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Someone Somewhere...

Shayad main zindagi ki sahar le ke aa gaya
Qaatil ko aaj apne hi ghar le ke aa gaya...

 Taa-Umr Dhundta raha manzil main ishq ki
Anjaam Ye ke garde safar le ke aa gaya...

 Nashtar hai mere haath mein kaandhon pe maikada
Lo main ilaaze dard-e-jigar le ke aa gaya...

 ‘Fakir’ sanam kade mein na aata main lautkar
Ik zakhm bhar gaya tha idhar le ke aa gaya...

 Shayad main zindagi ki sahar le ke aa gaya
Kaatil ko aaj apne hi ghar le ke aa gaya...

The Hindi lyrics above, containing several words from Urdu, is from the album – “The Latest” by Jagjit Singh & Chitra Singh. One of the soulful track that moves you to a different world. Unfortunately, I never heard it playing on radio ever or on television. My daddy says that long ago, this song was shown on Doordarshan, Jagjit Singh performing himself.
 I was upset from the day I read on internet about Jagjit Singh’s brain haemorrhage. His death on 10th of this month marked remorse for all of his fans. His death is major loss to class of music that India holds. He is no more, but his voice amongst us will tend to vigour attention and will continue to sooth his fans forever…

I was listening to this track today morning. My father came to me and told to lift up the volume a bit more. He sat beside me, listening to Jagjit’s voice. When the song ended and next track from the album resumed, he told to lessen the volume, and few secrets followed. “I used to play this song quite often when you were yet to born”. I smiled. “You know, whenever you used to cry and your mom was not around, I would play some of Jagjit’s album, cradling you in my arms, and then you would just stop sobbing; you would move to sleep, smiling softly”, he added. "You looked very cute without teeth", he added more. I smiled some more.
I don’t need to mention more to acknowledge the extent of closeness I bear with voice of this maestro. These days when westernisation of music in India has affected many, I still hum the songs of Jagjit Singh. My hostel roommate knows better about how much I listen to his songs. He never listen Hindi songs or ghazals, and groove on the western tunes only. But he never complained about the music I play in our hostel room and never tried to offend me.

Few minutes later daddy took out an audio cassette from our huge shelf that holds about 400 audio cassettes. Name of album was “Someone Somewhere”. He said, “This was the album which was released when Jagjit's only son, 21 year old Vivek, died in a road accident on 28th July 1990”. In this album Jagjit Singh has explained how life moves on even if someone dearer leaves us. Though Chitra Singh, his wife, left singing after the death of her only son, but Jagjit continued to sing; continued his show on. Someone Somewhere was the last album of Chitra Singh.

I studied the cassette cover closely. It contained nothing, but a photo of a teenage boy on the both sides of it. Even its price was not printed. “Is this cassette duplicate daddy”, I questioned. He smiled, and added “This is the original cassette, the first edition release of this album; it was gifted to me from a fellow of mine who was a big fan of Jagjit”.

Not just me, but the major section of music lovers are scathed from the loss that is around us now. I wanted to pay homage to this maestro. I wanted to share my grief, and so I shared it here...May his soul rest in peace.


7 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. It's a great loss for us music lovers, specially ghazal lovers.May your great soul R.I.P Jagjit Ji.I wanted to write about him but unable do it in time,now you did it in a nice way.Nice tribute to a great man Anshul.

  2. God can be evil at times....

    May he rests in heart goes out to Chitra ji...


  3. This album was one of the best that came out .. I have grown up listening to Jagjit singh a lot .. have got almost all his albums ..

    A big loss to the music world.

    May he rest in peace...


  4. a big loss for sure.. I dunno what else to say..

    Someone is Special

  5. This is a big loss to INDIAN music industry Anshul :(


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