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A Rainy Day

When I woke this morning
was told it rained…
I looked out
The skies were grey…
I sat in bed sipping
scorching hot coffee
sighed and wished
it was a Sunday…
Such glorious days
should be spent
holding your face
to the breeze,
talking to the sounds of silences
interrupted by
rumbles of thunder…

Along with those gray clouds
my mind wandered…
off to the poem…
The solitary Reaper…
then back again…
to the city I grew to love
of rains and driving through them,
of getting drenched
messed up with melted ice-creams
It was a beautiful day…

Someone thought of me too
I realized...
as my eyes blur
each time I read
all those things
a friend would feel
when far away…
another continent
another country
another city
Just by the sea…
Another view…

Myriads of expectations
lingering and gone…
Gone before they brush
gently against my soul…
access denied to hearts I love
access denied to my own soul
I’d rather drown
in my mindless space
than be anywhere today…
But life goes on..
the show excels
rave reviews of a fine performance
of having survived
Another day…
In this lifetime…

just get laid aside;
there are dreams
Beyond my today.
is survival
borne out of a defiant nudge
To circumstances…
You win some you lose some…
Life never stops its lessons anyways
and thus we go
on and on
all over again
wiping out today’s slate
ready to write a new one...

Images courtesy - Google Images
Copyright @Sandy

6 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. so nice to see you write so frequently...this is the real u, Sandy, and I know that you will emerge a winner in everything you u always.

  2. Another masterpiece Sandy.You write like a dream.As Alpana said you will emerge a winner in all that you do.

  3. Beautiful words! I like the idea of our slate being wiped clean in the rain. :)

  4. Thank you!
    @Alpana - I love what you are writing. Thank you for being such a pillar of support.
    @Abhisek - a 'dream' - my poems are that. Thanks for seeing it that way.
    @Rachel - sure! I always wipe out my eliminates the fearsome clutter. I love the rains.


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