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Change yourself if you can't change others

Were you ever in a circumstance where you were damn right with all the due following of rules and regulations, yet you seem to be getting the least of all you deserve, or even worse, you don’t get at all but in some bizarre fashion, you land up paying the debt.

I was telling my friend, other day about how the ideal world, something that should be logically functioning in a honest and true manner, do not functions in so and so way in the real world. A boss would prefer someone who can have things done on time through however way latter chooses, be it any way ward off the systematic manner than someone who waits for the things to come into system. We live in a world filled with possible yet unexpected casualties of uncontrolled metabolism of ever running time and ever laying consciences, and life harassed with the changing priorities and unknown nuisance. There are many problems than solutions. And we are part of that universe, and as unit, I fear to say that I do contribute to it in some sections though unwittingly. It becomes beyond my comprehension to deter it from happening, and yet I wish to be in the perfect world bound by virtuous conventions and humanly ethics.

You try being honest and straightforward, there’s so much a chance that someone may call you blunt than an honest. There may even be a chance that you are nothing but a shrub which is not yet pruned with the stormy winds and the harsh scorching sunlight. Innocent and ignorant are other adjectives which could well even start sounding more like a noun. And these are realities of the same world which one in ideal-world-of-his-own is living in reality. It all ends up one getting dissolute and isolated which is of course not a healthy idea of living the life. And there are many who succeeds and lives life happily just by being what you feel as impure. But isn’t that what human’s have discovered long time back?

Once, Confucious said “If a man can’t change the world, change himself for the world”, and this words of the great philosopher comes more than just a chill pill for anyone suffering from the frustration or the syndrome of idealistic world-to-be-ingrained-in-real world.

If the world is so uncanny and things are happening the way it is, then it is the reality, a reality where everyone is content or are moving in a same direction. Whether you like it or not, there’s no ideal remedy to escape from the music when it’s all playing hard every time. Better still, try learning how to live with it, or better still, and dance on it.

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  1. "Be the change you want to see in the world"-Mahatma Gandhi

    Life becomes quite easy after one starts following those golden words.Because one can't change others but can change oneself accordingly.

    So as you said Better still, try learning how to live with it, or better still, and dance on it.One lives what one Opts for.

    Really nice Post Sogyel. :D

  2. This is so true! Thank you for your thoughts. I especially like the quote by Confucious.

  3. hi sogyel... i think it should be "change yourself 'because' you can't change others" :P...

    i ask you not to be discouraged by the things that you experience right now... is this a question of structures? institutions?

    always remember the goals that you have in life and allow that to be your compass and direction... conquer the evils that you see with good...

    "you try being honest and straightforward, there's so much a chance that someone may call you blunt than honest"... i counter this and tell you... it doesn't matter what they call you... "innocent", "ignorant", "blunt"... what the heck? you know yourself better than others do...

    yes, we can only change ourselves... be a leaven... start with yourself...

    remember mother teresa?... we are called to be "faithful
    not to be "successful" ;)... so keep on doing what is right...

  4. Liked your post. We cannot change people, we have to change ourselves


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