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For Today, Don't Send Me To School...

Momma! See, it has started raining,
Sky is lightening, flickering,
And clouds are thundering.
Don’t get scared!
Stay calm, holding my palm.
I won’t leave you alone,
Now I am grown up,
And no more a fool,
For today, don’t send me to school.

Come here Momma, and see,
Intruders in our home,
Leaking roof, and a buzzing bee.
Don’t panic! I am with you,
Get me a bucket and a broom,
I will work, and flee your gloom.
Now I am grown up,
And no more a fool,
But for today, don’t send me to school.

Hey Momma! See through this,
The window I wiped clean,
Stagnated water in our compound,
Carrying pimples, music profound,
Toads jumping, and snails floating.
Shall we gift them paper boats?
With that, they can return home,
Meet their mom, get her kisses,
And hugs divinely warm.
I wanna see smiles rule,
So today, don’t send me to school.

Look my face closely momma
Am I not warm? And my nose hazy?
Evil rain made your honey dizzy.
But if you persist, I won’t resist,
Bring my dress, if you can’t solace,
I will be ready, in a short hurry.
But don’t get me anything to eat,
I’m feeling sick, even unfit to sit.
But if you say, I get ready for school.

Momma! While I entered my shoes,
A thought provoked, & made me muse.
You taught me, that when rain fades,
Sky shows colourful rainbow,
From that high, to this low.
I wanna see those bows today,
Me and you together,
Sitting by that doorway,
You feasting fish curry,
And me enjoying my Cadbury.
But for today, don’t send me to school.

I have a secret, a cause for hatred,
I am sorry momma!
I couldn’t do my homework yesterday.
I agree that I was a kidder,
A bit careless, and a bit fibber,
But you know I haven’t grown up,
And I am still a fool,
But for today, don’t send me to school.


14 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. aww... that was something every poet would think he could write... beautifully penned emotions.. a perfect use of words as weapon.

  2. loved this one...beautifully written ...


  3. A mixture of innocent and naughty emotions...Beautiful. :)

  4. beautifully crafted post :)

    Weakest LINK

  5. Your poem reminded me of my grade school days when I refused to go to school to :P...everyday was a struggle then...

    YOu made me smile reminiscing those days...but you do have to go to school :) Make your assignments next time :P

  6. @all of my friends- thank you so much. your opinions help me to keep myself motivated. :)

    @melissa- surely, i will be doing my assignments now, and wont miss my school again. :D

  7. Nice one...words coming straight from a child's heart !

  8. very nicely worded emotion Anshul luvd reading it :)

  9. Awww memories of school days.. I remember saying those words "momma, don't send me to school."

    Never worked thou.

  10. wow.. nice poem.. simple language for everyone to understand. Great job.

  11. Thank you once again my friends for appreciating my work. Many more to come. :)

  12. I definitely see the child there behind the words..

  13. awww!! I did not know you are this good with words :D I loved every bit of it, the paper boats haawwww :D and I never used to be prepared for tests and cry out loud before going to school :D hihi

    Cheers [_]@
    Chintu Singh


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