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The rage and craze of the age

is  the   ‘Tech  Thingy’.
 Wireless generation, but wired and plugged,
engulfed, entrapped, enmeshed.
This “Tech Thingy”
that you adore and I abhor,
 has stunted human race,
 brainless brains and senseless senses,
an  island of  gizmos and gadgets.
This  “ Tech Thingy”
Is a craze for many.
You live in “Second Life”
with  "avatars for"  wife,
go ‘online’ for sources, resources and solace.
Reality is a haze and, you, dazed.
Humans, it seems, are twisted in the head
to think this “ Tech  Thingy”
Is ‘grooooovy’.

 Who cares for odds  n ends?
 Pre -snow, erupting volcano,
burning forests, sliding mountains ?
Who cares? Who cares?
This “Tech Thingy” 
Is devouring morality.

Sunita :)

3 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. we are inside this civilisation. We must only think: let us give back to Cesar what belongs to Cesar, and to God what belongs to God"!


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