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Mr. AP Sharma didn’t let his voice go low ever, even when his hands were busy in labeling the plant cell organelle. He was discussing the functioning of each component of cell in his biology class.

“Students! The study about cells was developed gradually, with every upcoming small development. And these developments resulted due to talented foreign scientists”, the teacher went on.

“1665, Robert Hooke, first discovered the cell. 1676, Anton van Leeuwenhoek, provided further evidence of cells. 1838, the German biologists Schleiden and Schwann advanced the idea that all organisms are made of cells. 1859, German physician and biologist Rudolph Vichow stated that all cells divide and that is how new cells are made.”

2011 and the Kolaveri Phenomenon

Okay so 2011 is drawing to a close. 2011 was an extraordinary year in the history of India. So many achievements to boast about, a dozen scandals and scams to spoil India's reputation and what not! But the biggest of all was a song that shook the masses. Yeah, you guessed it right. "Why this Kolaveri di" is THE song on everyone's lips. So, here's a look at eleven major events of 2011, in a very very kolaveri way.....!!!!

Helping Hands are Better than Praying Lips

Sometimes people say that they really want to help the needy,and that's it.If you really want to help then go and help.The question is who or what is stopping you from helping them.Don't tell me that it's because of your family problems that you can't manage to help others,that's a big joke.You and your family already have a lot more than you actually need.So go out and help others when you can,I know most of you will.

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