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You had me at "Hello"

I remember the first time,
That we had met.
You had smiled at me,
taken my heart hostage.

Your smile had stumped me,
I had been a goner, poor me.
It was like the wind,
in the willows.
You had me at Hello.

Declarations of undying love,
Pale in comparison to your ‘Hello’.
A ‘take Care’, by you is worth,
a million, ‘I Love You’s’, by the world.

Thinking about you,
is a welcome respite,
from the mundane,
existence of my life.

You make my days brighter,
With your sweet smile.
And my nights darker,
with your prolonged absence.

Your touch revives me,
Your memory inspires me,
to live yet again in enjoyment.
My unexplained affection for you is,
My soul’s craving for fulfilment.

Sulekha aka Lucks

28 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. Excellent.....full of feelings and so much love........and yes "HELLO" :D

  2. Thank you so much Aabhisek, and thanks for the picture.

  3. so beautiful....loved the last verse the most...beautifully penned..:)nice read....

  4. Thanks Vaisakhi, I like it too..

  5. A 'take Care' by you is worth,
    a millions, 'I Love You's,' by world....

    these two lines are the best deep thoughts ever.........loved it, Sulekha :)

  6. A 'take Care' by you is worth,
    a millions, 'I Love You's,' by world....

    these two lines are the best deep thoughts ever.........loved it, Sulekha :)

  7. Thanks Sancheeta, for your compliment.

  8. Women are so lucky they get smile in the first glance.

  9. Beautiful Sulekha. Loved it

  10. This poem is so written for me lol I actually met my soul mate through the song You had me from Hello" and this just brought back so many wonderful memeories... Lovely : ) xxoxoxx

  11. Thank you prasad N, yes we women are very lucky.

  12. Rimly, Thanks a ton my dear Outlier.

  13. I am glad you remembered happy times,Angel Eyes, thanks for the compliment.

  14. Loved your post...and it is so much"you"...

  15. Thanks Alpana, sometimes words just flow...

  16. Your writings are always so touching, I almost always step back to "summer" when I read your poems...


  17. @Anju, thank you for the compliment.

    @Debbie,Love your comment, Debbie.appreciate it a lot.

  18. Beautiful words about the power of love and meeting that someone special. You make me want to run out and fall in love :)

  19. Beautiful poem and the background music makes it even more lovely... I am fallin'... yes I am deep into love now...

  20. you defiantly had me at hello. you are trying to make work harder to keep up. grrrrreat poem. thank you and god bless

  21. Ah! I have been had at "hello" where my knees tremble and my heart beating fast. Lovely and made me smile.

  22. A from-the-heart poem if ever there was one... full of grace and love.
    And heaven-sent music to accompany!

    ~ Debra

  23. @David, Please do and you will find that special someone who will have you at Hello, thanks.

    @Jorie, thank you so much for your sweet compliment.

    @Roy, Love that you visit my posts and bless me every time, appreciate your encouragement a lot.Thanks...

    @YogaSavy, Thank you for smiling.

    @Debra, Pure and simple compliments gladden the heart, thank you and the music is courtesy,Aabhisek Panda, he is a very bright and intelligent young man.Thanks aabhisek...god bless.

  24. Ahhh..the matters of the heart so beautifully expressed. One of my favorites! you've done it yet again,Sulekha!!

  25. Thanks a ton my dearest friend, love it that you visited here and commented.

  26. Sensational - loved it Mitr. This guy must be a crazily fantastic guy to win you over by just a 'hello' cause you deserve the very very best : )

  27. Mitr, your comments are worth waiting for....thanks a ton.


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