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For Today, Don't Send Me To School...

Momma! See, it has started raining,
Sky is lightening, flickering,
And clouds are thundering.
Don’t get scared!
Stay calm, holding my palm.
I won’t leave you alone,
Now I am grown up,
And no more a fool,
For today, don’t send me to school.

Come here Momma, and see,
Intruders in our home,
Leaking roof, and a buzzing bee.
Don’t panic! I am with you,
Get me a bucket and a broom,
I will work, and flee your gloom.
Now I am grown up,
And no more a fool,
But for today, don’t send me to school.

Fighter & Survivor - Farida Rizwan !!

Here is an Inspiring Story, I published on SuKupedia.  Hope this is an Inspiration to many people out there.

Farida Rizwan

What will you do if you have Rs. 2,00,000/- at your disposal?  The choice is between repairing your old & leaking house and going to USA to meet your friends.  I know many of you who are reading would choose to repair the house.  But then, what if your friends in USA are your Cancer Survivor Sisters, would you not want to go and see them personally?, the people from whom you draw your inspiration, who also look upto you for support, your friends with whom you share the story of your success.  I guess the answer would be yes, and that is what exactly Farida Rizwan did.  Farida Rizwan a wonderful wife, mother of two and most of all a survivor - A Breast Cancer Survivor.

Run For Life...

this is a 75-100 words flash fiction i had written 2 yrs back for a magazine.

He was injured. His ammunitions were on the verge of perishing. He was low on energy and seven gangsters chased him. His will was giving up, but he continued his run for life.

Suddenly he entered a forested land. His hope rekindled. He knew this was his opportunity to escape and survive. He paused for a while to replenish his energy and- Bang! His body collapsed. And he saw what he dreaded the most – Game Over!

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