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Ignorant simplicity

Happiness unbound in my moves,
    In my soul, my freedom lies...
Songs of happiness  takes me high,
    Dreams alive in my eyes.

I am the ruler of my world,
   My world lies within the horizon...
Turmoils touch me not, worries stay away,
   Happy as I am, Worlds' ignorant son. 

Photograph:  ©
Place: Gaurdaho, West Bengal.
Photographer: Anirban Saha.
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14 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. Energetic poem......feels like sunshine.....and nice snap Anirban :D

  2. Thank you panda-da!
    This picture was taken at gaurdaho, a village in west bengal. Had huge fun... rain danced with the village kids, missed the train, was all mud till the knees! Got badly scolded by mom for muddy jeans! :D

  3. pic ta really awsm hoia che dada, & the poem is also gr8 as always............

  4. beautiful picture...and a wonderful poem to go with it...superlike!!!!

  5. I like to be a free spirit. Some don't like that, but that's the way I am.
    ... amazing.. perfect lines with the perfect picture.. :)

  6. Nice click Ani ji.

  7. Strong vibes of positivity...the snap just fits in perfectly.

  8. carefree n happy....short but conveys lot of the optimism in u..the belief in urself..
    loved it..

  9. Thought I commented already?? I love the image you captured their joy which is what any photographer would want to do...I'm following

  10. Free spirits, not a care in the world, that's how we all long to be.Lovely poem and picture, thanks.

  11. Dekho ki probol uchchhas, praner joyare vaschhe ora.. E hashi badhvanga hashi, e anondo sukh dukkher theke onek onek upore..ekta kotha mone koriye dey, jara bachte jane, tara kono bilashita charai nijer bachar sombol tuku khuje nei, ar tara sob dukkho k nakoch kore haste haste bole jay "dekho, amra pran khule bajte jani"

  12. I now get to see the other side of you..liked it...both.


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