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Pain Within

I am in pain,
Have nothing to gain,
I am crying rolling down tears,
I am alone ; no one is here,
I want to make our relationship deeper,
But you are not ready to maintain it's demeanour,
I always tried to decipher your heart,
But you always deplored my emotions,
Eyes are staring at you with fear, 
I want my grief to be shared,
But there is no one not even you to care,
There is no one to hear,
But I want to make all things clear,
There is nothing more in my life to cheer..
Because I am far away from my dear,
And that's the voice of my pain within that no one can hear.

9 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. Tragic, beautiful and sweet post, Simran. Love hurts bad, but there is no life without it ....Loved your post.

  2. Is there anything sadder then unanswered love?
    Nicely written


  3. so touching..and beautiful..and hurts...missed your work Simran..

  4. @Sulekha
    Oh yes! without love no life and the most amazing things is that we all know love sucks, give pain,tears but then also we do it ..
    Thank You :)

  5. @JIM
    Oh..that's the most painful and depressed feeling that kills within..
    and gives tears ,lonliness..

    Thanks :)

  6. @Alpana
    I am honoured today :)
    Glad that you people admire my work ..
    Keep giving me your love :)

    Thank You so much dear :)

  7. the truth is, my pain is only mine... you may feel it... but the intensity and weight of what i feel, you can't take away with mere words...

    oh simran...i could only let you feel my presence near you when you are in pain...

    you are never alone :)...

  8. @Melissa

    @Souvick Mazumder
    Thanks :)


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