straight and strong for eternity.
    Love is what I offer you,
    Steadfast, calm and oh, so true!
    Love is life between two who shares,
    A life between two who really cares.
    Love is ours, if you agree,
    To spend your life with me!...............

  7. @Alpana Thanks.....You helped me write again...Love you too :D

  8. @Kriti Who is cute me or the poem :D .....Thanks a Ton

    @Sulekha Thanks......glad you liked it :D

  9. @Sumit Thanks.....will not stop writing....not again dude :D

    @Anonymous Nice poem

  10. @Aishani Thanks Dear....but you are sweeter :D

    @Kush Love... :D

  11. Abhisek,

    Lovely poem. I love the the imagery
    "In the wall of my heart a picture is hanging"


  12. Lovely. Its great that you started writing again

  13. Hmm sounds like your not sick your just in love. lol

  14. Great words - I'm truly amazed at this. I read and breathed in the words and could picture them as if they were from my own thoughts - awesome.

  15. I loved it... So perfect and to the point and real

  16. hi Aabhasek i follow now your blog, it´s vry interested, my blog please follow this blog, comments in english, thank´s

  17. @Dallying Thanks.....writing is my soul.......I lost it somewhere in the got my soul back :D

    @SJ Thanks.......glad you liked it :D

    @Savy Thank you so much :D

    @Gesund Thanks will visit your blog :D

  18. Nice rhyming and wonderfully invented poem...;) Cheers!

  19. Lovely, so like our heart to confuse us.

  20. @Jorie Thanks :D

    @Jessica Thanks :D

    @Rimly Thanks :D

  21. Glad to see you writing again, sometimes all we need is a little push from a friend :)) Loved the poem and the pictures you picked for it are great!

    Welcome back :)

  22. the red heart on the wall is virbrant, vibrant as ur thoughts provocative and protective. loved it.......keep posting such pieces :)

  23. @Debbie Thanks for the encouragement

  24. @Sancheeta Thanks...will post more :D

  25. Short and sweet. Lovely Abhisek

  26. A great come back Abhi :)
    Thanks to Alpana because of her a hidden talent came out once again..
    Beautifully expressed haal-e-dil :)

  27. What a beautiful poem! I think you should keep writing, even if a little bit. I'm following your site - it's lovely!
    Regards, Mari


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