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No Money, No Time

I would love to go to India. Nay, I love to go to India.
Outside my apartment, the dissonance of bustling traffic soon slowed to a dwindle as night set in, punctuated only by the occasional honking. The scent of freshly-sunned bedsheets enveloped my senses as I snuggled into the warm cosy bed. But I couldn't sleep. My mind had been thinking about travelling to India. I tossed and turned in my bed. 

I went to the living hall to talk to my ever supportive travel companion, Brent. He's a suave man whose golden year was fast approaching, yet had a chiselled jaw line that could break all women's hearts. He was engrossed watching his favorite football game when I interrupted his attention, " I'd like to go to India."
He looked at me, annoyed, gave me a black look then barked, "We'd just been to China and it's only for a week now, then here you are coming up with another planned trip? You must be out of your mind! I don't own great possessions and I don't have the luxury of time."

He seemed a little grouchy but I challenged his quick-tempered response. I knew deep inside he would surely love to go too. It was this kind of feeling that stirred within me.

I replied, "Okay then, maybe tomorrow I'll talk to you again. Maybe you'll change your mind - I am really dying to go to India."

He growled back, "No money, no time."
I shrugged, smiled and replied again, "Okay, I still hope to visit India, so maybe tomorrow you'll change your mind." I bounced off, back to my room, intrigued by where this was going. There was something deeper brewing.

The next night, I sat opposite him on the L-shaped sofa and uttered, "I am dying to visit India."
"No money, no time."
"Okay then, maybe tomorrow you'll change your mind."
After consecutive nights of imploring and as the breeze turned warm and comforting, could that be a smile cracking?
"No money, no time."
"Okay then, maybe tomorrow you'll change your mind. I am still dying to visit India."
And then the next week still, "No money, no time."
Then another week came, we were well into December, and the night turned chilly and a little change was seen with his response, "No money, no time." This time I saw a smile on his face.
I smiled back, "Okay then, maybe tomorrow you'll change your mind. I am really dying to visit India."

Our repartee went through November till February. There were instances in our conversation that he took the time to explain that he was busy and although money was not really so much of a problem, he just had to say it to discourage me from getting on my itchy feet again. I noticed one of our flat mates eavesdropping our conversation. I immediately involved her in and asked if she would like to go to India with us. Suddenly engaged, she nodded shyly and smiled and went back to her room. I looked at Brent, smirked and replied, "Maybe tomorrow still you will change your mind. I am really dying to visit India."

Finally, he laughed and shrugged, "No money, no time."
"Oh well...tomorrow again." Then I chortled back and went to my room.

Then on that day of the last Sunday of February, we had lunch together, and just as I was about to begin, "I'm still dying to visit India." Then, wait! I saw him pulled out something from his pocket. Yep, you guessed it - he handed me the air ticket to visit India! Ecstatic, I almost get myself choked, jumped up and yelled, "Yayyy!!!!" Brent chuckled with obvious delight and could not contain his excitement as well. He too let out a snicker. 

"You win! You irritating lad! I'd successfully applied for a week leave this March when you are not working so we could go together. Crap, when are you going to stop?"
And we both laughed our hearts out............

"Focused unwavering desire can manifest anything." This was three months in the making - almost every night. And then I had that ticket - the fulfillment of my dream, yet an excitement that me and my friend felt the same. With continued persistence, it can propel you forward. Just by holding on to your dream - but with no attachment to the outcome - can produce results in the end. Although it make sense to let go of yet another unattainable dream, often we make the wrong decision of letting go far too soon. Reflect on this saying that I'd read from a book: "Just because the stew isn't boiling, doesn't mean it isn't cooking." 

I hope you had enjoyed this story.... :)

20 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. Jorie and i thought you would be making it here real soon! Do come

  2. Thanks Savy... I'm crossing my fingers for it to happen...;)

  3. Hehe.... Thanks for reading A..:)

  4. You are most welcome...Jorie,will look forward to your visit,and I am happy to see your passion for India..

  5. Awwwww!!! This is a story which I hope will come true one day... Thanks Alpana.... It's only a story I created but still I do hope to visit India in the future...;)

  6. You remind me of my Daughter mate, she has exactly the same technique. Tends to work as well ;)

  7. Thanks Charles but just please don't mistake me as your daughter... you might.... hehe (joking)

  8. oh jorie... you made it so awfully wonderful that i thought it was for real... hahaha... you're so annoying, hahaha...

    i liked this, "focused unwavering desire can manifest ANYTHING"...

    yes...yes...;)...i do keep my hopes high... i knock at God's door everyday :P...just like that old widow...

    sam was six months in the making before he said yes to me, hahaha...just kidding...

    i really enjoyed the story...

  9. That's a very nice story. Funny too!

  10. Loved it. Perseverance always pays. I hope someday soon you will visit India and we get to meet.

  11. Jorie - You got us there!!! Do come visit...I hope the stew IS boiling...

  12. Very good story.. I smiled all the way through it... You can be very persistent I

  13. Oh Jorie, I do hope you will make it to India! It looks like such an amazing place to explore. I love the quote at the bottom of your blog. That stuck with me! Hmm...

  14. Persistence pays off! I know you will tell us all about your adventure on your blog...can't wait to hear about it!

  15. India will be there for you anytime you make it Jorie. And what will make it even better when you finally get there is visiting and meeting some of your online friends from India- they'll show you the India a lot of tourists don't see..

  16. Melissa, Jonus, Rimly, Corinne, JIM,
    Nelieta, Jessica M., and Jim: Thanks for all your wonderful comments on this post....I look forward to visiting India in the future.... I'm praying that hopefully it'll happen.... Thanks for all your support as always...;)XOXOXO

  17. I would love to visit India! My son spent 3 months last year traveling and part of his travels took him through India - he loved it. At least I can look at his beautiful photos!

  18. Thanks Mari for reading this story.... Happy to hear about your son's travel to India.:) At least you have all the photos now whereas I, on the other hand, will have to only continue dreaming for now....hehe

  19. It's a nice story and will definitely come true one day :D


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