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Faces Of INDIA


Mr. AP Sharma didn’t let his voice go low ever, even when his hands were busy in labeling the plant cell organelle. He was discussing the functioning of each component of cell in his biology class.

“Students! The study about cells was developed gradually, with every upcoming small development. And these developments resulted due to talented foreign scientists”, the teacher went on.

“1665, Robert Hooke, first discovered the cell. 1676, Anton van Leeuwenhoek, provided further evidence of cells. 1838, the German biologists Schleiden and Schwann advanced the idea that all organisms are made of cells. 1859, German physician and biologist Rudolph Vichow stated that all cells divide and that is how new cells are made.”

2011 and the Kolaveri Phenomenon

Okay so 2011 is drawing to a close. 2011 was an extraordinary year in the history of India. So many achievements to boast about, a dozen scandals and scams to spoil India's reputation and what not! But the biggest of all was a song that shook the masses. Yeah, you guessed it right. "Why this Kolaveri di" is THE song on everyone's lips. So, here's a look at eleven major events of 2011, in a very very kolaveri way.....!!!!

Helping Hands are Better than Praying Lips

Sometimes people say that they really want to help the needy,and that's it.If you really want to help then go and help.The question is who or what is stopping you from helping them.Don't tell me that it's because of your family problems that you can't manage to help others,that's a big joke.You and your family already have a lot more than you actually need.So go out and help others when you can,I know most of you will.


One of the major and frequently asked questions by an employer during the interview is: "Do you have work experience?" This is that one important question that will determine your destiny. In today's corporate world, having prior work experience will give you a big edge over the other candidates during interview. So, the next question, where do we gain that experience? A student's schedule is always packed, with semesters, assignments, seminars, extra and co-curricular activities, College culturals etc etc. Now comes the magic word "Internships". So what is an Internship?

Music Mania

For all music maniacs out there, here is some good news! Chennai's Little Babooshka's Grind(LBG), an Indie rock band has been selected to represent the south for the Ray Ban Never Hide Sounds Contest on the 4th of December. LBG is Chennai's most popular rock band, consisting of three brothers (Arjun, Avneet and Aum Janakiram), Maynard and Praveen Hiendrich. Formed in 1999, LBG has two albums to it's credit. In 2011, when the Ray Ban Never Hide Sounds contest took place, LBG emerged as one of the finalists, after so many auditions. The LBG has been voted for it's single "Big Words" and is gonna perform in the grand finale of Ray Ban. This is a huge achievement,

Freedom is in the words of a poet

Freedom is in a bird soaring high
For it can dare to claim sky its own
And flip its open wings in joyous flight.

Freedom is in a droplet of water
For it can dissolve in the grand ocean
And never worry about drying up.

Don't take Cides!

"Did you here the news?" Malini burst into the Dorm. She was panting. 

"Wassup? Anything wrong?" Shobana asked anxiously. She got up from the chair and went to her.

The Prisoner

Behind the dark walls
His past life awaits him.
Of murder and of theft
He was convicted
Age; young and ignorant
Led its triumph but behind the bars
Of failure, torment and prison.
For years, in the company of saddened self
He mourn’d, lament’d and cried
Of the freedom he dreamt
Behind the walls he couldn’t climb.
But time fled
And wrinkles got crowded
Prisoners came and went
Yet, chains ‘ve not loosen’d him
But sad was he for his inmates

Right> RIght? rIGHt? OH NOW it's RIGHT!

The Left Red Riding hood of my state has seen his last days gathering the Right moss- a bit of colour correction and some more objectivity added to it. Let’s say- the some Indianite Wordsworth gave birth to some impulses and the lady heralded the big bang fall. Its big cousin the Theory is still proving its point in the urn of atomic projects. Yet are we aware of Right?

The smart kid with peppy chartbuster whispering through his tiny throat still wakes up five at the morning- sorry the alarm clock is either replaced by a howling employer or more so “who-needs-yelling-when-we-get –things-done-by-kicking” care taker. Nope, that half tooth broken son of some forgotten mother, still takes a quick look when the school bus packed with peppy chartbuster mismatched singers pass by sharp at nine. And only the black eyed dog of the neighbourhood notices the yearning in those tea serving eyes.

Why Should I Feel this Guilt?

Hello again, I know it's been a while, but I wanted to share a story with you, well actually not a story but thoughts..... Today I will lead you down the path of love, love lost, and the guilt of moving on.

Love walks in and our world changes in many ways, the colors surrounding us appear to be more vivid, our sense of taste, touch and smell awakes, our heart seems to have a mind of it's own and becomes untamed, uncontrollable. We laugh, cry, we feel joy and pain all at the same time. Falling in love takes time, it develops, evolves and turns into something so powerful, that when we find love it's probably one of the hardest things to let go of.

Even when we think we've found the "love of a lifetime" sometimes it just ends. Sometimes we are forced to let go, and move on. I say forced because sometimes we are still madly in love, while 'the love of a lifetime' feels the need to move on. There are two roles being played in moving past 'the love of a lifetime', the role of the one still hanging on and the role of the one that wants to let go. I believe neither role is an easy role to play. 

Pen, writing the memory of world

Of world, high and low,
Pen flows and reaches around the world.
Of thoughts, idealistic and great,
Pen runs the thoughts, and catapults the idea.
Of history, the wars and epoch,
Pen immortalises eras through ages.
Of man, crude and ignorant,
Pen reads and teaches the worldly wisdoms.
Of love, celebrated and cherished,
Pen scents it with songs and pleasure.
Of books, the trapped thoughts of authors,
Pen breathes the life within the lines.

Celebrating Love

Behind the curling clouds,
Inside the heart of a peaceful valley
A damsel near to my heart
Who reigns in my dream
Awaits me
To fill her lives

Someone Somewhere...

Shayad main zindagi ki sahar le ke aa gaya
Qaatil ko aaj apne hi ghar le ke aa gaya...

 Taa-Umr Dhundta raha manzil main ishq ki
Anjaam Ye ke garde safar le ke aa gaya...

 Nashtar hai mere haath mein kaandhon pe maikada
Lo main ilaaze dard-e-jigar le ke aa gaya...

 ‘Fakir’ sanam kade mein na aata main lautkar
Ik zakhm bhar gaya tha idhar le ke aa gaya...

 Shayad main zindagi ki sahar le ke aa gaya
Kaatil ko aaj apne hi ghar le ke aa gaya...

The Hindi lyrics above, containing several words from Urdu, is from the album – “The Latest” by Jagjit Singh & Chitra Singh. One of the soulful track that moves you to a different world. Unfortunately, I never heard it playing on radio ever or on television. My daddy says that long ago, this song was shown on Doordarshan, Jagjit Singh performing himself.
 I was upset from the day I read on internet about Jagjit Singh’s brain haemorrhage. His death on 10th of this month marked remorse for all of his fans. His death is major loss to class of music that India holds. He is no more, but his voice amongst us will tend to vigour attention and will continue to sooth his fans forever…

Just for the moment.....

He lay still on her chest.  There was absolute silence in the room, except for some rumbling from the air conditioner and the various machines attached to her body.  But these sounds were not enough to disturb him and stop him from listening to the rhythm of her heart.  He heard it loud and clear, just as he had heard her voice the first time he met her......

Think About It

Dr.A. P. J. Abdul Kalam 
Dr.Kalam is the most educated Indian politician.We need more educated people like him in Politics.If that's not possible at least find people with some common sense.We Indians are not poor,we are the richest nation in the World in every aspect.According to corruption watchdog Global Financial Integrity,Rs 20,79,000 crore was transferred out of the country illegally between 1948 and 2008.With the 2G money the Government lost, 8800 crore solar power plants generating 1 MW each could have been built nationwide.We are poor by force,our paanchvi fail illiterate politicians keep a huge amount of money reserved in Swiss banks.The Swiss Banking Association report 2008 revealed that Indians hold $1,891 billion in deposits,that's about Rs 8,50,900 crore.

For Today, Don't Send Me To School...

Momma! See, it has started raining,
Sky is lightening, flickering,
And clouds are thundering.
Don’t get scared!
Stay calm, holding my palm.
I won’t leave you alone,
Now I am grown up,
And no more a fool,
For today, don’t send me to school.

Come here Momma, and see,
Intruders in our home,
Leaking roof, and a buzzing bee.
Don’t panic! I am with you,
Get me a bucket and a broom,
I will work, and flee your gloom.
Now I am grown up,
And no more a fool,
But for today, don’t send me to school.

Fighter & Survivor - Farida Rizwan !!

Here is an Inspiring Story, I published on SuKupedia.  Hope this is an Inspiration to many people out there.

Farida Rizwan

What will you do if you have Rs. 2,00,000/- at your disposal?  The choice is between repairing your old & leaking house and going to USA to meet your friends.  I know many of you who are reading would choose to repair the house.  But then, what if your friends in USA are your Cancer Survivor Sisters, would you not want to go and see them personally?, the people from whom you draw your inspiration, who also look upto you for support, your friends with whom you share the story of your success.  I guess the answer would be yes, and that is what exactly Farida Rizwan did.  Farida Rizwan a wonderful wife, mother of two and most of all a survivor - A Breast Cancer Survivor.

Run For Life...

this is a 75-100 words flash fiction i had written 2 yrs back for a magazine.

He was injured. His ammunitions were on the verge of perishing. He was low on energy and seven gangsters chased him. His will was giving up, but he continued his run for life.

Suddenly he entered a forested land. His hope rekindled. He knew this was his opportunity to escape and survive. He paused for a while to replenish his energy and- Bang! His body collapsed. And he saw what he dreaded the most – Game Over!



This is something that happened not so long ago.This is about a woman whom I never met before that night.

One night while returning from office I saw a lot of people standing in the rain.I thought what are they doing here in rain.I asked the driver to go and see what's happening there.After sometime he came back and said that a man is beating his wife with an iron rod.I was shocked to hear that.One single man was beating his wife and so many people were just standing and watching like they were dead.I immediately moved out of the taxi to see what exactly was happening.As soon as I stepped out I heard a woman screaming and asking for help.What I saw there can make any human with a heart cry.There was blood everywhere and that woman was lying on the road half dead.The man with the rod was fully drunk and was saying "You whore,how dare you sleep with some one else".I asked some people what's the matter and a man standing there said that she was caught having sex with someone else,that man is her husband.I asked why nobody is helping her?The man said it's a family matter.I asked another person and got almost the same reply.I thought if no one will help her right now she will definitely die in no time.But that man was drunk and with a rod in his hand,behaving like a mad dog.I asked my taxi driver and two more drivers standing there to stop that man and lock him in his room.We will not take that risk and there's nothing we will get from it,they said.Ok so that's the stupid reason for not helping that woman.I doubted for a while, is this the place called earth and am I among humans.OK,get that man and lock him in his room I will pay you for that.They immediately agreed and stopped that man from further attacking his wife.I immediately called my doctor for ambulance and asked some woman standing there to help that woman lying on the road with blood all over her body.She was crying with pain.Within some moment an ambulance reached the spot and took that woman with them.I followed that ambulance and paid the doctor's fees.It was late night so I asked doctor to take good care of her and left hospital.

I Found You...

Wind blows, Lament slows
Hymns grow, as you show
Your face undimmed
Lambent redeemed.

Sail me away, so far away
I have gone tired
From the oars I sway.
I am befuddled
Cheated & riddled
Don’t let me go low
Or I will die
Wounded from some bow.

Hey!!! Don’t panic and go worry
Don’t draw deplorable lines
To halter your face shines
I won’t die, in so hurry
I will accompany you
All over this ferry.

Soothing shadows close my eyes
When you hinder the sun
With your wise
If your shadows could also smile
It would have jollified
And wassailed this river Nile.

I Wanna Grow Up Once Again :) :)

Image: Google
In most cases ask any child when he is growing up, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"... Doctor.. pat comes the reply.  And as the child says this, you should watch the faces of the parents, they swell as though their child has already come out successfully out of the medical school.  In all my interactions I have never heard a child say Engineer or Investment banker.  Maybe also because Doctor is the first profession every child comes in contact with, right from the time of the birth to pediatrics.. Doctors are always around.  For me personally it was a matter of revenge.  As a child I wanted to inject all the doctors who gave me injections :P :P :P

The ToothBrush…

I woke up. It was actually 8 in the morning. I was still half asleep, when I bugged out my eyes, to ascertain that it was still 5 showing on my mobile.  My flimsy opened eyes alarmed that I went late again. Attempting to hurry, I came out from bed tardily, looked for my specs, and searched for slippers. It appeared very much painful to crawl out from my bed when the weather was so much sleep-friendly. It was mild raining, clouds everywhere, no sun in the sky. With lament mood set, I had to rush outside my hostel room to get prepared for today’s classes. I was just there, near the wash basin, to brush my teeth, where there are hanging electric wires from leaking water purifier. Thinking about to purchase an electric tooth brush this time, I came near balcony to spit out the loads in my mouth, forgetting about what wash basins are meant for. I was just about for it, but then I found there somebody downstairs, an old man.
There was an old man, with tattered clothing and a large plastic bag on his back.

Seasons Of Love

image from google
I woke up this morning much to early from an almost sleepless night, which it never fails days like today are my "think to much, analyze too much days".  Trying to break the spell or habit I should say, I decided to listen to one of my favorite CD's, which is the soundtrack for the musical RENT. It was helping, I was finding myself distracted and singing along. I think to myself, "Yeah! you just might have turned your mood around." Wishful thinking I should have known better, because right as I hear the first few words of "Seasons of Love" I zap back to "thinking mode".

525,600 minutes, 525,600 Moments so dear.
525,600 minutes, How do you measure, measure a year?

I start thinking .... Yep the cue word of the day will be "thinking"...
well back to my story...

My Bunmidale :)

Oluwasunita & Oluwabunmi

After a tiring journey of almost 20 hrs (Pune - Mumbai - Dubai - College Dorm) and Rs. 20,000/- stolen from my bag, I was squashed up.  This was my first ever international trip.  I was the first in the entire family to fly abroad to pursue my MBA.   I thought I would be very emotional about all this, but as I dragged my luggage to my room, all that I wanted was to crash on the bed.  G-26 my room number, which I knew I would be sharing with another student, but no idea who it was.  So as I entered I opened the door using my keys (which was provided as soon as I landed in Dubai), I was hoping to see some human figure.  But the room was empty.  One bed was taken, the other one which was obviously mine was still untouched and new with the mattress having the plastic cover on it.  I took a look around to figure out something about the person who would be living with me for a whole year now.  Nothing specific.  Then I made my way to the wash room, and I saw the perfume bottles and the lipsticks, I knew she would be stylish.  So came back and was having some water, just then she entered.  She opened the door and said, Oh I am sorry.. seeing me she thought she entered the wrong room :) :) And then quickly recovered and realised it was infact her room.  So I saw her, for the first time.  An African girl wearing a brown top and light brown jeans and very beautifully done hair, she was very impressive.  Hi I am Sunita... Good to see you I am Bunmi.  Vow that sounds like an Indian name I said.  Oh that is the short version for Oluwabunmi Adeniba.

O friend, What is love?

The entire world is so beautiful in my eyes, so young so smiling. Green and fresh.. fresh blue is my sky, green is the garden. The fading moonlight, the tender bud, all are like my existence. They hum their songs of happiness, they laugh all day.. they meet their death this way. They know no regret, no grief of life.
The flowers falls while it is bright, the moonlight fades smiling its way.. smiling all the way the stars hide themselves behind the light.
Who is as happy as the way I lead my life? O friend come to me. Let me tell you the story of my happy heart, lest you forget your grief. You cry all day, lets give you a moment of happiness. Let us forget all grief for that one moment, let us celebrate and sing together finding the meaning of thoughts, friend what are grievances..? You all talk about love all day.. friends what is love?
Friend, what are thoughts? what are feelings? You all talk about love all day.. O dear friend, what is love? Does love really hurt? Is it the reason of your tears? or the deep breath of grief? Then what happiness lures you to wish for this grief? O friend, what is love?


Hello, everyone it’s truly an honor and privilege to be writing with all of you here at We Have A Story. I’ve struggled for a couple days on exactly what my first post would be on, I have pulled out poems I’ve written, and even pulled out the book I’ve been slowly writing. But everything I looked at screamed “no” write something new, fresh, exciting. Make them hungry for more! I really want to write something "We Have A Story" worthy.  After giving myself a nice pep talk, I grabbed my pen and journal and sat in my favorite writing spot.

Determined to come up with something fresh, something that will awe you, and make you hungry for more. I put my pen to paper and before long I had a page full, excited I look down expecting to see a great story, one that will awe you, and make you hungry for more.... No it wasn't I had sat there for 30 minutes, drawing circles, little hearts, basically doodling which by no means is comparable to any of the other posts I’ve seen so far. 

I definitely needed some inspiration and my little doodles weren’t working.  Lying my pen and journal down I set off to find my inspiration, by reading the blogs I enjoy. I read a couple and comment, and move to the next etc. By now I’ve read 5 blogs and have made some very thoughtful comments. As I was finishing up a comment on a blog I find extremely special to me, I realize that I have formed a special friendship with her. Then it hit me my post today would be about friendships, not your every day life friends , but mainly about the ones that develop online. 

Old is Platinum :) :)

Shahid Kapoor & Ayesha Takia 

Tinku (My future grand child):  Grandma, how is it that a woman in bikini is being used to endorse a bag of cement, should not they be showing a muscular man or woman or a strong building. (I am hoping my grandchild will be intelligent enough to ask this question and not stare at the bikini clad model :) )
Grandma (Me):  Yes my darling they should but alas bikinis are more attractive than brains.   Let me tell you a story . Long, long ago when Sharukh Khan did not sell Fairness Creams for Men and Akshay Kumar did not jump above the buildings to catch Thumbs Up, (I am assuming that these guys will continue doing that, they will certainly hate to act their age even then :)  there were advertisements which showed more creativity and the functionality of the product.   
Tinku:  No Grandma I do not believe you.
Me:  Well then watch these videos

A Train Ticket to Love :) :)

This is my first post on..We Have a Story...and what better story to share than a love story :) :)

My mom never seemed to mind the distance I was from home, because she would just pick up the phone and order me to come home whenever she missed me.  This time again she did the same and I was very angry not only because I would have to sweet talk my boss but also travel by train because last minute flights in India are very very expensive :( :( Thankfully I got the train tickets.  Got off early from my work desk, a friend who promised to drop me at the station arrived late and I got stuck in the traffic jam.  Chennai roads and traffic are not friendly to my mom's decisions I must say.  Well very obviously I was tired and frustrated by the time I reached the coach and the anger on my friend was clearly seen on my face.  Exactly in this situation you have a fellow passenger staring at you, as though he has just seen an alien fly into his coach, and I am like, well now that sums up my day, I have to spend 22 hrs with this guy who is going to keep gaping at me.  No it couldn't get worse.... Well ofcourse not knowing that I will be spending the rest of my life with this stranger !

The Power of Forgiveness


Sometimes when someone hurts us the first thought that comes to mind is 'I want revenge'.It's not uncommon and perfectly normal for any human to think like that....But the very moment you think of revenge,you welcome negativity to rule your mind.Maybe you will have your revenge,but  meanwhile you will lose peace and health.When someone hurts an animal,the animal reacts immediately.If you being a human with stronger ability to think and analyze things will do the same...then there's no difference.So to be a better human one needs to learn how to forgive.


Breeze carrying fragrance of thirsty soil suddenly changed its mind and decided to summon thick ready to flow clouds to spare the scorched dusty leaves n shed their load on the pleading Earth. Clouds creating a blanket, covering the harsh sun turn spectators to the dance of paddy fields enjoying in virgin mirth. Misty rain lashing children in a playful way. Cold blissful winds caressing and swinging tiny plants. And now the zephyr carries with it the unmatchable waif of wet soil.

Scenic view of monsoon is too large to fit in a lens’ glance. And Mumbai and monsoon are kind of incomplete without each other. Monsoon surely brings a lot of trouble for the city with it, yet is always welcomed with the same enthusiasm. True every good thing comes with a price. The rains bring in a relief form the sweltering heat that shows no pity to anything for three deadly months. But as soon as monsoon gains its pace and starts enjoying its welcome all we see is water-logging, traffic, delayed trains etc…. 

But well this post is meant only for celebrating this season that beautifies everything that comes under its canopy. A season often acknowledged for being the most romantic time of the year. A season also meant for solace of solitary souls. A season that gives all the reasons required for a smile and a season that conceals flowing tears in its flowing drops.

The Real INDIA

Corruption,Child labour,Frauds are still in practice in India.People are not strong enough to oppose on matters like this.People are not honest and they don't have the guts to stand against it or they simply don't care for others except their own family.Everyone is busy getting their work done...they don't care how.


Stay For Our Son

Crimson seas
Flowing deeper into the folds,
Talking to us,
Narrating stories untold.
Of how the children
Split and ran away,
Came back the same way,
And fell apart again.

There comes a new child!
A poor, lonely, lost soul.
"Where do you quietly wander?
Won't you get down from that foal?
Cause I will give you food, love
And so much more.
Your heart will never feel
It's in the hands of a boor."

The performer's spell.

kolkata, clouds, tank, top, dum dum park
Anirban Saha Photography
The scorpions sung of it,the owlcity hummed and we the spectators drink through our eyes in awe of it.The performer's charm casts a spell on us.We leave the lantern of the repertoire burn through our minds even after it's over.The photograph reminds me of what martha graham confabulated,"There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique, Keep the channel open..No artist is pleased". Well even though we march ahead in time and in glory the thrist of any performer or an enthusiast never is satisfied.There is only a blessed unrest that keeps them more alive than the others.Every posture,every expression that draws our conscience to focus on and sometimes drives into a trance.We might call these artistes personified fireflies who shine till they touch the incinerating robi thakur sings, mesmerised by a "nrityabhinay" :

"amar ghur legeche tadhin tadhin..tomar pichon pichon neche neche..ghur legeche tadhin tadhin..
tomar taale amar choron chole,shunte napai keki bole...tadhin tadhin..tomar gaane amar prane je kon pagol chilo..shei jegeche --tadhin tadhin...
amar lajer badhon shajer badhon khoshe gelo bhojon shadhon..tadhin tadhin...bishom nacher bege dola lege bhabna joto shob jegeche..tadhin tadhin--"
Rabindranath Tagore(bichitro porjay)

Post written by: Atmaja Santra

The Perfect Feeling.

Melancholy is an irresistible poison.

So Beautiful.

So Sweet.

So Addictive.

The more we feel it, The pain lures us, Gives us pleasure.

A pleasure so new, So amazing.

That it leaves traces within your heart even after it is gone.

Melancholy is like whiskey for the person with a hundred dues to pay , it rolls down your throat to rejuvenate the pain.

Melancholy is like a reliever, for a person with many miseries.

As the miseries can only be understood, If only, Melancholy is buried deep within us in times on distress and pain.

Ah! Melancholy! You're the best thing existing within me.

So perfect, So meaningful, For if you weren't there, The reasons to sorrow I wouldn't have been able to see.

P.s- Dont Worry Folks! This isn't related to my life in any way right now. Its just a random piece of writing, written during my ridiculously long Summer Vacations. :-)


Shoes! Bags! Jeans! Jackets! Scarves! Glares! Make-up! Dresses! Dresses! Shoes and Dresses!

Is it just me, or are you people really trying to make me jump up and down and scream
my lungs out until..just until someone comes up to me and pays me enough to shut up? So
with that money I can travel to Paris, to London, to New York and buy all the dresses and shoes and make-up I see Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Paris Hilton, Mila Kunis wear, and become as beautiful and adored and loved as them?

Oh, look at those Louboutin shoes, those Gucci bags, those Chanel dresses! How beautiful.
How pleasing to the eye. Much better than summer's first rays of sunshine.
I envy those faces that adorn Inglot's make-up, those legs that wear the most glamorous
stockings. Believe me if I were a little more richer, I would buy the chicest clothes,
travel around the globe and be the most envied one around.

But I shall try and be content with a few Mango and Promod and Chemistry dresses, a few
pairs of Catwalk and CnK shoes, three or four glares from Idee and Aldo and junk and
jewellery and bags and make-up from MAC and The Body Shop and Accessorize and more.
I will try, I said. I will try to satiate my insatiable desire to shop and own the most
coveted dresses.
But how? How can I try with these perfectly shaped and gorgeously dressed women around?
I can't. Because when I come across them, I am nothing but awed and all I want to do is want to be one them at that point of time!

They say that beauty never lasts, it fades away in time. They say that beauty comes from
within and not what is seen outside. They say what we wear, what we hold is not what matters
but what lies deep in our hearts is what speaks at the end.
But tell me, would any of any of you choose a simple life with bread and butter and shabby
clothes and a kind heart over money, fame and glamour and the life we all dream of?
You wouldn't. We are not saints here. We are selfish creatures who would go to any extreme
to get what we want. And it is not a plain, simple life of monotonous satisfaction. It is
euphoria and deep despair, laughter and the piercing pain that we crave the most.

So, masochistic little souls, no matter how perfect and convincing you might be at being a hypocrite and saying you'll choose the former, I'm just not willing to believe you.

The Assassin who wore a Leather Tie!

'It was a pain. Honestly, cant these flights ever be on time? First we have some silly volcanic eruption which disrupts thousands of flights, and now pilots going on strike. What next? A so called hijacking attempt gone wrong?' These and other thoughts raced through Ajay’s mind as he waited in the Indian Airways airport lounge in Delhi. He had to catch a flight to London which was supposed to have left 3 hours back. Clearly, patience wasn’t Ajay’s best virtue, and sipping diluted coffee stranded at an airport lounge wasn’t his favorite way of passing time.

Finally after Ajay had finished reading the Times of India twice, he decided he had enough. He would go and file a complaint. After all, he was Executive Manager of XYZ Labs, and had a considerable amount of influence, at least in the corporate world. These fools don’t know the meaning of management. Otherwise what else could explain the fact that the airline was making losses amounting to millions of rupees. But just as he got up from his not-so-cozy seat, his eyes caught a rapid movement to the left. It was a man, Caucasian, middle aged, well built, and dressed impeccably in an Armani suit. He took an empty seat, brought out a text book from his bag, and started writing something. Ajay noticed that he wore a peculiar looking tie, which had small symbols scattered over a golden color.

Curious, Ajay turned towards the stranger and asked-‘Excuse me sir, are you going to London as well? Flight 7643?’ The stranger gave Ajay a quick glance, nodded and went back to his work. Ajay was a bit taken aback, as he was not used to being ignored. He reminded himself that the man sitting in front of him wasn’t his subordinate. Ajay tried a different tactic-‘Sir, what brand is that sophisticated tie which you are wearing? I am not sure if I have seen it before.’ ‘You could not have. Its still a Beta phase product. Not launched for your common consumer yet.’ The man’s voice was husky and sharp. Before Ajay could reply, the man carried on, ’And yeah before you ask me any more silly questions, the tie is made of leather.’

That shut Ajay up. He was furious but somehow he could not find the guts to speak out in front of this man. And for some reason he could not explain, he felt nervous too. Nevertheless he was not someone who would back off that easily, especially while challenged.

‘So sir, what work do you do? And where?’ Ajay did not know why he was addressing that person as sir.

‘I am an Assassin. And I am afraid I cannot disclose my Group’s identity else I would have to kill you. And I do not want to do that, yet.’

Ajay was astonished at first, but soon recovered.

‘You are quite funny, Mister. We could use some of your humour back in our organization. Nice way to spice things up quite a bit, isn’t it? And please don’t say that Indian food is spicy. I have heard that millions of times.’ Saying this Ajay forced a laugh, but ceased it almost immediately after glaring at Mr. Assassin’s eyes.

‘That was not a joke. My profession is to kill people. Whether you believe it or not is upto you. But as of now, kindly do not disturb me. I am, as you can say, busy with an important assignment.’

Ajay felt that the joke had gone too far.

‘All right Mr. Assassin, we will play by your rules then. Tell me something about this assignment of yours.’

‘Fine, if you insist. My next target happens to be a politician or MP as you can say. He shall be campaigning in London tonight. My reports suggest that the man is a scoundrel, corrupt and rotten to the core. He is involved in several underhand illegal activities, including gambling, drugs and prostitution. It is imperative that he is removed immediately.’

‘Erm, so are you some kind of a Daring Robin Hood, who kills the evil guys, some self proclaiming judge of mankind?’

‘Not at all. I merely follow the orders given to me. The identity of the victim does not concern me at all. Whether he is good, bad, rich, poor, ugly, white, black all that is irrelevant.’

‘So how do you kill people? Do you use some advanced weapon? Maybe a silenced pistol or something? But you cant sneak that inside the airport can you? Which means I am pretty much safe,’ Ajay smiled.

‘I take it that’s your sense of humor. Well I am afraid the truth is far from it. For instance, this special plastic pen that I am holding right now can deliver a shock of 440 Volts which in enough to incapacitate you instantly. And without making much noise too.’ The man pointed his pen at Ajay, which was enough for the Manager to jump back in fright.

‘And there are other ways. Like poison for instance. Quick and efficient. Ever heard of Tetrodotoxin? It’s a potent neurotoxin with no known antidote. It quickly shuts down the nerve cells. Death is quick and painful. And I happen to have a certain amount of it with me right now.’ Saying this the man brought out a packet containing some powder and showed it to Ajay. And smiled. It was an eerie smile.

By now Ajay had began to panic. Was it possible that this guy was indeed telling the truth? No it was not possible, he consoled himself. The Airport security would have dealt with it. But this guy was clearly a professional. Could he have somehow sneaked in without being detected?

‘Well I know what you are thinking. Don’t worry, you seem to be a nice guy, I won’t kill you, yet

Before Ajay could reply, there was an announcement,’ This is to inform all passengers that Flight 7643 is now ready to depart. Please proceed towards Gate number 5. Thank you.’

‘Ah that’s our flight. Lets go now, I don’t have whole day to waste, and I assume neither do you.’

Ajay could only mumble, as he somehow stood and staggered towards the departure gate. Just as he thought he would get a mental breakdown, someone thumped him on the back and cried-‘Oh there you are Ajay. I have been searching for you for quite some while. And your mobile is switched off too.’

Ajay turned around to see his boss, Mr. Chakravarty stand behind him. And standing besides Chakravarty was the Assassin. ‘Oh I guess I haven’t introduced you to Mr. Jacobs of FutureWare Analysts Corp. He had come to India to take a note of our daily exports. Quite a nice guy. ‘

‘Oh’, Ajay moaned. ‘Nice to meet you, Mr. Jacobs.’ He extended his hand, which was shaking.

‘The pleasure is all mine.’ Jacobs shook his hand and smiled.

The Following day:

‘God that was one crazy experience. And to think I actually believed that I was talking with an assassin.’

Ajay lay on his bed in a luxury hotel in the London suburbs. Well, lets see what the London papers have to say, as he opened the Daily Telegraph.

‘Reputed Politician killed in a mysterious car crash. Police suspect foul play.’

Ajay’s heart sank.

The End.

Planet Of The Creative Souls

Some days back I was not feeling good,creativity was lost somewhere.So I decided to travel back in time and live some moments again.I took my camera and moved out of my house.I visited every place I remember me and my friends used to visit together.Clicked some photographs,went to the seaside restaurant we used to visit and many more places.Why I am sharing this photograph particularly is because this place is very special for me and my friends.This place is what we call Planet of the Creative Souls.This is the land of art,a place where hundreds of artists used to gather and do fun stuff.This is my animation college.Yes this beautiful place is where we spent 3 years together.We used to sit anywhere we want and start sketching and painting anything we like.The first 1.5 year of our course was for 2d only.That means only sketching and painting,no digital work.So when I visited this holy place again I was recharged,recharged with creative energy.I feel much better when I see pure creativity around me and what could be a better place than "Planet Of The Creative Souls".  :D
Photo- © Abhisek Panda Photography®

Abhisek Panda
About the Author :
He loves challenging the concepts of others & that invariably leads him to create his own ideas and to pioneer new lines of thought.He Writes about Film,Art,Poetry,Stories and Personal views on things that matter.A Filmmaker,a Photographer,a CG Artist,a writer and Blogger.Music and Book Lover, curious about web design and development.He is the founder of "WE HAVE A STORY" and many other blogs and websites.

Day 1: Hope.

"Congratulations! It's a girl," were the first words I heard.

I suddenly realised, that I was there. I had finally entered this completely new and extraordinary world. A world utterly different from my previous ones. A world where pandemonium reigns.
I was warned - before my soul was inserted into this human being's body - that this life would not be an easy one. This life knows love, hate, pain, tears and blood. This life is The Ultimate. The ultimate before our transferring to any one of the Real Worlds: Hell or Heaven.
If we choose to give up and prove ourselves incompetent, we will be sent to Hell, where there is nothing but hatred and turmoil. And if we choose to live till the end, overcoming all the obstacles and harshness of life, strive and never give up, we will be sent to Heaven, where a better end lies. Where love and purity reigns.
This is the last chance I will get. If I don't act accordingly, I will be for ever damned. I don't deserve damnation, because in all of my lives, I have been perfect. I can't afford to mess it up. I'm just praying I will get through this one, and attain absolute salvation.

A few more seconds and all the memories of my past life will be wiped off. This happens at the beginning after every ending, so that we can start afresh and struggle blindly. Why this suffering from amnesia at the starting of every new life is needed, escapes me.
God, you really are a sadist. You do nothing but make it more difficult for us to go on.
Ah, my last ten seconds.
This new world full of unique, breathing, sentient creatures, accept me. Know me.
I believe I will be accepted. I feel I will be loved. I hope I will make it.

If not with love

I had a phone conversation with one of my younger brothers sometime back.

He is famous for being Dodo (yeah, that’s his name) as much as for his mischievous behaviors. And of course me and other siblings for being Dodo’s brothers. I am like Dodo’s brother (most of the people do not even know my real name but they know me as Dodo’s elder brother).

He got admitted into school very late because of my father’s irregular nature of the job he was in. And when he finally got admitted to the school, he was like tallest or the eldest in his class that his teachers didn’t need to look for someone else in the class to monitor the class. There used to be complains from the other kids about Dodo bullying them as class captain. Someday, a woman would pop out in front of the house with her kid and complain to Mom about Dodo asking them money and other stationery stuffs. There was also time when he was put inside the water pool by headmaster of his school for making some other kid sit inside it. He was so ill-behaved then and his manners today with age has not pruned yet into a polished form of a wit and understanding kid of his age should normally be into. It has rather become some kind of trouble to parents and other people around.
I received a call from Dad some weeks ago. It was Dodo who got himself into problem again. This time he and his friend cut the electricity wire of some building in neighborhood. The folks have complained to the police and had asked some huge money as compensation for the damages caused by the kids. It was good that Dad knew the folks and they finally settled for some petty amounts. He seemed frustrated and worn out in his voice. Dodo is the eldest amongst the siblings who are with the parents and he has gone wayward of being a good son and a good brother to my youngest brother and a little sister. Dad asks me to talk with Dodo, and that he’s done with telling Dodo.

I could make out how scared and uneasy he was when he said “hello” to me. Instead of being a second to what Dad must have already been, I changed the whole situation with my first question to him, “Bro, I am coming home soon. Do you want anything from here?” there I get the kid’s happiness, “When are you coming?” he sounded suddenly sound and ecstatic that he didn’t even let me answer him, “I want a small mobile”. I don’t know what he meant by small mobile, but I needed to cheer him up and make him happy, “Okie…I will bring you one.” “Bro, you mean it?” “Ya, I will bring you a small mobile if you promise me to look after the sister, study properly, and that you would never do anything naughty?” after being silent for some time, he happily replies, “You can ask Apa or Ama from now onwards if I am being naughty or if am not looking after sister or if I am not studying well. Get me one small mobile okie?” “I will keep on asking about it to Dad.”

Last week I receive a call from home and Dad assured me that Dodo is doing fine so far. And in all these conversations with Dad, Dodo comes to the phone and like an ultimatum, says to me “Bro if you don’t bring me a small mobile phone, I promise I would become one of the naughtiest boy around”…I replied him “You just keep doing what you have promised me, I will get you a small mobile.” I could hear my little sister crying behind the phone.

Now I am wondering if he keeps his end of the promise, what should be the price I would be paying for the kind of person my brother would become.

Life is a perception of your own reality.....

Life is a perception of your own reality

The word "life" has probably been around ever since mankind began using language. It is a word of fundamental importance to all of us, and seldom do we make it through an entire day without putting it to use. We do so, however, with only a sketchy and subjective idea of what “life” actually means. This is because until recently, within the last century or so, it has been easy for people to distinguish between what they call living and what they call non-living. There has been no need to define life precisely; its meaning is intuitively understood.

If the world around you doesn't fulfill your expectations, and thoughts like "What do I What is the meaning of life? Why are we here? Is there a God or isn’t there, and if there is a God, what is its nature? Of all the world’s religions, which one is the most correct? Is there an afterlife? Are we primarily physical beings or spiritual beings? Are you ready to spend your entire life searching for an answer to the ultimate question: "What is the meaning of my life?"

If the world around you does not fulill your expectations, and thoughts like, “What do I live for?" and "What is the meaning of my life?"  keep bothering you, you need to do some serious soul searching. It's not a feeling of melancholy, and no medicine will cure it.                                                                                                        
The way we answer these questions will provide the ultimate context for everything else we do with our lives. If we place any value on our lives at all, we must give some consideration to these questions.                                                                            
For half of my life, I’ve been searching for the context that would give me the best possible life. Of course, this is a strange pursuit because it requires searching for a context while at the same time always being stuck inside of one. In other words, the definition of best possible life” is also part of any context, so I have to find a context that both defines that term AND provides a means to fulfill it.

 Life has a very unique way of teaching us things. It keeps repeating itself until we learn what it’s teaching us, then and only then can we move on. In the mean time, don't knock you self on the head too hard, take things as it comes your way. You have to feel like you are working for something, you can even (and I mean this in a nice way) stop thinking about yourself, put others first. Can you think about anyone you can help today? There are so many things we could do… there is no one single answer. But it’s a start. Above all, Love yourself and give thanks for the day you have had every day!! Even when its bad….always remember, “ I complained I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet."

Keep in mind, there is no source, my teacher is life itself......

Alpana Jaiswal
Labels: Life, meaning, answer, yourself
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