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When we get success,
We think the whole world is ours,
When we get failure,
We think we are ineffectual,
         WHY SO?
When we get love ,
We think we are special,
But when we stop getting love ,
We think people are so mean..
When we become center of temptation,
We think we are the most important one,
But when people don't admire us,
We think that people are evading from us,
When people cares for us,
We don't even notice them,
But when they stops caring ..
It hurts,
When someone sacrifices life for us,
We don't give value to them,
But when we sacrifices our life for someone and they don't realize..
It hurts,
When someone love us,
With all his heart,
We don't respect to their emotions,
But when we love someone with all our heart and is not valued...
It hurts,

When we get rude with the person who is affectionate with us,
We don't think how much painful for them to listen,
But when someone close to our heart do the same..
It hurts,

Why this much late realization?
Why don't we think that our each and every word ,action is being admired by our loved ones , We do whatever we want without thinking that our one word or action could destroy someone's life,  can take away someone's smile, can make someone's life living worthless!!

8 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. Hi Sims ! I loved this very much! Every word is very very true! This is what is human mind! I will really try these mistakes should not happen from me.

  2. Plenty of very critical questions...All I know is, we cannot define life for others very much but we can choose how we wish our day to be. When we wake up we need to tell ourselves "Today is a brand new day. I have two choices. Either I make it good or I make it bad". It is in not in our power to have people behave in a certain manner but it is definitely in our power on how what people do affect us. That is our power. Once we recognize it, we will be just fine, no matter what. Not saying everything will be fine, but it helps.

  3. @Mohinee
    Hi Mohu! :)
    That's the quality of a successful person!.A try of not committing mistakes makes one great because this quality found in thoughtful people like you! :)
    Glad that you liked it!
    My chweettt Friend :)
    Take care

  4. @Sandy
    Very true!
    That reflects how mean we are!
    We can't realize how good or bad untill or unless it happens with us!
    Thank You :)

  5. with the questions you asked seems that we're never content with what we already have and what is here now at this moment... and we only come to terms with its value when we lost it...

    is it really human nature to rant? :P... oh gee whiz...

    i guess our heart needs a lot of dusting and weeding in order for its true light to shine... we are made for love ;)...

    our heart will always be restless until it rests on Someone greater than us...

    beautiful simran... keep asking the right questions... seek and you'll truly find :)

  6. The more we get the more we want.Never satisfied.Nice post and as Melissa said keep asking the right questions.It will make you beautiful from inside.

    I agree with other comments completely :D

  7. @melissa
    I am agree with you ,Melissa! and agree with you :)
    Ya sure, will come up with more interesting questions :D
    Thanks !
    Take care..

    Thanks Abhi :)

  8. Really well thought out.. questions that if we could always answer right we would all be better. Maybe the answer is simple.. we are human and we are not perfect but we know it and strive to be

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