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The turn of events left her speechless with shock. Lisa was known by her friends as the luckiest person of all.... But things had changed and went terribly wrong. She looked down at the beautiful white gown that she was wearing, and in a sudden fit of anger, started tearing it from her body. Friends who were around her could not do anything but restrain her physically as heartrending sobs tore from her quivering body.

Lisa was looking forward to her wedding day. The consummation of a courtship that spanned ten years of enduring love and commitment deserved all her excitement. And tying the knot with her soon-to-be husband Louie would be the greatest answer to her prayers. They had been a couple since their twenty's. Her definition of a good life revolved around him. He had been her mirage, her sunset and moment - the gauge by which she measured everything else. In a nutshell, Louie was everything.

When he finally proposed a year ago, her days were soon taken up by the massive preparations for their wedding. Whirlwind of activities occupied her days oblivious of Louie's growing restlessness with the entire affair. Louie became increasingly distant with her. Everyone else put it down to the jitters of getting hitched; 'totally to be expected', or so they said.

Confident as she was about him, she still feared the worse might soon occur. Louie began to disappear for long hours at a stretch. She was initially foreboding, but his denials of anything being wrong assuaged her fears. Then, came the day when they were supposed to have their bridal photographs taken. He had not turned up. Peter, their wedding best man, handed her a note. Its content had torn her world apart. Louie was no longer pursuing the wedding. He had changed his mind. The letter held abrupt apologies for his irresponsible decision and begged for her understanding.

Lisa was overwhelmed with emotions. Her mind rained questions of disbelief. What happened....? What did I do....?  Why.....?  Where did I......? She was flung immediately into the deepest abyss of despair and hurt. But she was determined to see Louie face to face to clarify the matter. A part of her secretly wanted it all to be mere jitters on his part.

She went straight to Louie's house. But her hopes were totally dashed with what she saw upon entering the room. Female clothes and lingeries were strewn all over the place. Woman toiletries occupied the dresser in the bathroom. She was devastated. In her agony, she ran out of the house and drove recklessly home.... She never made it back...............

Louie was then seen almost crawling to her coffin, crying and filled with so much remorse and guilt.........

What lesson have you learnt from this story? 

12 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. This is really good,Jorie..and what have I learnt..well to tell you the truth..I feel that this could be destiny,or as I always say,no relationship on this earth is so important,that you give so much of yourself away,that there is nothing left for you in the end...

  2. Such a sad story. Had Lisa been around she would have in time realized that Louis was a weak man, didnt have the courage to be outright about their relationship and that she found someone worthy of her. But Lisa didnt get to see that. Sometimes in despair and pain people are capable of the most unimaginable like taking their own life. What a waste of a precious gift! Loved it Jorie

  3. @Alpana: Thanks for the wonderful message Alpana.... Your input certainly helps in explaining the message of this story....;)

  4. No man on this earth is worth giving your own life for, whether it be consciously or not. Driving recklessly? Should not have happened. I would have put my foot up his *** before I left! Jerk!

  5. @Rimly: Indeed it is.... Now seriousness aside I would have advised her not to drive recklessly though and this thing would never have happened..... (just to lighten up a bit) There is no point risking your life for anyone who does not even deserve it.... Thanks Rimly..:)

  6. @Mary: That's the way to do it! Love to hear that Mary... I would have done the same too...;)LOL xoxoxo

  7. oh geez jorie... yours was the first blog i read tonight... what a way to relax me :P...

    one,women have very sensitive instincts and are seldom wrong...

    two, it isn't love that blinds the person...but the people involved in the relationship... she must have known...

    three,on what have they built their relationship with? it isn't the matter of years they've been together... is it rooted in love? where are the elements of conversation ...sincerity, trust and acceptance?

    four, hmmmm... lessons are learned after not before something occurs... i have learned something... has he?

  8. @Melissa:
    One: True, women have very sensitive instincts but I beg to differ that they're seldom wrong. There are times that women themselves are the root cause of the problem.... I just don't want to sound bias here....

    Two: I always think that love blinds a person.... It is the reason that no matter how bad or ugly or wicked your partner may be, love sees it the different way and oftentimes it's the most painful part especially if we have surrendered too much and we get all the bitterness in return...

    Three: I agree with what you say....

    Four: That sounds sarcastic but true.... He must have learnt his lesson but it's too late to bring back what was already lost....

    Thank you so much Melissa for your wonderful input...;)

  9. So sad to have a life end because of someone so undeserving.

  10. I felt the same Mari... and thanks for reading it...:)

  11. There is no point risking your life for anyone who does not even deserve it.100% True and should be followed.Nice one Jorie. :D


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