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Pen, writing the memory of world

Of world, high and low,
Pen flows and reaches around the world.
Of thoughts, idealistic and great,
Pen runs the thoughts, and catapults the idea.
Of history, the wars and epoch,
Pen immortalises eras through ages.
Of man, crude and ignorant,
Pen reads and teaches the worldly wisdoms.
Of love, celebrated and cherished,
Pen scents it with songs and pleasure.
Of books, the trapped thoughts of authors,
Pen breathes the life within the lines.

Celebrating Love

Behind the curling clouds,
Inside the heart of a peaceful valley
A damsel near to my heart
Who reigns in my dream
Awaits me
To fill her lives

Someone Somewhere...

Shayad main zindagi ki sahar le ke aa gaya
Qaatil ko aaj apne hi ghar le ke aa gaya...

 Taa-Umr Dhundta raha manzil main ishq ki
Anjaam Ye ke garde safar le ke aa gaya...

 Nashtar hai mere haath mein kaandhon pe maikada
Lo main ilaaze dard-e-jigar le ke aa gaya...

 ‘Fakir’ sanam kade mein na aata main lautkar
Ik zakhm bhar gaya tha idhar le ke aa gaya...

 Shayad main zindagi ki sahar le ke aa gaya
Kaatil ko aaj apne hi ghar le ke aa gaya...

The Hindi lyrics above, containing several words from Urdu, is from the album – “The Latest” by Jagjit Singh & Chitra Singh. One of the soulful track that moves you to a different world. Unfortunately, I never heard it playing on radio ever or on television. My daddy says that long ago, this song was shown on Doordarshan, Jagjit Singh performing himself.
 I was upset from the day I read on internet about Jagjit Singh’s brain haemorrhage. His death on 10th of this month marked remorse for all of his fans. His death is major loss to class of music that India holds. He is no more, but his voice amongst us will tend to vigour attention and will continue to sooth his fans forever…

Just for the moment.....

He lay still on her chest.  There was absolute silence in the room, except for some rumbling from the air conditioner and the various machines attached to her body.  But these sounds were not enough to disturb him and stop him from listening to the rhythm of her heart.  He heard it loud and clear, just as he had heard her voice the first time he met her......

Think About It

Dr.A. P. J. Abdul Kalam 
Dr.Kalam is the most educated Indian politician.We need more educated people like him in Politics.If that's not possible at least find people with some common sense.We Indians are not poor,we are the richest nation in the World in every aspect.According to corruption watchdog Global Financial Integrity,Rs 20,79,000 crore was transferred out of the country illegally between 1948 and 2008.With the 2G money the Government lost, 8800 crore solar power plants generating 1 MW each could have been built nationwide.We are poor by force,our paanchvi fail illiterate politicians keep a huge amount of money reserved in Swiss banks.The Swiss Banking Association report 2008 revealed that Indians hold $1,891 billion in deposits,that's about Rs 8,50,900 crore.

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