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As you gathered me in your gentle arms
The chaos that raged in me ceased….
Like the ebb of the tide
The tumultuous angry waves of my thoughts calmed.
Just you and that embrace
And my doubts and fears were laid to rest.
I was home again.
As you parted my hungry lips
My slumbering soul came alive…
You breathed life into me again

With those sensuous tender lips
And as I took in the nectar of our love
I was born again.
As you unfurled the petals of my being

I surrendered to our dance of ecstasy…
With our limbs intertwined
I danced in tune with your rhythmic body
And my heart soared with passion.
I was one with you again.
As we lay in each other’s arms
Spent and sated…
I etched the very essence of you in my heart
To walk me through the lost and lonely days
That would hound my emptiness.
Us, a memory once again.

8 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. Nice sentiments..Who wouldn't love having this written especially for them. Love!

  2. tugging at the heart, scorching the soul kind of poem. loved it Rims and love you too.

  3. I love this one a die hard romantic person...wish it could happen with me. Thank you so much for coming here..and welcome to "WE HAVE A STORY"...looking forward to your next.

  4. I really loved it..its beautiful.

  5. Thanks Alpana for encouraging to post my poem here.Thank you everyone for your lovely comments

  6. Great post..really romantic..written very well

  7. You are just fabulous RImly - the unmatched intensity in your articles is so so heartfelt - it moves one to no end - Love it!!!

  8. You know, it may sound funny to most but, this reminds me of how I felt when I asked Jesus to become Lord of my life! I was so loved by Him and He loves me just as much as He did back then. This writing, makes me feel even more love today. Thanks for sharing Alpana!


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