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The Sentence


She sat alone. The sounds of the shehnai wafted through.

“Am I really getting married?” she thought, perturbed in her mind, her heart racing, and a sense of foreboding evil infused her senses.

“Shut up! Shut up! Calm down…” she muttered, barely breathing, the jewellery around her throat chokes her windpipes, almost a trap. Almost?
Laughter rings out, getting louder till all other sounds die out except the screaming inside her own head. She had no idea why she had agreed to marry. In fact, truth was, she did not care. For months she had not even looked at a reflection of herself. She walked up to the mirror and stared at the stranger who looked back at her; looking beautiful in her bridal attire, her eyes pained and soulless.

Whatever it was, she did not really care anymore. She would go through it because she was expected to. There were no ambitions anymore; all lay in shreds broken words of countless thoughts that had wept onto the pages of a journal, now reduced to waste, quite like the relationship that had been rudely shaken and killed.


When we get success,
We think the whole world is ours,
When we get failure,
We think we are ineffectual,
         WHY SO?
When we get love ,
We think we are special,
But when we stop getting love ,
We think people are so mean..

Death Lullaby

A year back were the thrills, the beers,
The laughing and coming near.
The year now is the screaming and tears,
Those pills and fears.
They come and haunt while darkness leers.
All that joy, turned taunts and jeers.

Click! The lamps click on.
The streets glow, playing a golden song.
She, her sullen shadow lingers till dawn.
Walks and walks, around the lawn.
Little Soul, why are you so lone?
A pretty child that is ruined, that cries.

Mistakes she makes, on her geometrical ways.
She trods a while, stares at the broken sky,
Where the eaten clouds around the half-moon lie.
Her black, dark brows, her hair, her eyes,
All mingled with the scene that try,
Try to please her with floating memories.

Her pride that broke, since then in pain.
Her heart, he slain,
Her family looks at her with disdain.
She knows not why it happens.
These thoughts feel faint,
Cause once she was alive, with a loving life.

What does she do? She's lost, hopeless.
The world is a tyrant, she cannot face.
A sadist, that keeps her never safe.
She's the victim and she chooses to end.
A pretty soul and an overdose of pills race
Her beating then weaken the pace.

She lies face down,
Whilst a Death lullaby croons.
She will never see a morn,
A sleep so wrong.
Her eternal beauty shining like a silver crown.
Rest peacefully, you were never meant to live long.

Life is Like A..

Life is like a long rope,
Things happen you never hope.
Life is face,
That gives me peace and grace.
Life is like a miracle,
That makes me feel like magical.
Through life I got much experience and satisfaction that I feel its unforgotten gift of God.
Life is like a race,
That everyone cannot chase.
Sometimes life becomes full of controversy,
Sometimes it makes trouble and sometimes mercy.
In every one's life there is resolution,
And everyone merged for its solution.
My first poem :) 

Autumn Crunch

Walking on autumn leaves
ear shots sense the crunch
footsteps on twigs
as the coloured leaves
splash and crisply crack…
…my path
not quite figured out
the destination hazy,
protracted journey
in a constant pause and play.
Nothing fast-forwarded.
Nor rewound.

Questions mushroom one after another
a rapid round of heartaches
pain, joy, random feelings
passing seasons
repeat the autumn crunch
leaving me none the wiser
year after year
all bleary from the past
lack of sleep
lingering in the long climb
up from the foothills
to view the golden vale.

Just when all is figured out
surfaces the feeling
of an upside down world,
trudging ahead nonetheless
feeling pain to heal
damnation and the pained
bearing the cross
fed with spirituality morsels
time and again
invigorated to share the bread
with those hungry for comfort.

The broken shattered soul
scattered heart and body
gathered, pieced together
patched up, scarred,
fingers run through the yester-years
wistful numerous moments, then
snapping out of the somber mode
cracking the autumn dry leaves
beneath the footfalls
moving on carefree…
When nothing is truly yours
why yearn?

Images Courtesy -
Copyright @Sandy2000

A giveaway

Today, I wanna thank all the woman in my life dedicating one of my best work to them. Rose is said to be the symbol of purity, beauty and love. Most importantly, they quite resemble women.

She is a mother, a sister, a friend, a lover.. She is the support you will always cherish. She is the softness you will always look for. She is the inspiration that will never let you down. She is a 'woman', a 'lady', a 'girl'.

Thank you,
Souvick Mazumder

The Kohl that Smudged

Brown eyes smudged in kohl
the remains of ungodly hours
betray the pain
bespeak the torturous journey
of one more night
of lying pliant
while he pumped away
through her trepidations

I resist and push him away most of the night. I wonder if he's even aware of doing it. There is no escape in the morning, I realise, as he finds my lips and kisses me. There I go again in another sojourn of pretence that will last for God knows how long. I feel no desire and yet, there I am covering up all that I feel by making an effort at responding. His hands roam all over my body, demanding and satisfied, not stopping even once to ask if I am interested or if it's okay with me. I loathe the touch. I stare at the ceiling trying as much as I can to not think of what is happening. Yet, it is my body I am talking about.

My mind has travelled miles away. I stand afar and watch, determined to go through it as my husband makes love to me. Love? My brain is screaming and telling him to go away some place far and I lie silent. I try hard to keep the tears from coming to my eyes. The futility of it all is too much to bear and as the minutes go by, tears well up in my eyes. I avoid his eyes and moan to keep him from looking at me. How well do I know him and how well I know the tears won't bother him as long as he can hear me moan.

I win.

He sees them, perhaps, feels the whole act has overwhelmed me. He is satisfied. That finishes the matter does it?

It all seems unreal and yet I can feel the pain of it all in me. I do not find myself in me. There I am, lying on the bed, my husband on me, staring at the ceiling, at the fan, almost indifferent, at the speed with which it is spinning against the pale black ceiling. He slumps on me, exhausted and here's another day ahead of me, filled with ache of pretending and living this way. The tears refuse to go. Agony gives way to anger and I cannot think of any way to explain the way I feel deep inside.

A sadness unsurpassed.

The phone rings, the doorbell rings. Its Nirmala Bai at the door. I drag myself out of bed, walk towards the door.

I can hear him humming as he shaves.

Picture Courtesy - Google Images
Copyright@Sandy 2001


The one who holded my hand,
The one who taught me to walk on miles,
The one who loved me more than himself,

The one who showed me the right path to move ahead,
The one who always dreamed for me,
The one who gave me confidence at that time when I became hopeless.

The one who lived for me,
The one who never cared of his wishes and willing for my good future,
The one who always protected me from this evil world.

The one who's scold I never minded,
The one who's order I never neglected,
The one who is everything for me..

The one who taught me how to live a life,
The one who gave me a hand of friendship when I was alone,
The one who taught me how to face this cruel world..

And at last I want to say ''I Love U Daddy''
This poem dedicated to you ! :)

Competitive Arena!

Most of us[if not all] have heard about competitive examinations. These are usually referred to those examinations which enable students to take admission into colleges, universities, business schools and the like. Any student aspiring to get into a top college such as MIT, or Harvard or Tokyo University or Indian Institute of Technology, will need to first get over the hurdle of entrance exams. Popular competitive exams include the GRE[Graduate Record Examination], the GMAT[Graduate Management Admission Test], TOEFL[Test of English as a Foreign Language], IIT-JEE[Indian Institute of Technology- Joint Entrance Examination], etc. It is a well known fact that you need to score extraordinary marks in such examinations in order to qualify for the best colleges. Moreover most of them are highly competitive, even more so in Asian countries such as India and China, where thousands of students compete for a handful of seats in the premier institutes. In this post, we shall examine whether such competitive examinations are indeed necessary or have they become more of a burden in recent times.

I will be focusing more on the psychological aspects of such examinations, rather than the technical or financial feasibility of conducting such exams on a large scale. Or in other words, what sort of a mental impact do such examinations have on young students, usually in the age group of 15-22 years. Let us start with the necessity. Competitive exams are not a recent phenomenon and have existed for over half a century. In all likelihood they will continue to exist for a long period in future too. Examinations such as GRE and GMAT test the verbal and quantitative aptitude of a candidate, along with his logical thinking ability and to check his speed plus accuracy, all within a fixed amount of time. Surveys conducted have shown that such skills are indeed necessary for scientists, managers, researchers, or professionals in any field. In India, the popular competitive exam called CAT[Common Admission Test], for entry into the Indian Institute of Managements[IIMs] is somewhat similar to the GRE or GMAT . The IIT-JEE focuses on Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics skills. There are also other entrance tests for Law colleges, Arts, Commerce, etc. The point being that entrance tests have become very much a part and parcel of life.

However there is one major difference between the developed countries and developing countries, with respect to competitive exams. In developed countries, such as USA, there are hundreds of premier educational institutes, offering specializations in diverse fields, ranging from engineering, management, science, astronomy, philosophy, psychology, drama, sports, medicine, tourism, and what not. So even if a student fails to get into say MIT, he can be content with other institutes and will still have lots of choice. Compared to that, in India, and to some extent even China, there are very few premier institutes which can offer high quality education. This, coupled with the huge student population in both countries, has created an enormous supply-demand mismatch. Thousands of students are competing for a single seat in a few institutes, as such institutes guarantee a job after completion of the course. In fact students spend 12-14 hours per day studying in order to grab the prestigious seat by any means. Naturally that takes quite a toll on the young child, and in may lead to negative outcomes, such as depression, health problems, suicidal tendencies, ostracism, etc. Unfortunately in many cases, parents force the child to appear in such competitive exams, even if the child does not want to.

The problem with such exams is that once a student starts preparing for it, he/she usually ends up forgetting most other things. Teenage life is something which should be enjoyed and treasured, and not to bury oneself in books for 10 hours a day. Not only will this make the child unsocial, but will also make him depressed or frustrated. Balancing school studies along with competitive exams is another difficult task for many students. The thing is that most of the children do not even know why they are studying such stuff in which they have no interest in. This has created a rat-race, in which bowing down to peer pressure and parental pressure, the student mindlessly starts taking one test after another. The reason for this is that in most developing countries, getting a job remains the first priority for students and parents alike. This is why most students are forcibly admitted into engineering or medical colleges such that they can get a job and start working after completion of their course. Making money is important, no doubt, but if done at the cost of one’s interest, may prove to be detrimental in the long run. I believe career counseling is very important in this stage. Rather than forcing children to appear for one entrance test after the other, he/she should be encouraged to follow his/her own career objective.

I believe that instead of having several different competitive examinations, it is better to have a single exam held throughout the year which can be taken by students from any background. Later the respective institutes can decide on their own admission criteria. For example, in India, we have over 10 different entrance exams for MBA with many institutes conducting their own exam. Many students find it troublesome to appear for different exams held at different times during the year.

Often I have read articles in which it was mentioned that students committed suicide after being unable to get into the college of their choice. Other times I read that students commit suicide because they were unable to follow the hectic schedule of their coveted colleges. And the worst part is that many students only realize their mistake after they have taken admission. They come to the conclusion that they are a total misfit in the college, and that their interest clearly lies elsewhere. All this can be avoided with a bit more caution and seriousness when it comes to taking admission in a college.

All said and done, I am not totally against competitive exams. With some structural changes, it is quite possible to conduct such exams in a more cordial manner. The students should not feel that they are in a do-or-die situation while attempting the answers. Other than that, it is very important for us to have more quality institutes in different backgrounds[Science, Arts, Commerce, Law, Engineering, Management, etc], such that deserving students are not left out just because they did not perform very well in a particular exam.

Everyday Ebb of Life

Y-you've come! I missed you.

Yes. I...Same here.

Here. I got petunias for you. Do you like them?

I do. Thanks. They're pretty.



Look at what?

There, there! Over there!


Aaah. The birds. Beautiful, aren't they?

Um, yeah. Okay. Nothing new. Just a few white birds flying by.
What is there to get so excited about?

I don't know. They're free. Free to soar wherever they want, as high as they want. Free.

And...what in the world is wrong with you? Don't you think, we see this everyday?

The silver silhouettes lifting higher and higher by the minute. Their fragile wings flapping incessantly throughout the day. No rest. No rest. Too busy. Too busy. Yet with almost nothing important to do.

Are you intoxicated by any chance? Did you take something? Are you sleepy? Or are you just too tired to think properly?

The mother bird has a sense of duty. She will come down from her flight. Search for worms. And start flying again, with the worms hanging from her beak. Just to find out, that two of her baby birds have been made food by some evil living thing. Evil.

You've lost your mind.

She will silently mourn over their deaths. But then, after that? Nothing. Life goes on. This is just natural. The whole cycle of being born, living and dying. Dying. Death comes all too soon, and we never realise it.

Birds? Deaths? This is seriously getting on my nerves now. Stop, or I'm leaving.
You didn't just call me here to talk about birds, did you!?

I miss you.
Just as much as the mother bird misses her disappeared infants.
Please don't disappear.
The mother bird disappears.


Leaving her baby birds insecure, to fly and fly and fly, once again. She can never be sure. Whether her little ones will live to see another day. But so? She has to go out there. She is selfish. She needs to fill her stomach. She needs her freedom to fly.
To fly and to fly and to fly. Aimlessly.

But what's the point of it all? Why does she want to separate from her children so bad? I really don't understand. I want to understand. Someone please explain!
Separations kill me. I don't like this. Not one bit. Not one bit...

That's it. I'm out of here. Good bye.

And she leaves. And she separates from me. She said, 'Good bye.'

The silver silhouettes are now leaving too. Separating from me. Leaving me all alone here. They are fading away. Fading away. Flying endlessly.

This endless surge,
and everyday ebb of Life.

Loving You

When you told me you were not ready for marriage and if I was willing to wait for you the next two didn't matter to me at all...All I knew when I said YES was...
as long as it's YOU...

I will wait...

God is actually preparing us for our future life ahead with all the circumstances we are facing right now... 

i haven't seen you... nor touched you...

(People may raise their brows... I'll take all the risk my love)...

I am happy watching you GROW in many many ways in all aspects of your life...
I rejoice over your achievements...
       you have more confidence in yourself...
you are more open to your feelings and more sincere in your words... 

thank you for showing me your vulnerable side...

Thank you for all the efforts you've shown...for all the time you are spending with me...
for all the songs you sing... 

I really thank God for bringing us together...

You've brought incomparable happiness to my life...

My parents say I could lose sleep but still look beautiful in the morning after spending time with you... 

the light shows on my face...
the smile on my lips...
the love in my eyes...

The path of life~

The path you choose defines you. The end may be evident, near, but life is all about not to let it go!


It's all inter connection of heart to heart - Affection

Sometimes when we are happy..

We make promises with others,

Sometimes when we are sad..

We make rude our self with others,

Sometimes when we think about someone very close to our heart..

Suddenly comes in front of us,

Sometimes when we are going to say something..

Suddenly someone says the same thing that we were going to say,

Sometimes when we think about someone..

Suddenly their images and talking comes in front of our eye,

Sometimes when we care for someone..

They even don't notice us ,


I lay serenely in the afterglow
The sweat of passion spent
Our bodies entangled
Lust expelled
Desires fulfilled
As our bodies rest
To come down from passions high

My hair tousled, my faced flushed
The red glow on my cheeks still visible
My eyes half shut, my mouth open slightly
My full lips still moist, my skin glowing with dampness 
No hint remains of what passed
The contortions of passion
Which were etched into my face
Linger no more, but shall again soon
In the half darkness we look at each other
My head rests on your shoulder
As I drown myself with your scent
You nuzzle me in closer 
Soft moans and sighs Escape my quivering lips As your fingers run through my hair

An Unwanted Black Heart for You..!

An Unwanted Black Heart For You..!
You made my life living hell..
That made me insecure and unwell,
You made me cry..
You made me hurt,
You made me despotic,
But still I Love you with all my heart,
But my heart is indignant to you,
Because of you;
It lost it's spark ,
Because of you;
It burned in flames without claims,
It was dreamy, But now it's dreary,
It was lovable ; but
Now it's hatred.
It was red , But now it's BLACK..!!!
Because of you...!
An Unwanted Black Heart for You..!

Closure....In Love?

Closure… I often hear of this, especially related to death. When somebody dies we need to have closure by seeing our loved one for the last time, by performing the last rites so that we accept, acknowledge the truth and try to get on with life. The living needs to go on living while the dead is only remembered and have a place in our memories.

It is said that every time lovers separate they die a little bit. It’s like seeing the face of death. Both are wrenched apart even if it is for a short while and they feel incomplete without the other.

I have often wondered, does love then like death need closure too? Are lovers happy and content, just knowing they have found love?  Are we happy loving or do we need more? Does love always need to culminate in a marriage or being together physically? Is that closure? Does love grow more after that? Do lovers need to have that physical proximity always or else love stagnates?

A romantic will say that love is love irrespective of togetherness. Two people can love intensely and yet need not be with each other, the fact that they found love is more than enough. But is it? Or are we selling ourselves short because we have no choice or we do not want to exercise that choice of letting go and moving on to find someone who will give us all…love, companionship, togetherness….Knowing that a life together will never be theirs so many of us continue to be in such relationships. Is it fear that they can never find someone better than what they have or is it hoping against hope that maybe someday a miracle will get them together? They continue with this saga of tears and pain and yet not giving up on that love.

Perhaps closure is not the right term, perhaps the word is fulfillment. Can then there be fulfillment even when two people are not with each other? Can two people be content in the knowledge that they love each other even if they can never be together in this lifetime? Does that mean that they have closure in love?

Readers I would love to have your opinion on this. Is there anything like closure in love? 


The thing that makes us sentimental,
The thing that makes us fool,
The thing that plays with our heart,
The thing that cheats with our heart,
         ARE EMOTIONS...
The thing that interconnects people,
The thing that we show to our lovable one,
The thing that we share with our someone very close,
The thing that can't be avoided,
Emotion is a game,
Emotion is a fame.
Emotions are true;
That can be shared with only few.
Emotions makes us weak,
Emotions makes us think deep.
Sometimes emotions destroys the relationship,
Sometimes emotions uplifts the relationship.
Emotions are the part of life,
Emotions are the beauty of life..
Because they only makes some sweet relations.depressed woman.jpg


Dreams are like free bird,
They always keep on trying to reach at the top,
Dreams are full of expectations,
Dreams are full of determination,
Dreams are like a key of a lock of our desire,
They makes us stood higher and higher,
Dreams are the happiness of satisfaction,
Our dreams shows us the way to move ahead,
It's only our dreams tides us with our success..
Dreams are full of strenuous,
Dreams are full of sacrifice,
Dreams are full of imagination,
Dreams are full of hope,
They are only dreams that gives us strength to fly higher and higher.

Dreams permits each and everyone of us to safely and quietly insane every night of our life..

Let go of the past and go for the future. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you imagined.

The Gift of Motherhood

"...and when the numbness
And the terror of your shattered, black,
Dead night is gone...

I still continue - holding,
shielding, warming
Your lonely, frail and trembling hand..."

- Arsenio C. Jesena, SJ, Forgive Me - I Am Only God, Yayee 4: Embraced by God (Manila: James B Reuter, SJ Foundation, 2008), 298.

I always thought that being single was the best approximation I could get of God's will for me... I realized that God could call us anytime He needs us to pursue His projects and designs in our lives...

Redirecting my course, with some struggles, of course, I finally gave in... through discernment and with the help of my family and friends' prayers, I knew God led me to "this special person". He has always been here with me and as if with a sweet gentle blow God re-opened my eyes to the beauty of a love relationship... and the wonders of a gift I have always been praying for... that of motherhood...

As a young missionary, I have mothered abandoned children... loving and  taking care of them as if they were my very own... our art therapies led me to discover pains and sufferings unimaginable for kids to have undergone at such a young age... surprisingly, while staying with these kids, I was healing my own woundedness.

My exposure with children of different intellectual and emotional levels has enriched me... and made me fecund for the next ten years... my experiences expanded to wider horizons leading me to assist women and couples... and even working abroad to understand the plight of overseas contract workers...

How could I even think of things beyond me when God was already working such wonders?

My friends call me a late bloomer hahahaha! And I was even furious at the thought of change... BUT God works in mysterious ways... and I AM VERY GRATEFUL that God gave me a possibility of mothering my own children in the future...

 now, I will have somebody with me to hold "other" children's trembling hands...

photos googled from stockphotos and istockphotos

You had me at "Hello"

I remember the first time,
That we had met.
You had smiled at me,
taken my heart hostage.

Your smile had stumped me,
I had been a goner, poor me.
It was like the wind,
in the willows.
You had me at Hello.

Declarations of undying love,
Pale in comparison to your ‘Hello’.
A ‘take Care’, by you is worth,
a million, ‘I Love You’s’, by the world.

Thinking about you,
is a welcome respite,
from the mundane,
existence of my life.

You make my days brighter,
With your sweet smile.
And my nights darker,
with your prolonged absence.

Your touch revives me,
Your memory inspires me,
to live yet again in enjoyment.
My unexplained affection for you is,
My soul’s craving for fulfilment.

Sulekha aka Lucks

Pain Within

I am in pain,
Have nothing to gain,
I am crying rolling down tears,
I am alone ; no one is here,
I want to make our relationship deeper,
But you are not ready to maintain it's demeanour,
I always tried to decipher your heart,
But you always deplored my emotions,
Eyes are staring at you with fear, 
I want my grief to be shared,
But there is no one not even you to care,
There is no one to hear,
But I want to make all things clear,
There is nothing more in my life to cheer..
Because I am far away from my dear,
And that's the voice of my pain within that no one can hear.

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