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Ask any woman who has a sister and she'll tell you that neither girlfriends nor husband-much as she adores them-can take the place of her sister. Who else has the same family history from the female perspective? Who else shares the same values and expectations, shaped since babyhood? Who else knows what's racing around in her head almost before she herself does…. No one, but her sister.
Every relationship is unique, and the bond between sisters is very special. Even if circumstances create distance in miles or emotions, sisters have a distinct capacity to regain the connection and kinship that defines what sisterhood really means. 
I am truly blessed with sisters who are like mother figures in my life. No matter what happens between us….we are close knit as a sorority of three, or as tumultuous as a tropical storm…we maintain a unique way of sharing and caring. They are my greatest source of emotional and practical support, I can always cry on their shoulders and at same time, socialize, party and shop. Of the many relationships I have in life, my affinity with my sisters is beautiful, stretching and bending through periods of closeness and distance, but never breaking. There are few emotional knots, which every other relationship might have….they are my girlfriends, rivals, shopping buddies, confidents, and so on. It’s as if I almost don't know who I am without asking who she is….It is like your sister is you and not you.

We have had to wade through pain, misunderstandings, bitterness and failures, to grow closer, become stronger and forge unbreakable bonds. My sisters love me straight from the heart, no matter how much we argue, we cannot be drawn apart. They are my very existence, which cannot be separated from me....ever since the day I have entered into their lives. 
People work at relationships with spouses, partners, and children, but they don’t always think they have to work on their relationships with their siblings, some sisters are fortunate, and they have an easy relationship. But for those who don’t, or when problems come up, they need to remember that every close attachment has conflicts. If they value the relationship, there’s a real incentive to work it out. I think sisters can make up, and they’re happier when they do…. It’s worth the effort.  
These funny, joyful, angry, painful and historic memories creates the foundation, solid or shaky on which relationships rests. We are linked by our past, our kinship and our intimate knowing of each other, all of which leads to our parents, for whom the bond between us is most important. Though I have put our relationship through cloudy days, you both have still stood by me through my trials and tests, reaching out to me always. My gratitude for you has no end, what you mean to me, is more than I can express. 
Over the years we have developed an affectionate critical support system in our present lives. I feel that my world has become a safer place because I know who to rely upon, in times of crisis. What sets us apart from others, is a very intimate meshing of hearts, souls and the mythical cords of memory. We have shared physical memories…watching each one grow, change, who is slimmer, who could eat without gaining an ounce, who is ageing better….Social memories…boyfriends, battle over clothes, shopping sprees, family outings. Emotional memories….heart felt advice, unquestioned loyalty, late night conversations, contemplating who was Papa’s girl or Mummy’s favourite, who got the most affection and who got rejected.

We three sisters, are in this world because of two wonderful people….Mummy and Papa….to whom we owe our strong family values. I love you both and I know I am loved by you. We are not always together, but are in each others hearts…we have gone through all kinds of troubles…which never seem to leave us, but somehow we have made it. I have been blessed to have such a great family support system, or else I would have given up a long time back. This is a small way of showing you both, what you mean to me….I may have become a loner, but believe me, today I need you more than ever....I feel I am  a child, starting my life all over again, and who better can help me grow other than you two.... I can’t think of living my life without you.

To the outside world we all grow old. But not to brothers and sisters.  We know each other as we always were. We know each other's hearts.  We share private family jokes.  We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys.  We live outside the touch of time.  ~Clara Ortega

When I wrote this post,I never in my wildest dreams thought that my sister will not be with I can never ever associate her with someone from the past,she is here with and always.

Anila said...

Alpu, this is the biggest gift u have ever given me...I always knew that I had a special place in your heart....but this has really made me sob....I will always be there for you no matter what....I wish you world of happiness.....I love you tons!!!

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19 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. Actually siblings are the gift,God gives to say that you are special.

  2. Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of. You know whatever you do, they'll still be there. ~Amy Li

    Sisters are blossoms in the garden of life.

    Her place will always remain special in your life Alpana.No one can ever take her place.

  3. Alpana, your sister will always be with you and love you just the same. See her with your heart God bless

  4. Feeling shortage of words to comment on such an sensitive post,pardon Alpana,

  5. Thank you Alpu Mausi.

  6. My heart breaks with your pain but rejoices with the relationship you shared with your sisters. God Bless her & you

  7. she will be there for u always,believe me when i say so.

  8. Sisters...may you always have the strenght to spread love and happiness.

  9. You break my heart with your sensitivity.

  10. You are different,special,wish I could be with you,and your article..You are too comparison.

  11. Oh Alpu your post makes my heart ache!! I know what a sister can I mean, I cant imagine my life without mine. I understand your pain, and wish I could do something about it. God bless Anila's soul. I'm sure she's at peace wherever she is....hugs

  12. U r lucky Alpana... u were blessed with the gifts of sisters....

  13. sister are indeed ur best pals!!! I hv two lovely sisters who mean the world to me!! Ur loss is a great loss indeed and pray to god to give the strength to be strong

  14. she is always there with you. may her soul rest in peace

  15. So beautifully stated. I have three sisters and love them each fiercely. I'm glad your lovely sister was able to know how you felt. My heart aches for your loss. Peace and comfort to you, Alpana.

  16. Aloana,
    Such a blessing to have a sisters love.
    I'm sorry for your pain.

  17. Dear Alpana I can feel your pain and loss. I too have a sister and I love her dearly. But I know you are strong and will cherish Anila in your heart. She will live in your heart and your memories always. Love you


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