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This is something that happened not so long ago.This is about a woman whom I never met before that night.

One night while returning from office I saw a lot of people standing in the rain.I thought what are they doing here in rain.I asked the driver to go and see what's happening there.After sometime he came back and said that a man is beating his wife with an iron rod.I was shocked to hear that.One single man was beating his wife and so many people were just standing and watching like they were dead.I immediately moved out of the taxi to see what exactly was happening.As soon as I stepped out I heard a woman screaming and asking for help.What I saw there can make any human with a heart cry.There was blood everywhere and that woman was lying on the road half dead.The man with the rod was fully drunk and was saying "You whore,how dare you sleep with some one else".I asked some people what's the matter and a man standing there said that she was caught having sex with someone else,that man is her husband.I asked why nobody is helping her?The man said it's a family matter.I asked another person and got almost the same reply.I thought if no one will help her right now she will definitely die in no time.But that man was drunk and with a rod in his hand,behaving like a mad dog.I asked my taxi driver and two more drivers standing there to stop that man and lock him in his room.We will not take that risk and there's nothing we will get from it,they said.Ok so that's the stupid reason for not helping that woman.I doubted for a while, is this the place called earth and am I among humans.OK,get that man and lock him in his room I will pay you for that.They immediately agreed and stopped that man from further attacking his wife.I immediately called my doctor for ambulance and asked some woman standing there to help that woman lying on the road with blood all over her body.She was crying with pain.Within some moment an ambulance reached the spot and took that woman with them.I followed that ambulance and paid the doctor's fees.It was late night so I asked doctor to take good care of her and left hospital.

I Found You...

Wind blows, Lament slows
Hymns grow, as you show
Your face undimmed
Lambent redeemed.

Sail me away, so far away
I have gone tired
From the oars I sway.
I am befuddled
Cheated & riddled
Don’t let me go low
Or I will die
Wounded from some bow.

Hey!!! Don’t panic and go worry
Don’t draw deplorable lines
To halter your face shines
I won’t die, in so hurry
I will accompany you
All over this ferry.

Soothing shadows close my eyes
When you hinder the sun
With your wise
If your shadows could also smile
It would have jollified
And wassailed this river Nile.

I Wanna Grow Up Once Again :) :)

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In most cases ask any child when he is growing up, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"... Doctor.. pat comes the reply.  And as the child says this, you should watch the faces of the parents, they swell as though their child has already come out successfully out of the medical school.  In all my interactions I have never heard a child say Engineer or Investment banker.  Maybe also because Doctor is the first profession every child comes in contact with, right from the time of the birth to pediatrics.. Doctors are always around.  For me personally it was a matter of revenge.  As a child I wanted to inject all the doctors who gave me injections :P :P :P

The ToothBrush…

I woke up. It was actually 8 in the morning. I was still half asleep, when I bugged out my eyes, to ascertain that it was still 5 showing on my mobile.  My flimsy opened eyes alarmed that I went late again. Attempting to hurry, I came out from bed tardily, looked for my specs, and searched for slippers. It appeared very much painful to crawl out from my bed when the weather was so much sleep-friendly. It was mild raining, clouds everywhere, no sun in the sky. With lament mood set, I had to rush outside my hostel room to get prepared for today’s classes. I was just there, near the wash basin, to brush my teeth, where there are hanging electric wires from leaking water purifier. Thinking about to purchase an electric tooth brush this time, I came near balcony to spit out the loads in my mouth, forgetting about what wash basins are meant for. I was just about for it, but then I found there somebody downstairs, an old man.
There was an old man, with tattered clothing and a large plastic bag on his back.

Seasons Of Love

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I woke up this morning much to early from an almost sleepless night, which it never fails days like today are my "think to much, analyze too much days".  Trying to break the spell or habit I should say, I decided to listen to one of my favorite CD's, which is the soundtrack for the musical RENT. It was helping, I was finding myself distracted and singing along. I think to myself, "Yeah! you just might have turned your mood around." Wishful thinking I should have known better, because right as I hear the first few words of "Seasons of Love" I zap back to "thinking mode".

525,600 minutes, 525,600 Moments so dear.
525,600 minutes, How do you measure, measure a year?

I start thinking .... Yep the cue word of the day will be "thinking"...
well back to my story...

My Bunmidale :)

Oluwasunita & Oluwabunmi

After a tiring journey of almost 20 hrs (Pune - Mumbai - Dubai - College Dorm) and Rs. 20,000/- stolen from my bag, I was squashed up.  This was my first ever international trip.  I was the first in the entire family to fly abroad to pursue my MBA.   I thought I would be very emotional about all this, but as I dragged my luggage to my room, all that I wanted was to crash on the bed.  G-26 my room number, which I knew I would be sharing with another student, but no idea who it was.  So as I entered I opened the door using my keys (which was provided as soon as I landed in Dubai), I was hoping to see some human figure.  But the room was empty.  One bed was taken, the other one which was obviously mine was still untouched and new with the mattress having the plastic cover on it.  I took a look around to figure out something about the person who would be living with me for a whole year now.  Nothing specific.  Then I made my way to the wash room, and I saw the perfume bottles and the lipsticks, I knew she would be stylish.  So came back and was having some water, just then she entered.  She opened the door and said, Oh I am sorry.. seeing me she thought she entered the wrong room :) :) And then quickly recovered and realised it was infact her room.  So I saw her, for the first time.  An African girl wearing a brown top and light brown jeans and very beautifully done hair, she was very impressive.  Hi I am Sunita... Good to see you I am Bunmi.  Vow that sounds like an Indian name I said.  Oh that is the short version for Oluwabunmi Adeniba.

O friend, What is love?

The entire world is so beautiful in my eyes, so young so smiling. Green and fresh.. fresh blue is my sky, green is the garden. The fading moonlight, the tender bud, all are like my existence. They hum their songs of happiness, they laugh all day.. they meet their death this way. They know no regret, no grief of life.
The flowers falls while it is bright, the moonlight fades smiling its way.. smiling all the way the stars hide themselves behind the light.
Who is as happy as the way I lead my life? O friend come to me. Let me tell you the story of my happy heart, lest you forget your grief. You cry all day, lets give you a moment of happiness. Let us forget all grief for that one moment, let us celebrate and sing together finding the meaning of thoughts, friend what are grievances..? You all talk about love all day.. friends what is love?
Friend, what are thoughts? what are feelings? You all talk about love all day.. O dear friend, what is love? Does love really hurt? Is it the reason of your tears? or the deep breath of grief? Then what happiness lures you to wish for this grief? O friend, what is love?


Hello, everyone it’s truly an honor and privilege to be writing with all of you here at We Have A Story. I’ve struggled for a couple days on exactly what my first post would be on, I have pulled out poems I’ve written, and even pulled out the book I’ve been slowly writing. But everything I looked at screamed “no” write something new, fresh, exciting. Make them hungry for more! I really want to write something "We Have A Story" worthy.  After giving myself a nice pep talk, I grabbed my pen and journal and sat in my favorite writing spot.

Determined to come up with something fresh, something that will awe you, and make you hungry for more. I put my pen to paper and before long I had a page full, excited I look down expecting to see a great story, one that will awe you, and make you hungry for more.... No it wasn't I had sat there for 30 minutes, drawing circles, little hearts, basically doodling which by no means is comparable to any of the other posts I’ve seen so far. 

I definitely needed some inspiration and my little doodles weren’t working.  Lying my pen and journal down I set off to find my inspiration, by reading the blogs I enjoy. I read a couple and comment, and move to the next etc. By now I’ve read 5 blogs and have made some very thoughtful comments. As I was finishing up a comment on a blog I find extremely special to me, I realize that I have formed a special friendship with her. Then it hit me my post today would be about friendships, not your every day life friends , but mainly about the ones that develop online. 

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