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Words, loving words
Of hope and promise
Are all they give her.
Like petals of flowers
Caressing her very core
Softly and gently,
She is carried away by them
To another world
Of dreams come true.
But they are just words
Trivial sweet nothings…

Words, compassionate words
Laced with sweet love, their words
Soothe and lull her
Gullible and believing heart.
 She is a princess
Loved and cherished,
Her soul soars to another realm
Of courage and honor,
Integrity and honesty.
But they are just words
Pitiable sweet nothings…

Words, eloquent poetic words
They all whisper to her.
She surrenders to them
Lost and hungry souls that they are...
They take her love to
Celebrate their life in its splendor
Find meaning to their
Mundane drudgery of a life.
She accepts every morsel
Believing every confession that pours forth.
But they are just words
Empty sweet nothings…                     

10 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. Rimly,you make me cry with your words..why do I place myself there..its simply you.

  2. "Lost and hungry souls that they are...
    They take her love to
    Celebrate their life in its splendor"
    I am your fan now!

  3. Rimly, love your beautiful words and feel sad with you when you are hurt.Lovely poem.

  4. They may be just words but they are pretty perfect in their formation

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Simply beautiful...Liked it :D

  7. it is a gift to be able to move people with your words.. You have that gift. Excellent


  8. Soooooo beautifuly expressed and touching...
    I felt in luv with it...

  9. Your words are lovely though RImly - they hit the chords every time. Beautiful...


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