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One of the major and frequently asked questions by an employer during the interview is: "Do you have work experience?" This is that one important question that will determine your destiny. In today's corporate world, having prior work experience will give you a big edge over the other candidates during interview. So, the next question, where do we gain that experience? A student's schedule is always packed, with semesters, assignments, seminars, extra and co-curricular activities, College culturals etc etc. Now comes the magic word "Internships". So what is an Internship?

Music Mania

For all music maniacs out there, here is some good news! Chennai's Little Babooshka's Grind(LBG), an Indie rock band has been selected to represent the south for the Ray Ban Never Hide Sounds Contest on the 4th of December. LBG is Chennai's most popular rock band, consisting of three brothers (Arjun, Avneet and Aum Janakiram), Maynard and Praveen Hiendrich. Formed in 1999, LBG has two albums to it's credit. In 2011, when the Ray Ban Never Hide Sounds contest took place, LBG emerged as one of the finalists, after so many auditions. The LBG has been voted for it's single "Big Words" and is gonna perform in the grand finale of Ray Ban. This is a huge achievement,

Freedom is in the words of a poet

Freedom is in a bird soaring high
For it can dare to claim sky its own
And flip its open wings in joyous flight.

Freedom is in a droplet of water
For it can dissolve in the grand ocean
And never worry about drying up.

Don't take Cides!

"Did you here the news?" Malini burst into the Dorm. She was panting. 

"Wassup? Anything wrong?" Shobana asked anxiously. She got up from the chair and went to her.

The Prisoner

Behind the dark walls
His past life awaits him.
Of murder and of theft
He was convicted
Age; young and ignorant
Led its triumph but behind the bars
Of failure, torment and prison.
For years, in the company of saddened self
He mourn’d, lament’d and cried
Of the freedom he dreamt
Behind the walls he couldn’t climb.
But time fled
And wrinkles got crowded
Prisoners came and went
Yet, chains ‘ve not loosen’d him
But sad was he for his inmates

Right> RIght? rIGHt? OH NOW it's RIGHT!

The Left Red Riding hood of my state has seen his last days gathering the Right moss- a bit of colour correction and some more objectivity added to it. Let’s say- the some Indianite Wordsworth gave birth to some impulses and the lady heralded the big bang fall. Its big cousin the Theory is still proving its point in the urn of atomic projects. Yet are we aware of Right?

The smart kid with peppy chartbuster whispering through his tiny throat still wakes up five at the morning- sorry the alarm clock is either replaced by a howling employer or more so “who-needs-yelling-when-we-get –things-done-by-kicking” care taker. Nope, that half tooth broken son of some forgotten mother, still takes a quick look when the school bus packed with peppy chartbuster mismatched singers pass by sharp at nine. And only the black eyed dog of the neighbourhood notices the yearning in those tea serving eyes.

Why Should I Feel this Guilt?

Hello again, I know it's been a while, but I wanted to share a story with you, well actually not a story but thoughts..... Today I will lead you down the path of love, love lost, and the guilt of moving on.

Love walks in and our world changes in many ways, the colors surrounding us appear to be more vivid, our sense of taste, touch and smell awakes, our heart seems to have a mind of it's own and becomes untamed, uncontrollable. We laugh, cry, we feel joy and pain all at the same time. Falling in love takes time, it develops, evolves and turns into something so powerful, that when we find love it's probably one of the hardest things to let go of.

Even when we think we've found the "love of a lifetime" sometimes it just ends. Sometimes we are forced to let go, and move on. I say forced because sometimes we are still madly in love, while 'the love of a lifetime' feels the need to move on. There are two roles being played in moving past 'the love of a lifetime', the role of the one still hanging on and the role of the one that wants to let go. I believe neither role is an easy role to play. 

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