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Freedom is in the words of a poet

Freedom is in a bird soaring high
For it can dare to claim sky its own
And flip its open wings in joyous flight.

Freedom is in a droplet of water
For it can dissolve in the grand ocean
And never worry about drying up.

Freedom is in the wind
For it can dissolve in thin air
And whistle around hills and vales the songs of freedom.

Freedom is in the death
For it liberates one from the burden of life
And grave sleeps never to be worried by worldly sorrows. 

Freedom is in the poet's words
For poet can breathe the thousand lives 
And bask in the glory of freedom castled in between the lines.

6 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. It didn't rhyme.. but its feels so good and sounds so good when you read it... keep it up

  2. I loved the last lines...Freedom is in poet's words..<3


  3. last 2 paragraphs...beautiful and intense

  4. A nice poem about freedom, and all that rhymes always is not poetry :)

  5. Hello.
    Nice imagery & flow.
    As a poet, when we write, we can escape to places unknown within our yes, I fully understand the freedom I can get from words.

    One final thought, poetry does not have to rhyme, it doesn't even need to be understood...poetry is about expression & evoking emotions in the reader.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn

  6. A really beautiful poem! every image is so apt!


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