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Ask any woman who has a sister and she'll tell you that neither girlfriends nor husband-much as she adores them-can take the place of her sister. Who else has the same family history from the female perspective? Who else shares the same values and expectations, shaped since babyhood? Who else knows what's racing around in her head almost before she herself does…. No one, but her sister.
Every relationship is unique, and the bond between sisters is very special. Even if circumstances create distance in miles or emotions, sisters have a distinct capacity to regain the connection and kinship that defines what sisterhood really means. 
I am truly blessed with sisters who are like mother figures in my life. No matter what happens between us….we are close knit as a sorority of three, or as tumultuous as a tropical storm…we maintain a unique way of sharing and caring. They are my greatest source of emotional and practical support, I can always cry on their shoulders and at same time, socialize, party and shop. Of the many relationships I have in life, my affinity with my sisters is beautiful, stretching and bending through periods of closeness and distance, but never breaking. There are few emotional knots, which every other relationship might have….they are my girlfriends, rivals, shopping buddies, confidents, and so on. It’s as if I almost don't know who I am without asking who she is….It is like your sister is you and not you.

The coloured ones...

The colourful ones...
someones aspiration.. 
while the others' envy.

Photograph:  ©
Place: West Bengal Handicraft Exhibition- Sale, Milan Mela Prangan, Kolkata.
Photographer: Anirban Saha.
Please feel free to share your thoughts about the photograph, write up here as a comment. 
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Forever Bonded

It was autumn. We were traveling to a small village near Dehra Dun. We had hired a local guide to tour us around. The village had been very reputed for its scenic beauty.

We toured around in a horse cart as our guide had advised us so that we could enjoy to the fullest. Our guide, Shyam bhaiya was an interesting person of utter enjoyment. He had been living in this village from past 22 years and knew every story and angle of the village.

The village was beautiful. The hill top views had captured the minds and hearts of all.

The small lake at the outskirts of the village was very peaceful and relaxing. We were so absorbed, so mesmerized that when we saw it we were in love with it. This was an example of the natural beauty our Earth has in store for us. There are many such places where our Earth has its beauty hidden. We just need to discover it.

After site seeing we were returning to our inn but this time through a different route which supposed to be a short cut. It was nearly 6:30 p.m. The sun had turned dark orange and was at the base of its horizon. What an exquisite view it was!!! Everybody got out of the cart and went for some snacks and tea at the village tea stall. I sat with Shyam bhaiya asking him the history of this enthralling village. When everybody else was busy in their own talks I pondered my question aloud to Shyam bhaiya “Bhaiya while returning, we came across a wooden house overlooking the river-.”I looked at Shyam bhaiya; he was looking at me cannily. “Was a beautiful house. Out of the house there sat a young lady in bridal dress facing the opposite side, towards the river. I was just able to have a glance at her. But she looked grief-stricken. Something about her appearance amazes me. I was just thinking if you knew something about her” 

I gave him a very pleading look.

“I just hoped that nobody would see her but you saw her so now I shall tell you about her but will you promise not to let it out to anybody else?” Shyam bhaiya said.

“Sure bhaiya I promise to keep it all a secret.” I solicited him to continue.

“Ok, so it all instigates here, there lived a young lady of 19 there in that house with her small family of mom, dad and an elder sister. They had a very ecstatic life. Father was a merchant. The girl, Heena was very close to her sister and both had immense tenderness for each other. Every evening Heena and her sister sat in their garden on that bench sharing their feelings and happenings of the day. Soon Heena’s elder sister was married to a very rich man who lived far across the river. Heena did not want her sister to go away from her but the thought of sister leading a happy life seemed to make up for her disappointment.

Three years later Heena turned 22. Her parents had fixed her marriage and the date fixed was of one month later. Later that month a telegraph told them that Heena’s elder sister was arriving home for he wedding. This brought contentment among the family members. Heena was short of words to express her ecstasy. Everyday she would sit on the garden bench to just have a glance at the ship in which her sister was arriving. It was Heena’s wedding night. The wind that night was very fierce as if the heaven were revenging, for some wrong done….it was a terrific night. Another telegraph arrived that night but this time of grief rather than glee. It said that the ship in which Heena’s sister was arriving had sunk and none of the passengers had survived. This news was like a big electric shock to Heena. The fact that her sister was no more made her feel sick. She could not digest this news. She went to her room and locked herself. People could hear her heartrending moans. After some time these moans stopped. But the door did not open. People thought that Heena was still not in the mood of seeing anybody else. One hour passed still no response. Now every body had it in their minds that something was wrong. They broke open the door. What they saw must have been the most excruciating site one must ever want to see. Heena’s lifeless body lay on the floor, cold and blue. A pool of blood lay around her and still more was oozing out from her cut wrist. Nobody could believe their eyes that a girl as jovial as Heena could ever run away from life. As heena always said that wherever her sister would be she too would be there. The love and affection between the two sisters had no match. 

But it seems that Heena’s spirit had not been pacified. People even today say that they witnessed a young lady in bridal outfit sitting on the bench in the garden facing the river.

Last month a lady came here. She wanted to buy this house. Local people warned her that this house was haunted, did not listen to them, went in and then when she came out she was completely traumatized. Said when she reached Heena’s room she was unable to open it in fact she heard cries of a lady and then she even witnessed a bride watching the river in the garden just as you did.” Shyam Bhaiya finished his daunting story when everybody got up to leave for our inn.

That night I did not have a sound sleep. I wondered upon what Shyam bhaiya had told me. There are so many bizarre things around us that have no explanation. So many supernatural things, those are just above the understanding of our human brains. I had been a skeptic before. Nothing like spirits, ghosts and other mystic beings ever existed in my world. If only I would have never witnessed the ghost of poor Heena it all would have just seemed to me as a topic of mere enjoyment. So now whenever you pass through this house do not get shocked to see a bride in the garden. That may be Heena waiting for her sister …..

Kavya Dugar

Ignorant simplicity

Happiness unbound in my moves,
    In my soul, my freedom lies...
Songs of happiness  takes me high,
    Dreams alive in my eyes.

I am the ruler of my world,
   My world lies within the horizon...
Turmoils touch me not, worries stay away,
   Happy as I am, Worlds' ignorant son. 

Photograph:  ©
Place: Gaurdaho, West Bengal.
Photographer: Anirban Saha.
Please feel free to share your thoughts about the photograph, write up here as a comment. 
Your comments are my only revenue that I earn from this! ;)

The best moment..

Bhai* was tossing on his bed, sleepless, talking to someone over phone. My sleep was interrupted. I was thoughtful, not to disturb him in his talks, I pretended to be asleep. Then I made the bold move.. got up..and shot my question:
"Eh Bhai*, you in love?"

Awestruck that he sat up, his face all red..His expressionlessness turned to a blushing smile to the affirmative, making me one of the happiest elder brothers' in the world.

His only words of protest, of my intrusion into his privacy were "Go to sleep".. that too on an extremely shy, embarrassed and a lil afraid note!

*Bhai in my mother tongue Bengali, means younger brother.


If I'm Going To Die Someday..What Should I Do Now? A Million Words Would Not Bring You Back..I Know Because I've Tried..Neither Would A Million 
Tears..I Know Because I've Cried..

What about me? After the loss of my Papa, I realized how temporary things are in started making me think, “Will I die?” There are many things about death we do not know and may never know. We do know that it will happen, someday, to all of us. But now I have come to terms with the fact that I should not worry,Deep in my heart, I'm suffering, knowing that I've lost you. On the outside, I'm living, pretending that I've forgotten you. I feel as if I have lost everything important to me and I just don’t know what to do. Just the thought of imagining life without you, scares the hell out of me.

Time and again, I try to convince myself that I can get through this, but the tears in my eyes, don’t ever seem to leave me. I ask myself as to whom I can trust, including myself, as I have lost something of my inner will for living. I often wonder if trusting anyone is a wrong step. I even have second thoughts on getting close to anyone....the fear of loss is too over powering. I feel scared to trust again....anyone. Memories resurface from time to time and make adjustments that much more difficult. . Everywhere I go, every smile I see, I feel as if you are there, smiling back at me. If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to Heaven....And bring you home again. No farewell words were spoken, you never even gave me time to say were gone before I knew it....right there before my eyes. How many times I have missed you, a million times I must have cried....If love could have saved never would have died.

"The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known  defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen." --- Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

I get angry at myself for not preventing this loss....and at times I get angry with you, for deserting me. I blame many for not protecting you, and causing this to happen. I feel hurt and frustrated with this situation I am in, because I know I cannot change it. I feel isolated, helpless, and hopeless, unable to think how I am going to face the future. Remembering people we love, who have died is one way to keep them a part of us. When someone we love dies, it hurts us. We feel sad that the person will no longer be around to talk to or to have fun with. That absence leaves a big hole in our lives. But just like when you skin your knee, the first, intense pain will go away after a while. It takes time for your knee to heal, but it hurts less and less each day. It's the same when somebody dies. That doesn't mean we forget or stop missing people who died. After a while, we can go back to our lives, still loving them and remembering them always.r wonder about it for very long. There are too many wonderful things to experience in the many, many years ahead. 

What they Don't Teach in a School

First of all, let me clarify that by ‘they’ I don’t mean just the teachers, but whoever is associated with the upbringing and teaching of children in school. We all know that life in school is precious for every child, it is what lays the foundation or base of character development. It determines what kind of a citizen that child is going to become when he or she grows up. Nothing can undermine the importance of school life. However, there are certain things which are not taught in majority of the schools. I shall discuss three of these things, and will give my views on the same.
i) Ethics and Morality:

Most schools do have a subject which deals with ethics, such as Moral Science, etc. However based on my personal experience, I would say that most students tend to take such subjects very lightly and often ignore them. In many schools, education dealing with Ethics is entirely omitted altogether. Teachers stress on the importance of learning Mathematics, Science, English and other subjects. They tell the students about the importance of scoring high in exams, and that their future depends on their academic performance. However hardly any teacher teaches about character development, morals, conscience, importance of good behavior, etiquette, how to treat women, poor people, etc. In today’s Scam hit world[especially with respect to the Indian context], people have started believing that its perfectly all right to be unethical as long as you manage to reach your goal and earn money. Intense competition in the corporate world has also resulted in the increase of nefarious practices worldwide. In some cases, even the parents do not bother with issues on ethics, honesty, etc. After all, if the father himself is paying and taking bribes, you certainly would not expect him to teach his son or daughter about the values of ethics.

ii) Finance Education:

As Robert Kiyosaki says in his famous book-‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’, we hardly teach anything about finance to the young child. We give too much stress on technical knowledge[which will contribute to less than 10% in the child’s life], but we do not teach him/her about the importance of handling money. We do not tell him about assets and liabilities and how he should avoid extra expenses and focus on saving money. In fact, most schools do not even have a subject related to basic finance till the higher/secondary level, ie when the specialization starts. Even for students who take up commerce, finance is largely limited to memorizing inane data from extra fat textbooks. However it is quite possible and preferred that teachers teach about the importance of money at the primary school level itself. And rather than resorting to quote abstruse text, they should make an effort in making the concept seem simple to the students. In fact, students should be made to play simple finance based games, in which they have to maximize their assets and minimize their liabilities. This will help in a major way, when the child grows up and join an organization. Maintaining a record of income and expenditure from an early age is also useful.

iii) Career Counselling and Independence:

When a child is in school, he or she is usually not mature enough to take a big decision by himself. Parents and teachers must guide him/her in the right way and help him/her make a choice. Unfortunately, in real life scenario, we see that majority of the parents force their children to take up a career/path in which they[the children] have no interest in. This situation is extremely grave in Asian countries such as India and China, where there is intense competition to get admission into the top institutes of higher education[colleges and universities]. Career counseling in schools is almost non-existent. Teachers are not bothered about the child’s decision. They teach whatever they have to, take their salaries, and move on. Parents are more interested in showing off to others that their child has managed to get admission into a top institute. Hardly does any parent ask a child-‘What do you really want to do in life?’ Rather first he or she makes the decision and then instigates the child to follow the dictated path. Such forceful decisions can have serious negative repercussions on the child. He may fall into a state of depression if he does not like his college environment and in extreme cases may even commit suicide. Instead of forcing a child to do what we[the parents] want to do, rather we should let the child be independent from an early age onwards and let him take his own decision. Guidance must be provided but not at the cost of sacrificing the child’s passion. Forcing a child to become an Engineer or a Doctor against his/her will not make his life, rather it will break it.

Those were a few issues which many schools do not focus on. However I am optimistic in the sense that education can be made holistic and enjoyable for students, and hopefully we will see a positive change in future.


The rage and craze of the age

is  the   ‘Tech  Thingy’.
 Wireless generation, but wired and plugged,
engulfed, entrapped, enmeshed.
This “Tech Thingy”
that you adore and I abhor,
 has stunted human race,
 brainless brains and senseless senses,
an  island of  gizmos and gadgets.
This  “ Tech Thingy”
Is a craze for many.
You live in “Second Life”
with  "avatars for"  wife,
go ‘online’ for sources, resources and solace.
Reality is a haze and, you, dazed.
Humans, it seems, are twisted in the head
to think this “ Tech  Thingy”
Is ‘grooooovy’.

 Who cares for odds  n ends?
 Pre -snow, erupting volcano,
burning forests, sliding mountains ?
Who cares? Who cares?
This “Tech Thingy” 
Is devouring morality.

Sunita :)


Words, loving words
Of hope and promise
Are all they give her.
Like petals of flowers
Caressing her very core
Softly and gently,
She is carried away by them
To another world
Of dreams come true.
But they are just words
Trivial sweet nothings…

Words, compassionate words
Laced with sweet love, their words
Soothe and lull her
Gullible and believing heart.
 She is a princess
Loved and cherished,
Her soul soars to another realm
Of courage and honor,
Integrity and honesty.
But they are just words
Pitiable sweet nothings…

Words, eloquent poetic words
They all whisper to her.
She surrenders to them
Lost and hungry souls that they are...
They take her love to
Celebrate their life in its splendor
Find meaning to their
Mundane drudgery of a life.
She accepts every morsel
Believing every confession that pours forth.
But they are just words
Empty sweet nothings…                     


Metropolis, oh, what a bliss!
Those ‘neon’ flashes
are promises
of dreams dreamt
and aspirations achieved.

Yet, before you dare,
  A ‘lot’ happens ‘undercover’,
 you could be devoured by ‘insatiable’ hunger.

A multiplicity no doubt,
 breathtaking  cityscape
that makes you ‘gape’,
where millions throng
with hopes clung.
Yet, again,
Beauty is but skin deep,
Cut throat policy  and duplicity
Is behind that plasticity.

You’ll be intrigued
by  games  people play
in million ways
only to get you out of way!

Bruise. Tint. Truth.

In search of the whitest white, that could dazzle me of its bright.
The colour so pure, tinted itself bruising with the red,
broken heart I sit, searching for the dazzling ray of light.

Shallow height, shallow sight, shallow in the mind.
Shallow was the smile, shallow was the While, shallow was all..
Shallow was the call, nothing was as tall.. Its all in the mind.

The shallow within the white, the white within me,
the white tinted with shades of red in the course of time
while the soul cries deep down, you might see.

Within, is now shallow,
smiling at the white.
Lost its lustre..
weeping thus so quiet.

This is what I wrote a long ago in my blog. Many failed to understand. I feel I should explain it today, here, if not anywhere else. Today I stand eligible to explain this piece of mine.
I was in the search for myself, my wishes.. my expectations. As a guy who is always confused about what exactly he wants, I kept on relying on people I believed to be true... they were tall in my eyes. I could actually see myself, down the line... 5 years, successful, mature.. happy.
But what does happiness come with? How can I be happy with things, people I trust believes I shall be happy with? Circumstances moulded me to become gentle, obidient, efficient and loyal.. but directionless. Perhaps I cannot judge myself good, with all the directionlessness and perhaps all the possible good qualities that I could have imbibed. I started discovering myself.. I started searching for the whitest white. Slowly.. the tall peoples' tall claims appeared very shallow..emptying my mind, filling my eyes with an awestruck hopelessness. It was me who believed, it had been them who did good to me.. perhaps I was right, but that was definitely not what I wished to have.The Truth appeared/appears oblivion, while the red of cruelity.. the red of lustful passion did touch me, making me cry to the tunes that the Satan played. Within myself, is not the same person anymore. It is shallow, while the white, the true person has lost the mettle in him, weeping quietly remembering the directionlessness of his journey.


It was dark. Arpita was on her way back home. She was alone that scary night. The wind, that night was turbulent. It was a warning for the imminent storm. She knew it was unsafe to walk this isolated street at near midnight. But thanks to the scintillating shine of the full moon, that at least she could see her way. Now, a trouble lay ahead of her. The road now diverted into two. By which one shall she go??? 

The first one was the one she always chose to travel by but the other she had never even considered of taking. The other road was a shortcut but everyone avoided talking it. The path of this road was covered with overgrown grasses and mosses. The look gave a menacing feeling to the ones who even deem of walking on the path. This road had its path through the middle of a graveyard. The locals always said they heard daunting voices and screams form the graveyard during night. They considered it a junction for the demons, ghouls, witches and the spirits of the dead….

Arpita had to take her decision fast but that was not an easy job. She had never believed what people had said about the graveyard but what if they proved right…. what if the ghouls really came up to her and eat up her flesh…what if the witches turned her into one of them…what if…. no no she could not let all these eerie thoughts enter her mind. There had to be no place for such thoughts in her mind. Arpita shook her head to eradicate these sinister thoughts from here head, instead she thought of all the lovely happening of the day while talking small steps towards the graveyard…every step she took seemed as a step closer to death.

Arpita opened the gate of the graveyard and took the half lit lantern. As she walked a little forward the gate behind her slammed shut with a loud bang. Arpita stood where she was paralyzed with shock...waiting for some spirit to come for her and take away her life…But nothing happened...Atleast until then…she explained herself that the door slammed shut due to the rowdy wind blowing. She took a few more steps with her heart thumping hard on her chest. But then she alleged that she had seen someone behind the bushes. She looked out there but could not see anyone, was it… she shook her head again; maybe it was only that she had had many bad thoughts that’s why every movement seemed scary to her. Just then there was a strong lightning followed by violent thunder. Arpita screamed her lungs out. She was now trembling with fear. All she wanted to do was run as fast as she could to her home. Her safe home. Arpita kept on comforting herself that everything would be okay. Within some time she would be at home. By keeping this in mind she moved on but then she had the peculiar feeling of being watched.

“Who is there?” shouted Arpita. There was no reply. “Who’s there?” Again no reply.
Arpita had tears rolling down her cheeks. She was extremely terrified. Over her sobs she heard the laughter of someone, some child… The wind grew more and more fierce. There was no other sound except the blowing noise of the winds and the sobs of Arpita. And then Arpita’s lantern went of…OH NO!!! Now what will she do…Arpita had now lost all the hope of getting out of this graveyard safely…Her sobs grew louder. What would happen now??? She took a few steps forward and then there she had a glance at something eerie crawling towards HER. Lightening struck. She saw it. It was a GHOUL. How could this be possible? Now all the stories that had existed about the graveyard had turned true.
The ghoul was creepy. It had long ears and extensive eyes. From his mouth blood dripped. His color was grayish blue, EW!!! OH MY GOD!!!
Arpita bellow in horror. What was going to be of her??? She would be dead in few more minutes. She turned around and started to run to the entrance of the graveyard….and then OH GOD…She tripped!!! She tripped in front of a grave as she did her head up she saw a bloody hand raise up from the grave stone. Terrified Arpita quickly got up to her feet.
She began her run to the door again. Once more she heard, not only heard but also saw the spirits of two children laughing and playing. This graveyard was truly a junction of the supernatural and Arpita was going to be turned into one of them. While running Arpita saw a skull, A SKULL lying half hidden under the dry leaves. Far away somewhere, Arpita could hear the hoot of an owl. Arpita knew the demons were chasing her. She had to get out of here. She had to reach the entrance gate. She had to be quick as she could hear the rustling of leaves behind her which indicated the arrival of the demons.
Arpita’s heart was thrashing against her; it seeded as if it would just come out of her. What a pain it was! She wished she had never chosen this way. But what crying over spilt milk!
She could now see the entrance gate a few feet away from her. She tripped again!
This time she did not have the energy to get up quickly too. The demons were now at a foots distance from her. She got up. And tried to move but oh, She could not! The ghoul had had hold of her right foot. Arpita had been caught. She could not get out of the ghouls hold; it was too tight and painful. The other demons (zombies, spirits and more ghouls) came towards her. She was now in the middle of these dangerous creatures. They all were thirsty for her blood, for her life…Arpita Screamed an excruciating scream…

“Arpita, Arpita, wake up! Wake up darling!”
Arpita slowly opened up her eyes. She saw the ceiling above her and then her mother beside her. Arpita was over the moon when she saw this. She tightly embraced her mother into her arms.
“Arpita what’s wrong with you? A moment ago you were screaming that spine chilling scream and now you are smiling such a wide smile.” Said her mother and checked her temperature
“Oh ma! How was I saved?”
“Saved? Saved from what child?” asked her mother with a quizzical look.
“Saved from the demons mom.” Said Arpita. She too was confused by her mother’s behavior. 
“Oh child you surely had a bad dream yesterday the whole day you were with me.” Replied her mother laughing.
“What a dream?” said Arpita. Now her head was swirling around and round. How could she have imagined all this I all seemed so real? Oh god what was this!
Ha ha ha darling I have told you so many times don’t watch these stupid horror movies before going to sleep. See what this dream has done to you. You are sweating child.” Said her mother
This all had been a dream. Arpita wiped her forehead. It was atleast better than all this being real. Arpita took a deep sigh and made it a resolution never to watch horror movies again before going to sleep.

At the end of it


To you I was led by an unknown worship,
Bond with you through my prayer
You are not a dream as it may seem,
 God almighty for my worships, care.

My worship has with it
all the love, my devotion and the soul.
We two beads bond together by the feat,
You are the person, my worship and my goal.

The magicians' gift to my devotion,
Colours spilling magic all around.
It is you who is chosen,
It is you whom I have found.



I need to be told that I am loved. I may not be the perfect lover, I often say what is on my mind, I may be the one to start a fight, I may be possessive, and very often take time to understand things, I may be moody and childish, but please don't forget, I am faithful, I am trustworthy, and above all I love you from deep inside. 
In all these years, from years back, now and Forever! 

Sometimes I feel, like a I am a part of a jigsaw puzzle simply trying to figure out where I should place myself. I know life is not the fairy tale I imagined it to be. At least I am fortunate enough to have found love.  Yet, why do I feel it is slipping away from me? I don't want to be 'wanted', I want to be 'needed'. Am I asking for too much? Am I not capable of holding on to love when I know for sure I can give love? 

Without your love I feel like I am walking on life's road all alone and my life seems meaningless. Without your love I can only try to go back to the things I liked to do. But I can't because your thoughts haunt me day and night. After giving you MY all…..MY every thought…MY can I save myself from this ocean like loneliness..? 

Because I can't swim to save myself!!!!!

Alpana Jaiswal
Picture: Courtesy Google Images

We actually have a story!

This is my first post, so before I actually write anything worth suiting the blog.. I found out - we actually have a story!
We, not you.. not me alone. The concept of "we" have evolved over the years and with the popularity of social media, its no more "you", and definitely not "me".
We are here to write, to post stories.. to share our "own" stories.. in a way making "our" story. The success story of this blog, about being "us", of the use of social media and the society in large.

Social media in the last one and a half years, has taken our society by a storm, uplifting us to the level next. The level that considers shaking hands and hugging as offline..sharing files and status updates as online ! Innumerable tweetups , blogger meets in the country.. human networking at its best. The world had been a small place, internet made it smaller...we perhaps making it the smallest possible place to live it. Thats our story!

We are building our community.. our religion. The religion with perhaps two rituals - expression and popularising. This new religion of our smallest world is our story!

Our friendship, our collaboration... is our story...
Our individual posts, our shared stories... are just another story...
Well, We Have "A" Story !

We Have A Story

I love dogs but my son Ron goes one step ahead – he loves animals. He has been after me since we moved in with my mom, to get a dog. I even searched the net and found adorable pups to adopt but… I had many reasons not to…. We live with my mom who is not fond of dogs, I am at work, and Ron is in school all day so who will look after the pup? I have always had dogs because my father, who is no more, loved them. My dad, my brother and I being dog lovers always outvoted mom when it came to having one in the house.
Just as I was adamant about not having one now, Ron was equally dogged about having one. So one day in the dead of the night while I was sleeping, he heard this lost pup crying across the street. His soft heart couldn’t take it so he brought this poor little baby home. I woke with a start when I heard my son stealthily go to the kitchen to fetch milk for the pup. I didn’t have the heart to tell him to abandon the pup where he found it so we both got a shoe box with some old rags for it to spend the night downstairs, all the time dreading my mom’s reaction next morning. One thing I made it clear to my son that the dog cannot live in the house. Next morning with trepidation I told my mom the story and she very grudgingly accepted the fact that there was a dog to stay. So Scruffy that is his name given by Ron has become a part of our family, sometimes a joy, sometimes a menace…
I must have been about 17, almost Ron’s age now when I had the good fortune to experience something extraordinary with my dog Lassie. I had written about it a couple of years back and the article was also published in a magazine. I want to share it with you. My friend Sulekha and I go back a long way and she has read this article before. I hope you like reading it as much as it has given me pleasure to share it…

Once Chance In A Lifetime
My brother and I always aspired to be doctors. While he stuck to his goal to become one, I somewhere along the way gave up on it. It was mainly because of the frequent visitor that I was to hospitals, being accident prone. Every second month I would be dragged to the hospital for some stitch or the other! So my dream to become a doctor someday died as I grew up. But someone up there had heard my wish and I did get my one chance to don the mantle of a quack!

We had an Irish setter called Lassie, a ferocious bitch who guarded us with snarls and barks. Though a pure breed, she decided to fall in love with a handsome black Labrador (her neighbor) and start a family of her own. In her canine parlance he must been the ideal tall, dark and handsome guy she could have as her soul mate! It was the peak of summer and I remember all of us preparing her to bring her babies to this world. We did up her kennel which was in our garage (Mom had put her foot down about Lassie having her babies inside the house). Lassie may have appreciated all our earnest efforts but she was one stubborn bitch. She had already set her eyes on delivering her young ones inside the house and so it happened!

The big day came and she sneaked under our parent’s bed. The room was air-conditioned and she settled in there. Anybody, including my dad who tried to bring her out came face to face with bared teeth. Having no choice I crawled under the bed and kept vigil. She didn’t mind as she was comfortable with me. I will never forget that magical moment. Life of any kind is a miracle and to assist in bringing forth a life is a humbling experience. Lassie’s bag burst! And as she pushed, I watched with awe and pulled out one tiny wonder after another. There were six of them, blind as bats but struggling to move. Animals don’t have a doctor, a nurse or an attendant to clean up the mess after babies are born so God has taught them to clean up on their own. They eat their own placentas and lick their babies clean.
Lassie did just that while I watched dumbstruck. Once a mother, any species protect their little ones with an unmatched ferocity but I think for Lassie I became the trusted one.  She allowed me to carry her pups to the intended delivery room, closely following behind and it was here for the next one month I took on the role of a pediatrician, where no one dared venture near her or her pups, except for me.

Today Lassie is no more and all her little ones, I am sure are also grandparents, but I will always remember that special moment which she and I shared. My brother is the gynecologist in the family today and I am just an ordinary woman. While my brother experiences these magical moments everyday when he delivers human babies, I too can say that I got a chance once in this lifetime to experience one such magical moment because my Lassie had placed her trust in me.

Why a costly smile?

Dated 30th December, '09

Laziness ?? Is that it?? I will rather call it… a moment to think about yourself.. a moment to think about whats happening around you.. a silent date with yourself

Sitting beside the window of my room.. I can see a woman totally covered with a brownish shawl on the roof of the adjacent building…I can hear a metallic sound , dunno from what the sound is coming from…. I can feel the silent breeze tenderly touching me….

There’s a little sapling trying to show its face from under the ‘siltech water tank’ on the adjacent roof…its fighting hard for its existence in this material world…

A crow diving from the roof without the fear of falling….

"A sketch by me!"

We, the people… we have so many things… a house to stay inside… cloths to cover us… tv’s to watch .. phones to talk… & many more… but ‘they’ freeze in the cold.. they dont have tv’s to watch…not phones to talk.. but still there’s no sign of sorrow in there face… how can they be happy??

“Happiness lies in the way you want to see it”.. my date with myself left me with a smile in the face… I think i’m happy!! What about you?

[N.B- This is a page from my diary which I wanted to share with all of you]


If this was my last day on earth, how would I want to spend it?

‘The day which we fear as our last is but the birthday of eternity.’  Seneca
Okay, calm down, relax….let me drink some water….I would probably do this, if I survived the initial shock of this statement, after all who wants to die!! Then I will want to find out, is everybody in the world going to die in one day or is it just me? That might change a few things...Pray to go to heaven….if there is a place called heaven….or I will try to stop the earth from rotating... So that the next day never comes... lol!!
I might waste a lot of time wracking my brains, trying to find out how I should spend it…. I guess I would do everything humanly possible to make my last day the best! I will show my love to the ones, I care about the most so they remember me in a good way…. Spend most of it with my daughter….the only regrets I will have, of dying….making good long lasting memories…. would hold onto to her and never let go! Seriously, I would spend the whole time with my baby, squeezing her, and loving her along with my Mom, she has been my rock and I would tell her how much I love her, and how much I appreciate her. I would have to resolve everything and not hold back.
Gosh, if I was told this, I would spend most of it crying also, and holding on to my loved ones. The thought of only having one day to tell them everything I want them to know and remember would be so hard to do and the very thought of knowing that I would never see them and be with them again would be heartbreaking . I pray this never happens, I would rather not know I was dying then to have a time limit and wait with dread for this day to come.

The Power of Love

The things I have learned of love in life are endless. They seem unimportant until something happens to give the lesson due importance at a later stage in life.

I have learned that it is possible to separate from the person you truly deeply love and still remain connected forever, that too, not by making an effort at trying to forget but by acknowledging that such love and depth of feelings do exist for the person concerned. Then, no matter where you go, you never stop loving.

I have learned that a friend can turn into someone you love very much but to turn a lover into a friend never happens. It is utter stupidity.

I have learned that in matters of love it works out best when you give your all and not want anything in return. The grief is not there then. It is just an inner peace that comes with the realization that you have the right to fall in love with someone but no right is ever given to you to expect the person to love you as much and in the same manner.


As you gathered me in your gentle arms
The chaos that raged in me ceased….
Like the ebb of the tide
The tumultuous angry waves of my thoughts calmed.
Just you and that embrace
And my doubts and fears were laid to rest.
I was home again.
As you parted my hungry lips
My slumbering soul came alive…
You breathed life into me again

With those sensuous tender lips
And as I took in the nectar of our love
I was born again.
As you unfurled the petals of my being

I surrendered to our dance of ecstasy…
With our limbs intertwined
I danced in tune with your rhythmic body
And my heart soared with passion.
I was one with you again.
As we lay in each other’s arms
Spent and sated…
I etched the very essence of you in my heart
To walk me through the lost and lonely days
That would hound my emptiness.
Us, a memory once again.

Happy Valentine's Day To All My Friends

“Here is the deepest secret nobody knows.
 Here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
 And the sky of the sky of a tree called life;
 Which grows higher than soul can hope or mind can hide.
 And this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart.
 I carry your heart.
 I carry it in my heart.”

You've Touched My Heart

You've given me a reason
For smiling once again,
You've filled my life with peaceful dreams
and you've become my closest friend.

You've shared your heartfelt secrets
And your trust you've given me,
You showed me how to feel again
To laugh, and love, and see.

If life should end tomorrow
And from this world I should part,
I shall be forever young
For you have touched my heart.

Your Name
I wrote your name in the sky,
but the wind blew it away.
I wrote your name in the sand,
but the waves washed it away.
I wrote your name in my heart,
and forever it will stay.

- Jessica Blade -

Happy Valentine's Day

This post is dedicated to the people in Love
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