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The best moment..

Bhai* was tossing on his bed, sleepless, talking to someone over phone. My sleep was interrupted. I was thoughtful, not to disturb him in his talks, I pretended to be asleep. Then I made the bold move.. got up..and shot my question:
"Eh Bhai*, you in love?"

Awestruck that he sat up, his face all red..His expressionlessness turned to a blushing smile to the affirmative, making me one of the happiest elder brothers' in the world.

His only words of protest, of my intrusion into his privacy were "Go to sleep".. that too on an extremely shy, embarrassed and a lil afraid note!

*Bhai in my mother tongue Bengali, means younger brother.

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  1. nirmalya senguptaFebruary 26, 2011 8:19 PM

    hehehehe.... pyaar main kabhi kabhi aisa ho jaata hai.. neend udd jaati hai chaiin kho jaata hai.....

    nice one loved it bro... :)

  2. really nice...especially the blushing answers...sumtyms answers are really not smile is enuff to make it understand.. :) :) :)
    Good one bro...keep it up.. :) :) :)

  3. cute..
    love is in the air...!

  4. thts soo sweet !!! well expressed must say !! supalyk it !

  5. Thank you.. if it reads so sweet, then you can imagine how sweeter the entire incidence must have been #live!

  6. Nice...i can realise the situation well.

  7. Ohh..very cute!!
    Sometimes one's smile says everything without words!

    First time here on your blog!

    Keep writing!!

    Check my blog!


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