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Helping Hands are Better than Praying Lips

Sometimes people say that they really want to help the needy,and that's it.If you really want to help then go and help.The question is who or what is stopping you from helping them.Don't tell me that it's because of your family problems that you can't manage to help others,that's a big joke.You and your family already have a lot more than you actually need.So go out and help others when you can,I know most of you will.

1.Blood is precious than Gold itself,whenever you need blood for any blood group just visit,you can find thousands of blood donor address there.

2.Children who couldn’t continue education because of poverty can contact : AGARAM Foundation founded by Suriya (Actor), , Ph: +91 98418 91000,+91 44 4350 6361 or Email :

3.If you find any important documents like Driving license, Ration card, Passport, Bank Pass Book, etc. missed by someone, simply put them into any near by Post Boxes.They will automatically reach the owner and Fine will be collected from them.

4.For Eye bank and Eye donation Contact: +91-044-28271616 (Sankara Nethralaya Eye Bank). For More information about how to donate eyes plz visit

5.‘Imitinef Mercilet’ is a medicine which helps fight cancer and it's available free for those who qualify “Adyar Cancer Institute in Chennai”.Contact: 044-24910754, 044-24911526, 044-22350241

6.Childline India foundation is India's only and most widespread Children's phone emergency outreach service for children in need of care and protection.Contact :1098

7.Plant more Trees,Don't waste Water & Electricity,Don't use or burn Plastics,fight GLOBAL WARMING.It costs 38 Trillion dollars to create OXYGEN for 6 months for all human beings on earth."TREES DO IT FOR FREE" "Respect them and Save them".

8.Vidya Vikas Trust,started by a few like minded individuals to help the economically weak students to pursue their basic education.Contact : India +91-94483 61244, USA +1-734-862-1542

If you really want to do something,do something for them.Don't just pray,Give your helping hand to those who need them.

Note : A hoax mail exactly like the above one was circulating like wild fire, I tried my best and re-edited the same with as much accurate information I could.Most of the info I shared here are researched.

Many starfish washed up on shore. A saintly man started picking them up and throwing them back into the ocean. Someone saw what he was doing and said him that it was pointless, that there were too many to save, that it wouldn't make a difference. Throwing another starfish into the sea, the saintly man responded, "It makes a difference to this one".

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Abhisek Panda
About the Author :
He loves challenging the concepts of others & that invariably leads him to create his own ideas and to pioneer new lines of thought.He Writes about Film,Art,Poetry,Stories and Personal views on things that matter.A Filmmaker,a Photographer,a CG Artist,a writer and Blogger.Music and Book Lover, curious about web design and development.He is the founder of "WE HAVE A STORY" and many other blogs and websites.

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  1. Replies
    1. Hi!! Rahul...Thanks for reading and leaving your views.

  2. Very wise of you to write of such devotion :)

    1. Hi!! Thanks for reading and leaving your views.

  3. You have a great heart, nice post.

    1. Hi!! Jim...Thanks for reading and leaving your views.

  4. This post reminds me of a hindi quote I heard somewhere-
    'apne lea to sabhi jete hain,jo dusro ke lea jete hain wahi jinda dil kehlate hain'.
    righty said, sympathizing words can't do what helping action can.

    1. Hi!! Rohit....Thanks for reading and leaving your views.

  5. Abhisek, great article and I think it's awesome you've included places and ways others can help.

    Many don't help in ways of "giving" because as you've stated in your "red noted area" that there are so many hoaxes being passed around. It's good to see an article where someone actually did the research behind the charities.

    I am very giving but often find myself wondering if the Charity is "real", thus making me hesitate about giving $. So I give in other ways, donating blood, canned food with extend shelf life, clothes, toys, books and also making blankets and scarves.

    I've often wanted to open up my home to "needy families" during the holidays, but in this day in age I fear of subjecting my home to things that I'd rather not mention.

    Again great article!

    1. Hi!! are right..Thanks for reading and leaving your views.

  6. oh!!you have really done what you say.providing the database instead of just writing an another article expressing pity on their plight...i would just say one word for u i.e"respect"

    1. Hi!! Akshay...Thanks for reading and leaving your views.

  7. Great, I was a bit confused after reading the heading. Prayer is definitely a good thing, but after reading further I understood. If you are just mouthing off that's not praying, prayer is effectual when you are true to God's word. Prayer changes things, yes a helping hand is right now. Stop by; read, enjoy and follow me.

    1. Hi!! Marie...Thanks for reading and leaving your views.

  8. we want do something for humanity

    1. Hi!! Tabish.....Thanks for reading and leaving your views.


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