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A Life is merely moments..
Like the links of a chain..
Just moments;
Some fleeting;
Some lingering;
Sometimes singular;
Sometimes strung together..
One upon another;
To make experiences,
In turn making a life whole,
Life consists only of moments..
Moments that comfort,
Moments that elate,
Moments of sadness,
Moments of joy,
Moments of pain,
Moments of ecstasy,
Moments to cherish,
Some moments are finite,
Others radiate through a life..
Like ripples on a pond;
Left by a rising fish ,
Others remain rooted in the past
Becoming distant memories..
Yet some are perfect moments
And are easily recalled 
In perfect clarity
You are my most precious moment!

9 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. Fantastic poem Simran - you are amazing and precise at the same time. loved it!

  2. @Kriti
    Thank You so much dear :)
    Glad that you liked it!
    Take care :)

  3. Do what you can, with what you have, where you are...and then see where you go...Simran,you write so beautifully,which according to me,reflects the beauty within..

  4. @Alpana
    Thank you so much for such encouraging words :)
    Your words are showing me big dreams:)

    Love & Care!

  5. @Simmy You are not only a great writer, but also a beautiful human being.. loved it :) *CLAPZZ*

  6. @Sumit
    That's so sweet of you :)
    Everything is beautiful , everything is wrose it depends how you see it! :)
    Thank You so much for APPLUAD :)

  7. Fantastic poem Simran...Loved it :D

  8. @Abhishek
    Thank You so much dear :)

  9. Sim my love this s beautiful!! <3


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