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From The Window Of My Eyes

From the window of my eyes, 
When I saw, O dear one
I saw you far,
 I saw you very far..
when I closed windows of my eyes and sat thinking,
I saw you smiling in my heart
 I saw you smiling
I had a heart but now I am losing that,
I feel uneasy after meeting you,
I am sitting ignoring everything just for you,
Let life just pass like that, 
Let life pass with you
I live looking at you, 
I die for you
Wherever you are my love, 
My world is there only
My heart asks for blessings for you day and  night
Let flower of our hopes not wither away
Since when I am coloured in colour of your love
I can't sleep and wake up while asleep
That someone may snatch my lovely dreams
My heart shudders at this thought
From the window of my eyes, when I saw, O dear one
I saw you far, I saw you very far.

I would like to share a song that delights my heart everyday..

***Simran Kaur***

10 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. @Anirban
    Thanks Thanks~ Thanks a ton :)

  2. Ankiyon ke jharokhon se,
    Jo dekha toh savre,
    Tum door nazar aaye,
    badi door nazar aaye..
    Seems like inspired from that song. I love the song.. and so your poem..
    AWESOME :)

  3. @Sumit
    Oh! yes
    You caught right me too love this song :)

    Thank You

  4. Awesome poem it :D

  5. when i close my eyes..i see you smiling in my heart.....this is the line that with which i can easily make any girl go crazy..:)...its so nice..

  6. how sweet Smiran..


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