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I need to be told that I am loved. I may not be the perfect lover, I often say what is on my mind, I may be the one to start a fight, I may be possessive, and very often take time to understand things, I may be moody and childish, but please don't forget, I am faithful, I am trustworthy, and above all I love you from deep inside. 
In all these years, from years back, now and Forever! 

Sometimes I feel, like a I am a part of a jigsaw puzzle simply trying to figure out where I should place myself. I know life is not the fairy tale I imagined it to be. At least I am fortunate enough to have found love.  Yet, why do I feel it is slipping away from me? I don't want to be 'wanted', I want to be 'needed'. Am I asking for too much? Am I not capable of holding on to love when I know for sure I can give love? 

Without your love I feel like I am walking on life's road all alone and my life seems meaningless. Without your love I can only try to go back to the things I liked to do. But I can't because your thoughts haunt me day and night. After giving you MY all…..MY every thought…MY can I save myself from this ocean like loneliness..? 

Because I can't swim to save myself!!!!!

Alpana Jaiswal
Picture: Courtesy Google Images

29 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. You are THERE...where no one can reach....SUPERB...

  2. Just what I feel and you have written about it. Loved it.

  3. My you.

  4. Its love and only love...loved it.

  5. Beautifully written...who is for...I am jealous...

  6. Not commenting here on the content as its personal and will tell you when we talk...but yes as always you come across very clearly in your writings...

  7. not asking for to much at all
    Glad your ok

  8. Love..a divine gift..shower from heaven. Love in its all forms guides us all the way.Trust,believe,depend
    on this divine gift

  9. Lovely, Alpana. Keep writing and expressing yourself.

  10. pieces dont place itself in the bigger picture. let the player do it ;)

  11. Everyone needs to be told...and you are you..THE BEST..and will remain so.

  12. It's a hole needing to be filled....but we look for it in all the wrong places ..all the wrong people..because it shouldn't be from a place or a comes from something bigger....we deserve to be loved..we are all worthy...As always...XOXOXO

  13. intense...vivid...beautiful words so full of feelings love...we need to be loved and to love somebody special....thanks for writing it
    Love u ♥♥

  14. Love is to never ask for it.. yet love first

    Cheers A

  15. Everyone needs to be told they are loved.....everyone deserves to be loved.....there's nothing wrong in needing love and asking for it.Nice post.

  16. you are only human...being loved is a natural part of humanity and obtaining it makes you feel full and satisfied....

  17. how love u..

  18. Your words leave me spell fascinate me..your eyes speak of love...what are you?

  19. You are always a giver Alpu Mausi..and that is what makes you so special..its so it..

  20. Alpana, I cant begin to tell how much I feel the pain. I swallow my tears to look strong, and by doing that I let my soul drown within me. "When I die, bury me in your heart" said my Love to me.
    "Why? I thought you lived happy in there already" I asked.
    "No I'd rather die than live with your love" replied My Love painfully.
    My heart stopped beating... Should I die too for a dying love or Could I live with a dead heart?

  21. @Sheba..I knew you will understand,its like looking at my mirror,and my mirror is saying that I am not looking good...need to make changes...don't you think so..its just not happening,how much more...I will go on...

  22. Very nice Alpu....I guess we women are all so insecure. Love will prevail....hugs

  23. So touching..and real...

  24. Beautiful post Alpana, but I just want to say that, once you've experienced real love then you are never alone, your love is in your heart and on your mind, in your smile and everything around you. Love envelops you like a warm blanket and doesn't let the chill of loneliness reach you.

  25. ♥♥♥The more you are writing the more I am falling in Love with you.Don't stop let the love flow.♥♥♥

  26. yes Alpana. I lost myself... I donno who I am... cos I cant find my mirror. Sad but True!!!

  27. @Avantika: My God..thank u....
    @Rimly: We are soul sisters..
    @Rohan: Thank you.
    @Andrew: You are a sensitive,you know where I come from.
    @Satwinder: Than you.
    @Nihar: Thank you,and for whom..keep guessing.
    @Priyashmita: I am so happy to have found you..we will remain friends.
    @Jim: Thanks.
    @Nirupam: I know what love means..thank you.
    @Sweepyjean: Thank you.
    @Anirban: I have a lot to learn from you.
    @Aniladi: Thank you.
    @Bongo: I can totally relate to what you are saying..thank you.
    @Maria: Love you always..
    @AG: Maybe..
    @Abhisek: Thank you..wish everyone could understand this.
    @Monica: You are right.
    @Aishani: Love u sweetheart.
    @Admirer: Thank you...and people who know me...know what I am.
    @Hansika: Thank you.
    @Swati: You are right..Men know how to do this..thank you.

  28. @Vishal: Thank you.
    @@Sulekha: Thank you..and yes what you have said is true.
    @Aditya: I am flattered.
    @Sheba: Don't do this,my heart cries out for you..because I know the pain.


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