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Standing under the first rain drops; how it feels...?

It is raining here heavily in Durgapur, couldn't resist getting wet. Thought of sharing the feeling of the rains; the first rain drops of the year. When it rains after such a long time, the smell of the thirsty land quenching its thirst enchants my mind, purifying my soul... Deep within this time reminds me of "those" rare moments in my life which were so resplendent. Those forgotten moments, those beautiful times.
There is a saying, "When you walk in rains no one can see the tears in your eyes" all of us become the same, No matter how rich or poor, No matter how happy or sad we are, the rains never discriminates between two people. Yes God never discriminates between any of us, we all are his children, and he loves all, without any partiality.
I love getting myself wet, wet in the shower of blessings coming down from the breast of heavens...

I wrote in one of my poems:

"I love it, when it rains!
When the world looks so resplendent.
Like a new bride in her wedding apparel,
Charming, serene, and pure like her virginity.
I love it, when it rains!

I love it, when it rains!
The sound of precipitation of droplets,
Which, breaks the solitude of my life.
Like a new sweet melody,
Which enters through ear and strikes the cords of my heart.
I love it when it rains!

I love it when it rains!
The smell of the thirsty land,
Which quenches its thirst after ages.
Like fragrant flower, the smell purifies my soul.
I love it when it rains!"

What do you feel when it rains?

16 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. Super duper Liked post :)
    I really appreciate your writing skills Sumit!
    Your words are showing your excitement and happiness due to arrival of chirping rain :)
    Me too love dancing in am waiting for rain ..Glad that you shared it :)

    Nice one :D

  2. @Simmy Thanks a lot for the sweet comment :) so sweet of you

  3. Lovely post, Sumit. Beautiful and soothing, love the rains and the images described by you. Like they say,"Tears water your soul". Let them come,great post.

  4. Oi I also got very wet... drenched alone only.. missed college... and now having fever! :D

  5. Beautiful poem Sumit. I love the first showers too and just standing under those cool droplets is a purifying experience.

  6. playing under the rain is something i share in common with my love ;)...

    it spells out life... freshness... newness...

    you write beautifully sumit... keep it up :)

  7. Sulekha, Thank you.. you know when i was writing the stuff it was raining only and... my hairs were already wet :D

  8. @Anirban da It was fun isnt it? i was literally dripping :D

  9. @Rimly :D Thanks a lot :D i just wanted to share the experience :D

  10. this is so nice.....loved the line
    "The sound of precipitation of droplets,
    Which, breaks the solitude of my life.
    Like a new sweet melody,
    Which enters through ear and strikes the cords of my heart."
    these lines are worth millions dude.....its so nice.....:)

  11. Shuweet :) :) Loved it!!

  12. Beautiful..and so are the pictures,Sumit...speaking about your inner self..the sensitive soul you have..don't show your vulnerability to will end up like me.


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