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Good or Bad ?

In life, we can't determine our destiny. Sometimes something happens for good and something for bad. one of my chat mate through her chat told the following

" I have met him when I was just 20 newly graduated from college, in the Rehab center, he was a patient there, he was a drug dependent, I help him cure his addiction, he was cured, he was my first boyfriend I was so young then... his parents really like me so we got married that was 1996 but with the times we are together even though he is not using drugs  still he has bad habits like drinking , gambling, womanizing , going to different bar."

Now they were separated. How we can tell this good or bad ? She have 3 children, her life spoiled. When we think that, its a bad. But She got separated from a drug addicted man is a good thing.

Whats your views?

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5 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. sometimes, we are too quick to judge our own stories or others'... life isn't like that at all... i question "destiny"... because for me life is a journey and we all undergo a process called change or transformation... everybody is capable of that... what happens after is a product of our choices in life ;)

  2. I'm glad she is separated from the man with the addiction problems. She has 3, I'm sure, beautiful children. That's what counts. I hope she is able to support herself and her children.

    Regards, Mari

  3. I feel sad for her.With time they heal..anyway her choice of separating would have been good for her and let her grow happy with her children

  4. The best decision she ever took.


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