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Dr.A. P. J. Abdul Kalam 
Dr.Kalam is the most educated Indian politician.We need more educated people like him in Politics.If that's not possible at least find people with some common sense.We Indians are not poor,we are the richest nation in the World in every aspect.According to corruption watchdog Global Financial Integrity,Rs 20,79,000 crore was transferred out of the country illegally between 1948 and 2008.With the 2G money the Government lost, 8800 crore solar power plants generating 1 MW each could have been built nationwide.We are poor by force,our paanchvi fail illiterate politicians keep a huge amount of money reserved in Swiss banks.The Swiss Banking Association report 2008 revealed that Indians hold $1,891 billion in deposits,that's about Rs 8,50,900 crore.
India has more money in Swiss banks than all the other countries combined.All that money if used properly can make a great difference to the people of India.Politicians reserve that money so that they remain in power forever and enjoy.Due to international pressure, recently the Swiss government agreed to disclose the names of the account holders only if the respective governments formally asked for it.Indian government is not asking for the details..why?? I think we being the young and well educated generation should stop voting for such cheap mother f*****S...Pardon my language, but that's what they are doing.What's your View??

Abhisek Panda
About the Author :
He loves challenging the concepts of others & that invariably leads him to create his own ideas and to pioneer new lines of thought.He Writes about Film,Art,Poetry,Stories and Personal views on things that matter.A Filmmaker,a Photographer,a CG Artist,a writer and Blogger.Music and Book Lover, curious about web design and development.He is the founder of "WE HAVE A STORY" and many other blogs and websites.

19 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. Here comes the reality revealing post. I wish this post to be the front page top story.

  2. Interesting for someone from another country to read! sounds like corruption does not stop in any one country. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Very interesting to read!!

  3. loved the pictures Abhisek :) :)... My opinion on corruption, u know we should adopt the blood transfusion theory...Get fresh blood into the system.. people who are fighting against corruption...the common educated man should stand for elections and start being a part of the system and start washing out the dirty buggers out...

  4. I agree with Jim, interesting that it should be the same everywhere....

  5. those were some facts! Its good to see the research done for the post...

    When the whole Anna episode happened, I did not care to support it, and I still believe everyone has to be honest to lead to a corruption free nation. But recently I heard that a truck driver who refused to pay bribe was killed by two constables and later declared a smuggler....

    Now, a truck driver was ready to be honest, but those police men were not !

    I wish I had a magic wand and I could fix everything, feels so helpless...

  6. @Shreya Thanks for reading and leaving your honest views.

    @Jim Thanks for reading and leaving your honest views.

    @Sukupedia Even I want the same...Thanks for reading and leaving your honest views.

    @Jan Thanks for reading and leaving your honest views.

    @Chintan That's another sad story you just shared...sometimes I ask myself, are we really helpless??Thanks for reading and leaving your honest views.

  7. Hello.
    Even though we may all come from different parts of the world & have different opinions on a multitude of topics, I'm sure there is one thing we can all agree on...corruption exists everywhere. It's like a bad seed...once planted it turns into a fast-growing weed infecting everything/everyone in its path!

    Interesting facts, Abhisek.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. @Andy I can't agree more...Thanks for reading and leaving your honest views.

  9. As an American I feel your pain. We are going through a horrible time here of late economically and some of the same things that plague India have stained us as well just in different ways. Keep speaking out and being passionate. Prayer will change things. Peace Abhisek!

  10. @Tameka Yup, I agree...Thanks for reading and leaving your honest views.

  11. Abhisek! A nice post I have read so far, really very interesting to me.

    In India every one are always shouting against corruption rather than Implementing.One good and simple example .... Elected members of India.

  12. @Manoj I agree....Thanks for reading and leaving your honest views.

  13. Dear Abhi,
    I don't follow anything of this but for Dr.Kalam about whom i've come to know a little. why don't you please write about such great persons of your great country? Except for Mohini Purohit,none of my friends here enlighten me much about India.i'd love to have first hand info.about you great people.

  14. @Portia Thanks dear for your comment.I would love to write about the great personalities of India like Dr.Kalam ,but this is not the time to think about them.This is the time to think about the bad side of India and how to change it.We can't hide the bad part by always keeping the good part in the front.I love history but I believe in change,change in a good way.

  15. great post Abhisek....let's not just hope for the best...but make it happen....:)

    My new blog at>>>

  16. @SUB That's what I am talking about...let's make it happen together.

  17. Great post and interesting information Abhi :)


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