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Soul's Light: Rising from the Ashes

"When you live from your soul, you don't try to numb yourself from life's sorrows. Nor do you become so overwhelmed by its grimness that you stay engulfed in despair. Instead, face the pain as you soothe and comfort yourself in its midst. And then let it change you, sensitize you, fill you with compassion. Know that it will open you later to deep joy."

                    Karen Katafiasz, Living From Your Soul (indiana: One Caring Place Abbey Press,2005), 5.

I've completely forgotten certain things in my life... or dismiss them altogether for the last couple of years... but there are things that cannot be overlooked... and even the Lover wants so much that the Beloved be perfect and light...and most of all, free...that He sends out people to mirror out its needs... and imperfections...

You brought that speck of light in the darkness that is covering my soul... I have ceased asking God why... I have even descended to hell... but God never gave up...

It isn't out of whim that I opt for poverty... or for the children... or fight for women's rights...

I was a victim just like any other...

I cannot fathom my body's increasing needs... that most of the times... it would affect my whole person... and give me dual personalities... i really wish to be good... but there's a thorn that keeps wounding my flesh...

I spoke to him many times... and though I tried so hard to be compassionate... it doesn't end without anger and frustration on my side... He will never change...

Answers do not come easily... I speak of forgiveness...


From the way things are going... I know who among my friends keep me fully as I am... I demanded respect... but it's something that we all have to earn...

Perhaps, that's the main reason why I stayed in the walls for so long... to protect myself...but God knows my needs better...

I do not seek to justify any of my actions...

Many ask me why LOVE to counter indifference and suffering? where is HOPE... where is justice? where is freedom?

and I see all these in the light of His paradox of living... in the Gospel tension He creates within me...

7 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. Melissa,my sweetheart,words are not enough,or I should say,that I don't have them right express as to what I am feeling after reading this,once was not enough...will come back again to comment once more....all I can say right now,is to reach out and give you a hug...this has moved me terribly.

  2. May you find lights in the guidance of the Heaven above Melissa.... Your prayers will never go unanswered.... Thank you...:)

  3. Oh Gosh! I know..those dark deep dense corridors...they keep you there until you rise to walk to wards the light. My heart reaches out to those bruised, kindred spirits.

  4. Mellisa my heart reaches out to you. We all have our darkness hidden from the world but God always sees the light in us. God always watches over us. Even from the bad we have something positive to learn. Love you my friend. God bless you.

  5. follow the path holding 'HIS'hand in darkness and fear. walk with 'HIM' when u r in despair, for 'HE' only can enlighten our soul and protect us from all the non-elasticities of life.

  6. I admire your courage and in time of despair we often learn alot about ourselves and others. God will lift you up in times of need and he has a purpose for evrything that happens in life. Have a great day!!

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