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The haze of dusk just settling
The world becomes quiet
The tides are sluggishly slow now
The birds nestling down
Warm breezes fill the senses
Scented candles illuminate the room
As I swirl my glass of wine
No thoughts, no worries
Just waiting for the time
For my lover, with a caress, loving gentleness
Sweet breath against my neck, makes his presence felt
Leaving nothing but a sensation
Making me wanton, as my emotions start to whimper 
Passions revealed
Desires sedated
That I never once believed
That such pleasure awaited me
Lips finally meet
So tender and hoping
As we intertwine
Searching, aching, yearning
Eager to please, a caress, loving gentleness
Feeling each deliberate movement
Captivating glances
Passions stirring, awakening desires
Sensations tantalized
Seductiveness of two
Feeling passion’s burning touch
And your heartbeat next to mine

As I quiver at his touch
My body so fragile, so vulnerable
His determination is unmoving
A desire to bring ecstasy
To a woman that he loves
Passionate and sensual love
Everything in this world
Every voice in the night
Every little thing of beauty comes shining through
In your eyes and all that is you become a part of me
Feelings rush over me, knowing that the man I love is in my arms  
Life and love intertwined

Desire takes control and I must fill myself with him
My body arching to meet his
Every move he makes fills me
Bringing me to new heights of unspeakable pleasures
As I gasp in ecstasy
Our souls reaching to be as one
Now and forever…
Our magical dance entwines us
Our love gives the other new life
Now he holds me close to him
Feeling My Mind, My Body, and My soul

Alpana Jaiswal
Label: Lover,caress,soul,love,passion
Picture:Courtesy Google Images

48 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. I am a fan of your articles and I wait for them.It's so beautiful I can't expresss.Your heart is full of Love and it inspires me.God bless you.Keep writing dear.

  2. Thank you Suraj,and yes,I can't do without love.

  3. What a sensuous poem Alpana! Beautiful!

  4. Alpana,Lovely, sweet longings and love filled poem.

  5. Yes sensuous is the write word and it's beautiful....full of feelings...full of love...loved it Alpana :D

  6. @Rimly...Thank you..getting all my classes from you..but will never reach where you are.
    @Sulekha...Thanks Sulekha,you know my romantic heart.

  7. You are too humble Alpana. You have a style which is yours only and it is beautiful

  8. @Thank you,Abhi,I guess you will understand,as I know you are a romantic person..

  9. I am so romantic you can't even imagine Alpana :P

  10. you,sweetheart..and you know your place in my life'
    @Abhi...I can't imagine??? Then let me,Abhi....

  11. Romance passionately is like biting into that deep heavenly bitter sweet chocolate.

  12. want it,and yet want to resist.

  13. It's such a beautiful is in the air...:)

  14. Mom..when will you write something for me?

  15. God...I can feel something in the you want to tell me..Alpu Mausi????

  16. WOW....SPEECHLESS....

  17. @Isabelle...thank you..and is in"my" air...
    @Aishani...give me a suggestion..
    @Kushagra...well,in due course of time..
    @Hansika..I was scared of what would think of this..Love u you are relating to me,like my sister would have..

  18. "Passions stirring, awakening desires
    Sensations tantalized
    Seductiveness of two
    Feeling passion’s burning touch
    And your heartbeat next to mine"
    I loved these lines the most <3 Lovely.. so full of love!!! greatt greattt super greatt...

  19. @Sumit..Thank u..thought several times before posting it..I am glad you liked it.

  20. My attitude is always one of sensuality, aggressive enthusiasm and a kind of outrageousness in my expression.
    you fill my senses...

  21. oh alpana... God knows how i long to be satiated :P... to hear his heartbeat next to mine...

    i could feel every word that you wrote in your poem...geez... wow!

  22. Sancheeta BiswasMarch 13, 2011 4:40 AM

    ur writings r a reality bite in the veins. its a spark, its a jerk. love u for the wonderful thoughts u expose........... so fantastic.

  23. @An Admirer...thank u..and don't you think its high time You said as to who you are.
    @Melissa...Thank u..I know that you genuinely like what I you always..

  24. @An Admirer...thank u..and don't you think its high time You said as to who you are.
    @Melissa...Thank u..I know that you genuinely like what I you always..

  25. Alpu as always beautifully always ur writing always amazes me.....oh could so feel and experience sensual:)

  26. Alpu, once again you've excelled. Your poem is just beautiful.

  27. Amorous!
    I am infatuated with this piece..
    All I can say is you are a true lover :)

    Love you :)
    Take care ..

  28. Beautiful,romantic,sensual...what more..its visible here because its there in you.

  29. @Simsim..One more time Simsim..and I will kill u...I am getting back to my old self,Seema..for whom love,passion were very important in life..and thank you for eveything..for always being by my side..inspite of the fact that we have not met for 17 years now.
    @Pramilladi..Thank u..your words are always important to me.

  30. @Simran..Thank u your age,I was at anything to do with romance.
    @Rahul..Yes,its true self.

  31. I love reading passionate writing and your words fit the bill. Thanks for this lushness as we need to often reflect on the softer side of life which has become so harsh these days. Beautiful. Thank you!

  32. Frane BhattacharyaMarch 13, 2011 7:42 PM

    ..very passionate...loved it..

  33. hi your poetry is beautiful every womans desire. i loved it felt like romancing.keep writing.

  34. @Tameka...thank u...I write only with things I can personally connect to..
    @Frane..Thank u.
    @Reshma...Thanks a lot,was extremely nervous doing this..

  35. Aaaah Alpu, one could make a song out of those words...very sensual, very passionate. Good going...

  36. thanks a lot,Swati...a friend actually called it "A" rated...was not sure of this..

  37. you cool woman're fantastic...hugs Alpu!

  38. Beautifully written. Haven't read such a romantic poem in a long time. Thank you for writing this poem. Keep penning!

  39. to good alpana....luv u

  40. @N J...Thank you..for coming here,and reading my post,and appreciating it..will want you to do this every time.
    @Dipti..Thanks..and,I will always love you.

  41. Extremely beautiful Alpana - splendid really : )

  42. alpana i never knew you were so romantic,anyway lovely one.

  43. Wow !!

    so lovely and romantic ..

  44. @Vineet...Thanks for visiting here..and what "WOW" more specific.

  45. The best creation of yours till date. They weren't words they were feelings!

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. @Souvick...thank you...and I am happy that you liked it...


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