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Oh Love! You are mine

I wish the sky to show me the Sun today; the sunshine of the first day of February that should have warmth of yours, and the clumsiness that your open hairs had on me. I wish if it could cover my face again. The flowers have already bloomed. I wish them to hold their fragrance good till you hold my hands again. My hands are empty though, but I know you would be holding them wherever you are now. I am waiting for the butterfly you always send, to let me know that you have put your face on my heart again. You had filled the colors daintily on the piece of paper with your lipstick stains in pink; and the nightingale had parceled it to me last year. I am waiting for if she is going to come to me again. I am waiting for if she is going to address me your message –‘Oh Love! You are mine’.

Though you chose to move away, I know it was not by your choice. You said you needed to go, but you had waited for me, I know. I was looking for you too, but couldn’t utter a word about you. The song we composed together stays revived, and it says that you are still here, in my heart where you always hived. This February, I play the tune again that you taught me on my guitar; and it’s my birthday too honey, and I am going to sing Happy Birthday to me myself, because you moved away so far.
How should I blame the fortunes, its him that made us meet; and if we couldn’t stay longer then I must not curse him for this bad treat. I know you would be unhappy too, because you had promised to live with me until I don’t leave. 

February is just a month, you made its relevance for me indeed. And at this note, I read your note that has your lipstick stains on it and it says ‘Oh Love! You are mine’.

The Norway Controversy (Norway splits Indian family)


Have you heard about norway controversy? Something like Norway splits Indian family ?

Here is a small gist

Norway child protection authorities took away kids of Anurup Bhattacharya and his wife Sagarika.It all happened when the day care owner where their son Abhigyan(2.5 years) used to go, reported to child protection agencies that he displayed autistic tendencies.

Child protection agencies in Norway are way too interfering and paid special visits at their home.They declared that both the parents were unfit parents and forcibly took away not just Abhigyan but their 4 month old daughter Aishwarya who was still breast feeding.

Reason: They felt there was an emotional disconnect between mother and daughter 

Justin Biebers – Well, too many of them


While action denotes pro-activeness, reaction is a pretty defensive mode in any form of art. Action brings about cultural changes, creates generations and decides the future course that art will take. Reaction on the other hand dances to the tune of the slowest recipient to change.

The talking point of this article is the case of Bieberic slaughter of action and the ritualistic celebration of reaction.

To make things simple I would quote two prolific beings of modern times to define the activists and the reactivists.

India, have you heard of the lady named Sharmila?

(Image courtesy : reverbnation)
Have you dear reader?
Irom Sharmila Chanu … rings a bell? 
Heard of Anna Hazare / Baba Ramdev / Jan Lokpal bill ?
Of course!

Welcome to India. The country that proudly defends its photogenic National Integration. Irom Chanu Sharmila , tagged as the world’s strongest hunger striker , is on hunger strike since November 2, 2000. Oh yes she did not invite media to cover her strike and she never took the pains of creating difficulties for Delhi office goers and hence she faced consequences: Going unnoticed! Even the people who noticed were mostly unaware of her demand or motive.

She is demanding a repeal of the age-old unreasonable Armed Forces (Special Powers) act that provides Indian Army special powers in the states of Assam , Manipur , Meghalaya, Mizoram , Nagaland , Arunachal Pradesh , Tripura and Jammu & Kashmir to :

  • "Fire upon or otherwise use force, even to the causing of death, against any person who is acting in contravention of any law" against "assembly of five or more persons" or possession of deadly weapons.
  • To arrest without a warrant and with the use of "necessary" force anyone who has committed certain offenses or is suspected of having done so
  • To enter and search any premise in order to make such arrests. (Quoted from wikipedia)

Poetry and Race in the United States

Rita Dove

Race and ethnicity have been topics of concern in the United States since the first explorers landed on its shores. Even in this day and age, these issues lurk beneath the surface and in some cases, figure prominently in matters of everyday life. Recently, it was made clear that even the world of poetry is not immune.

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