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The Power of Forgiveness


Sometimes when someone hurts us the first thought that comes to mind is 'I want revenge'.It's not uncommon and perfectly normal for any human to think like that....But the very moment you think of revenge,you welcome negativity to rule your mind.Maybe you will have your revenge,but  meanwhile you will lose peace and health.When someone hurts an animal,the animal reacts immediately.If you being a human with stronger ability to think and analyze things will do the same...then there's no difference.So to be a better human one needs to learn how to forgive.


Breeze carrying fragrance of thirsty soil suddenly changed its mind and decided to summon thick ready to flow clouds to spare the scorched dusty leaves n shed their load on the pleading Earth. Clouds creating a blanket, covering the harsh sun turn spectators to the dance of paddy fields enjoying in virgin mirth. Misty rain lashing children in a playful way. Cold blissful winds caressing and swinging tiny plants. And now the zephyr carries with it the unmatchable waif of wet soil.

Scenic view of monsoon is too large to fit in a lens’ glance. And Mumbai and monsoon are kind of incomplete without each other. Monsoon surely brings a lot of trouble for the city with it, yet is always welcomed with the same enthusiasm. True every good thing comes with a price. The rains bring in a relief form the sweltering heat that shows no pity to anything for three deadly months. But as soon as monsoon gains its pace and starts enjoying its welcome all we see is water-logging, traffic, delayed trains etc…. 

But well this post is meant only for celebrating this season that beautifies everything that comes under its canopy. A season often acknowledged for being the most romantic time of the year. A season also meant for solace of solitary souls. A season that gives all the reasons required for a smile and a season that conceals flowing tears in its flowing drops.

The Real INDIA

Corruption,Child labour,Frauds are still in practice in India.People are not strong enough to oppose on matters like this.People are not honest and they don't have the guts to stand against it or they simply don't care for others except their own family.Everyone is busy getting their work done...they don't care how.


Stay For Our Son

Crimson seas
Flowing deeper into the folds,
Talking to us,
Narrating stories untold.
Of how the children
Split and ran away,
Came back the same way,
And fell apart again.

There comes a new child!
A poor, lonely, lost soul.
"Where do you quietly wander?
Won't you get down from that foal?
Cause I will give you food, love
And so much more.
Your heart will never feel
It's in the hands of a boor."

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