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Don't take Cides!

"Did you here the news?" Malini burst into the Dorm. She was panting. 

"Wassup? Anything wrong?" Shobana asked anxiously. She got up from the chair and went to her.

"Ranjith...Ranjith"-Malini couldn't continue. She burst into tears.

"What happened to him?"

"He....he died. Failed , so suicide..." Malini lost her coherent speech, and sobbed still more.

Shobana froze.

Over the last few years, the number of suicides committed by people has been on the constant rise. Especially those by students are in the news very often. With the exam fever running high this month(for College students), I felt that this is the right time to express my views in this regard.

Most of the students these days are committing suicide due to failure in examinations. The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) 2009 report leaves a chilling statistic of 15 suicides every hour in the country, with one in three victims aged between 15 and 29 years.

failure in exams doesn't necessarily mean a "failure in life". It, as we all know, only means that there is room for improvisation on our part. Failure always gives us opportunities to get back and review our performance and upgrade ourselves. There are so many success stories spread around us from which we can always derive inspiration. Acclaimed author of HP series J.K.Rowling was rejected by 12 publishers before Bloomsbury signed the contract. And we have our very own cricket hero Sachin, who failed in his 10th STD exam once. Who would dare to forget Edison, one of the greatest scientists ever? Edison-the man who lit the lamp in an otherwise dark world! 

On one occasion a young journalist challenged Edison saying to him, "Mr. Edison, why do you keep trying to make light by using electricity when you have failed so many times? Don't you know that gas lights are with us to stay?"
To this Edison replied, "Young man, don't you realize that I have not failed but have successfully discovered six thousand ways that won't work!"

Did they hit the "Stop" button of their lives like cowards? No, but life actually restarted there, during the time of failure, with a new energy, rhythm and hope.Yes, only upon failure do people get an opportunity to reflect upon their mistakes and take corrective action. (This principle applies for love failures too. Also, remember that suicide is a federal crime! Whatever happens, you have no right to take your life. Period!) 

And this exam mania doesn’t stop here. There are many students whose talents might very well be outside the academic arena. For those young minds, pressurizing both physically and mentally into fields where they have little interest is futile. The responsibility lies with parents, students and teachers equally to identify the child’s unique talents and hone them accordingly, and put them into their areas of interest, however different/unique they may be. So, guys and gals, cheer up!!! Identify the talents in you, plan your efforts accordingly and never ever lose heart. Who knows, you might become a real Superstar one day!!!

P.S: Guess the title-"Don't take Cides" makes sense now ;)

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  1. Welcome to WE HAVE A STORY Sowmya.This is a very serious topic.It's increasing every year and it's very sad.One should never lose confidence no matter what happens.Every failure takes one step closer to success.

  2. You have raised a grave issue.
    Well done!!


  3. Abhisek: I agree with you wholeheartedly!

    Mani: Thank you :)

  4. really a very sensitive issue but put forward in an unique and enlightened is disheartening to note high suicide rate between ages of should never forget that failures are stepping stones for success and success after failure only provides a joy which is "ineffable".

  5. Akshay: That's true! Thank you BTW :)


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