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Silence clasped us for a moment. I was sitting on the bench fully addled. I just couldn’t believe that she was in front of me, smiling at me. It was after two years I saw her standing before me with the same smile that made all my worries vanish in a split of a second. Her brown eyes weren't really looking at me. I thought she tried to avoid eye-contact with me.
“Is this a dream?” I asked myself pinching my hand
Her black hair was cropped short just up to her shoulders and her brown eyes were now staring at me. I thought she hasn’t changed a lot
I was bombarded myself with a jelly of questions.
Is that Janu who is standing before me? Did she come for me? What made her come to me again? Does she still love me? Still hate me? Did everyone else know that she was coming back except me since I'm always the last one to find out?
There were times when loneliness harassed me where ever I go. There were times when Silence engulfed me though I was in middle of the central plaza. There had always been a feckless debate between my heart and mind & mind winning over my broken heart consoling it in every possible way. There were times when I tried hard to forget her but left with much more pain.
“What has she done to me?” I asked myself. Everything seemed to be perfect and complete.
"Manu, How are you?
My eyes slightly widened with surprise. My Heart raced faster than I could count. I just couldn’t take my eyes of her. Once again, she swept me of my feet. I thought of hugging her and kissing her. I felt it would not make sense either way.
“Let me know if I had a second chance” I mumbled
"Come on. It was since a long time I had seen you, and you're just sitting there, staring at me. Don't I at least deserve a hug?" Her voice was light and teasing as she stretched out her slender arms, beckoning a hug.
I was a bit shocked. I wasn't exactly sure if she was talking to me. I was dumbstruck. My lips went in silence. I was still wondering if this was real.
"Psh," she replied as she smiled and she rushed over to me and threw her arms around my neck. I was taken aback by surprise so I stagger back a bit, my eyes blinking rapidly in slight confusion as she continued to hug me tightly. Her hug caught me by surprise as her hair brushed against my cheek. I could smell the perfume that made me intoxicating. I had this mild sensation running all through my body
I then looked into her brown eyes which reassured me that she would be mine forever. I gave her a smile. I couldn’t speak a word and I was totally lost in her warm hug. She rested her head on my chest and I closed my arms around her.
Silence took its charge again…
“I never want to let you go” I whispered in her ears.
“Then I never want to leave you” She said as she smiled.
I just was unable to control myself. Emotions started playing their game. All of a sudden I kissed her gently holding her as if I never want her to go away from me.
I broke the kiss. She’s still in my arms. I thought if she could hear my heart beating fast and rapid.
“Could I have this kiss forever” I Whispered and all of a sudden she pulled me back in and we kissed again.
“I love you” I whispered again.
She smiled at me followed by another period of silence. This was the first time I felt silence as the best way of communication. She’s killing me slowly.
“Is this a dream” I mumbled
“I hope this shouldn’t be a dream” She said looking into my eyes
“Kiss me again” She whispered and we kissed again.
We sat on the bench. I rested my head on her shoulder. It felt so nice that even words could fall short if I start describing the moment.
“Why is your heart beating so fast?” she asked
“Darling, some special things make my heart beat faster and you are my special thing” I said.
“So, It’s over and I’m Back with you now” She said as she smiled.
“No, It’s not over until I hear saying you I Love You” I said looking into her eyes.
She again smiled and again she swept me of my feet…


9 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. "After all, what was more important, in the end, than love?"
    Stephenie Meyer
    Loved your post,as anything related to romance,touches me...first of all welcome to WE HAVE A STORY,I am sure that we will make this place a memorable one as one big blogging family.

  2. Excellent story Manu.......I enjoyed reading it :D

  3. Exciting story, but it ends as though there is going to be a 'but...'
    Can't wait to read what happens from here.

  4. @ Alapana : Thank you and we'll do that
    @ Abhi : Thank you
    @ Mary : Thanks for stopping by. But this is not a story and its the end...

  5. L ikie love stories. Yours is lovely.

  6. I'm so sentimental today, this does not help me but on the upside it means your writing is effective. What do you mean this is not a story? is it true?

  7. Like SJ, I'm waiting to know if it's true....??

  8. @ Pascal : thanks a lot for stopping by and leaving me a comment

  9. @ SJ : Thanks for your comments on my post

    @ Corinne Rodrigues : Thanks for stopping by.

    @ SJ & Corinne : This is partly true story and partly fictional based on my Emotions and feelings towards my girlfriend


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