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The coloured ones...

The colourful ones...
someones aspiration.. 
while the others' envy.

Photograph:  ©
Place: West Bengal Handicraft Exhibition- Sale, Milan Mela Prangan, Kolkata.
Photographer: Anirban Saha.
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7 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. interesting use of selective focus

  2. power of focus!!

  3. Excellent use of focus.....nice photography Anirban :D

  4. Thank you... no one saw the caption :(

  5. A gentle tone rings as a small note falls
    They all stare amazed at the sounds they get
    Each note shows beauty, like a sound that calls...

    For some, the colour causes pain, getting too bright,
    For a few its a glow, never ending throughout the night..

  6. beautiful...real..and as usual..showing that u excel in everything u do.


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