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I'm Missing You

Let it go 
Cause the hardest part is over.
Don't you say it 
Cause I don't want to remember.
A little care,
Just a message that says, "I'm coming over."
A little time,
Cause it's you I wish to turn to
I'll get by...
It's your thought that really matters now.
Just one hour
Is all I ever needed from you somehow.
I'm relaxed,
But I'm scared and uncertain.
I'm afraid,
That you'll cause this heart broken.

You are hard to get over
Thoughts of you fill mine
I believe it's coming to an end
Maybe I'll just have to pretend
I'm missing you my special friend.

9 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. hmmm... makes me curious who this special friend is jorie :P...

    i could actually feel how you truly miss this person... you've written it in words that could easily be understood...

    one hour...

    a friend once sent me a message, "if someone loves you, there is actually no need to ask nor beg for something you like or want to happen... because...when a person loves you, he/she would perfectly learn what makes you happy"... and spending time... being fully present is the best way ;)...

    i wish you the best... ;)

  2. Ummmmm... Melissa, shall we make this into a song? The last five lines will be the chorus

    You are right there's no need to beg whatsoever... but I'm just honestly expressing what I'm feeling right now. I'm really missing someone and there's no better way to express that but through a poem. If only I could turn this into a song, it'll be even better..:) Thanks for your comment.:)xox

  3. i think that's a very good idea jorie ;)... a jazz singer once asked me if i could compose songs for him in his new album... i don't know how :P... you have a gift and you should use that...

    i know how you feel, the intensity may differ but yes, i do understand... ;)... stay with the feeling right now :P...

  4. So much feeling here! Lovely and well written.

  5. Jorie you have expressed your longing beautifully. I can understand exactly how you must be feeling. Whoever this special person is I hope you meet him soon and I hope he never breaks your heart

  6. Full of feelings......Nicely expressed Jorie :D

  7. soooooooooooooooooo nice.................not a kind of poet myself but it makes me try writing one when i get to read such poems......its so beautiful..:)

  8. Interesting one. Short and sweet. :)


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