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Should Love Be Unconditional?

I Love You, the three magic words that changes everything in one's life. When we say,"I Love You" to someone, we make a silent promise to them that no matter what happens, I will love you always. But the problem is how many of us keep that promise? Something that's very easy, to make a promise, but when it comes to keeping them, most of us fail. In today's world, cheating in love is not uncommon. It has happened time and again, and is very much prevalent in the type of society, we live in today….where falling in and out of love, is the most common thing going around. But there are people who truly keep their promise of being together always.

In Love, the most important factor to me is honesty from both sides. Couples should be faithful to each other. The very base of LOVE is to only LOVE without conditions. If there is a condition attached to it, then it's a deal, not LOVE.

Love is something very precious and priceless. You can't measure LOVE, you can't weigh LOVE and also you can't hold LOVE.....still LOVE acquires the biggest part of your life. You can't love someone a little bit. Either you can love someone or you can hate. You need to decide this initially, whether you really love the person or not, anything in between is a mere confusion. If you are still confused, then it's not the right time to take further steps, till you finally get it right. I have seen people falling in love in just one or two meetings, and they are successful as a couple today, and I have also seen the opposite happening. It depends on you and your decision. How clear are you about the relationship you are about to begin? The people who failed as a couple are the ones who never understood each other. They are the ones who were just physically attracted towards each other. There’s a small difference between LOVE and Attraction. If you really LOVE someone, then your LOVE will only grow with time, but if its attraction then things start changing when attraction is over. So before one starts any relationship, it is good to get the idea clear and avoid unpleasant situations in life.

"Don’t say you love me unless you really mean it, because I might do something crazy like believe it."

When you REMOVE tenderness, sweet talks, dreamy looks, great expectations, impossible achievements, romance, dates, cute fights, respect, jealousy and commitment from a relationship. You ADD pain, wounds,time that passes alone, loss of some dear ones, limits to be bared, bad reputations, gossiping behind your back, dignity, betrayal, unfaithful attitude,lies, space ,unkeen behavior to it....and you find out that you still CARE about that person.....That is called LOVE!!!!

“Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.”

“Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself. To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night. To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving.”--Khalil Gibran

As Valentines Day is near, I wish every love story that begins this day, becomes one to last a lifetime.

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Abhisek Panda
About the Author :
He loves challenging the concepts of others & that invariably leads him to create his own ideas and to pioneer new lines of thought.He Writes about Film,Art,Poetry,Stories and Personal views on things that matter.A Filmmaker,a Photographer,a CG Artist,a writer and Blogger.Music and Book Lover, curious about web design and development.He is the founder of "WE HAVE A STORY" and many other blogs and websites.

24 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. “I don't pretend to know what love is for everyone, but I can tell you what it is for me; love is knowing all about someone, and still wanting to be with them more than any other person, love is trusting them enough to tell them everything about yourself, including the things you might be ashamed of, love is feeling comfortable and safe with someone, but still getting weak knees when they walk into a room and smile at you....
    Beautiful and very honest..there is no point having false illusions about being in only gives you pain..and you can write Abhi..

  2. Love... a tricky one. Love changes with time and age and circumstance. Love should be where one can feel or be themselves despite what the other person wants or needs form them.
    A love where one is not inferior or superior to another but able to be themselves.....

  3. I have loved many times. I have to agree with Savira, it does change as we all change through life

    nicely written
    Cheers A

  4. Very nice post...liked your approach to love.

  5. Great post :) i've also promised my love to someone and i hope i will keep that forever :)

  6. Liked it a lot...

  7. Though I am too young to understand Mom says you are you must be..

  8. Nice post..will share it with my friends.

  9. I think there is a big difference between 'loving someone' and 'being in love'. I have so much love for all the people in my life and would do just about anything for them. They are important to me and I want to be there for them. But, I am in love with my husband. This is a different kind of love. God made each of us such a unique character, and capable of having different levels of love.
    I am older now and I hear my son of 15 yrs. say to me "oh man, I love her!". Our family is very close and we talk openly. I take every opportunity I can to make sure that my children learn not to take that word, love, too easily. That it comes with great expectations and to be careful in how they use it and be sure that when they do use the word 'love' that they are committed to include the whole package.

  10. I agree with Mary regarding the "love" vs "in love" aspect of this whole thing.

    I would also take slight issue with the statement "Either you can love someone or you can hate," though I may be misunderstanding you. There is certainly room between the two extremes.

    Maybe it's semantics.

    But whole-heartedly agree with the rest of the post!

  11. @Alpana Thanks and yes I agree with you
    @Savy I agree with you too "A love where one is not inferior or superior to another but able to be themselves"
    @AG Thanks
    @Anila Thanks
    @Mihai Thanks
    @Avantika Thanks
    @Aishani Your mom is much better a writer and a person than me dear
    @Hansika Thanks
    @Mary You sound like a great mother
    @Dave Thanks

    Thanks to everyone who commented.......I respect all your feelings and thoughts.

  12. Absolutely agree with your viewpoints

  13. Unconditional love - is the only love for sure. But there are many many gray parts i think - between hate and love - they are not love for sure but neither hate... However love itself definitely is pure and unconditional - the rest are "deals". Enjoyed reading your post Abhishek : )

  14. I love this article Abhi.For me yes love should be unconditional.I love every line you wrote and the first photograph is so so romantic.muaaaaah

  15. Love is not love if it has conditions attached , If you love a person, and that person doesn't reciprocate your love,will you stop loving him/her? Love is just love,pure and simple. Great post.

  16. In true love, there is no mountain too high to climb.
    No river too wide to cross.
    And most of all,
    in TRUE love there are no ends..

  17. To me love is being together 24 years and looking across the room and seeing that you both have aged but you love each other even more then when you first declared your love. Even with the arguments, the trials and tribulations of life, the hurt and the pain you still look at each other and feel good

  18. sancheeta biswasMarch 25, 2011 8:08 PM

    a very practical way of depicting love in life. i loved to read your post. an exact reasoning of love differentiated by attraction. your views match mine. still at times conditions hamper the progress and you go helpless. u still cant stop loving inspite of everything and you bleed and your emotions rupture.

  19. Unconditional love is not an illusion but it is also not for everyone. The faint-hearted have no business laying a claim to this state of total surrender and unparalleled bliss. There is a fine line dividing love and hate. You are either in love or not, there is no middle ground here. Accepting the one you love in totality is unconditional love. You love him and that gives you happiness whether he reciprocates it or not shouldn't be a bone of contention between you two. If he does, great and if he doesn't you don't start hating him, then its a negotiation and not love. Be happy that you can love someone so completely.
    Great post...

    1. Thanks for reading and leaving your views. :)

  20. I am in love and I have become love!

  21. Thank you my love story started on Valentine's Day and will be 25 years old this year. Unconditional love only works if it is unconditional for both people!!!

    1. Thanks Mr.Brandano,after a long time.Yes I agree with your views..I have to.25 years is a long time and I am really honored to have received a comment from someone who knows the true meaning of Love.


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