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Old is Platinum :) :)

Shahid Kapoor & Ayesha Takia 

Tinku (My future grand child):  Grandma, how is it that a woman in bikini is being used to endorse a bag of cement, should not they be showing a muscular man or woman or a strong building. (I am hoping my grandchild will be intelligent enough to ask this question and not stare at the bikini clad model :) )
Grandma (Me):  Yes my darling they should but alas bikinis are more attractive than brains.   Let me tell you a story . Long, long ago when Sharukh Khan did not sell Fairness Creams for Men and Akshay Kumar did not jump above the buildings to catch Thumbs Up, (I am assuming that these guys will continue doing that, they will certainly hate to act their age even then :)  there were advertisements which showed more creativity and the functionality of the product.   
Tinku:  No Grandma I do not believe you.
Me:  Well then watch these videos

A Train Ticket to Love :) :)

This is my first post on..We Have a Story...and what better story to share than a love story :) :)

My mom never seemed to mind the distance I was from home, because she would just pick up the phone and order me to come home whenever she missed me.  This time again she did the same and I was very angry not only because I would have to sweet talk my boss but also travel by train because last minute flights in India are very very expensive :( :( Thankfully I got the train tickets.  Got off early from my work desk, a friend who promised to drop me at the station arrived late and I got stuck in the traffic jam.  Chennai roads and traffic are not friendly to my mom's decisions I must say.  Well very obviously I was tired and frustrated by the time I reached the coach and the anger on my friend was clearly seen on my face.  Exactly in this situation you have a fellow passenger staring at you, as though he has just seen an alien fly into his coach, and I am like, well now that sums up my day, I have to spend 22 hrs with this guy who is going to keep gaping at me.  No it couldn't get worse.... Well ofcourse not knowing that I will be spending the rest of my life with this stranger !

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