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Music Mania

For all music maniacs out there, here is some good news! Chennai's Little Babooshka's Grind(LBG), an Indie rock band has been selected to represent the south for the Ray Ban Never Hide Sounds Contest on the 4th of December. LBG is Chennai's most popular rock band, consisting of three brothers (Arjun, Avneet and Aum Janakiram), Maynard and Praveen Hiendrich. Formed in 1999, LBG has two albums to it's credit. In 2011, when the Ray Ban Never Hide Sounds contest took place, LBG emerged as one of the finalists, after so many auditions. The LBG has been voted for it's single "Big Words" and is gonna perform in the grand finale of Ray Ban. This is a huge achievement, considering the fact that around 180 bands participated, out of which five bands(including LBG) have been selected by the jury and popular voting.  LBG will also be collaborating with popular actor/VJ/Singer Luke Kenny on a song for Ray Ban.  The grand finale of Ray Ban is on December 4 at Bandra Fort Amphitheater, Mumbai. So, don't forget to catch up with LBG's live performance on Dec 4. The other upcoming shows of LBG are given below! Check them out!

  • Performing an unplugged set on a new show from Chennai 194.8 FM called "Out of the Box" with Rohan Sen on December 16th. Timings- 5 to 6pm.
  • Performing at Fusion 9, Chennai on December 23rd.

So, music aficionados, do attend the LBG shows ! A wonderful evening is guaranteed! 

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  1. Music is something that adds life to life.Will try to catch up with the live performance in Mumbai.

  2. Thanks for the mention! Do check out latest updates on the facebook fan page


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