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Letting Go

She sought fulfillment,
Sought togetherness
All she got were
Vague promises
Of a future that
Didn’t exist
Even in his dreams.

Her woeful pangs
Of longing and pain
Were received
By hopeless words
Of understanding,
To have patience
That stretched infinitely.

Immersed in her agony
She didn’t sense his…
Didn’t smell his fear
Of losing her in this lifetime.
His choice, his decision
Having no place for her
And yet…
He couldn’t set her free.

He wanted it all
Both worlds…
His legacy and his love.
Wrenching her heart
He was oblivious
To the endless distance
That crept stealthily…
Till one day she set herself free.

Free to hope for a
New day…
Her love buried for always in
The deep crevice of her heart
Never to be resurrected.
Carrying within the burden
Of a pain numbed in time.

17 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. Both the hearts are breaking and the ache can be felt by all those reading this poem. Beautiful and sad, a moving poem, Rimly.

  2. allow me to experience the pain rimly but let me see the light... your capacity to move people and stir the heart is powerful... i sensed it...

  3. Is something wrong,Rimly..pain is visible..and I can feel have me in tears again.

  4. Hey guys I am the "queen of tragedy" that's why I get away with such pain and sorrow. Even if I have the most lovable man loving I will still go looking for tragedy because that is what I thrive on. :))) My Outlier knows that

  5. lol I am glad to read your comment.. It was really sad maybe you need to imagine real happiness to imagine such pain

  6. I see some happiness within the pain. It is better to have had...

    Cheers A

  7. Wow! I'm not used to reading between the lines with this kind of poem but I'm sure there is some deep meaning in it... I see love and pain and longing all brought together to one in the heart of a person who loves someone deeply but painfully on the other hand... I hope I'm right though Rimly...:) Thank you!

  8. @Jim it is only when you feel pain you value happiness. Thank you as always for your comments
    @Alejandro you are so right. It is so much to have had and lost than not to have at all
    @Jorie you are right. It is a very straightforward poem, no reading in between the lines.

  9. Rimly,
    Only LOVE can describe PAIN so Beautifully....

    I never want this love to end, leave something behind for me to hold on... even if it's just the pain.

  10. Rimly you described pain so beautifully....liked it :D

  11. Beautifully penned your thoughts Rimly :)

  12. Sigh!!!Rimly this is like a peek into your heart...loved it, as usual....

  13. @Sheba I know you know what it is to love and to go through the pain. There is always love and enough pain to last a lifetime. Thank you

  14. Abhisek thank you, always look forward to your comments

  15. Swati your comments always bring a smile on my lips. Thank you.

  16. Thank you Simran. Been reading your posts too. You write very well

  17. don't know what to say Rimly- so sad yet so beautiful... You are beautiful : )


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