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Run For Life...

this is a 75-100 words flash fiction i had written 2 yrs back for a magazine.

He was injured. His ammunitions were on the verge of perishing. He was low on energy and seven gangsters chased him. His will was giving up, but he continued his run for life.

Suddenly he entered a forested land. His hope rekindled. He knew this was his opportunity to escape and survive. He paused for a while to replenish his energy and- Bang! His body collapsed. And he saw what he dreaded the most – Game Over!

2 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. Oh, this is so good! The action is fully packed as words are limited to a 100...

    I thought this was just an intro to something... but I liked the story---beginning, middle and ending... Thumbs up ;)


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