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It was dark. Arpita was on her way back home. She was alone that scary night. The wind, that night was turbulent. It was a warning for the imminent storm. She knew it was unsafe to walk this isolated street at near midnight. But thanks to the scintillating shine of the full moon, that at least she could see her way. Now, a trouble lay ahead of her. The road now diverted into two. By which one shall she go??? 

The first one was the one she always chose to travel by but the other she had never even considered of taking. The other road was a shortcut but everyone avoided talking it. The path of this road was covered with overgrown grasses and mosses. The look gave a menacing feeling to the ones who even deem of walking on the path. This road had its path through the middle of a graveyard. The locals always said they heard daunting voices and screams form the graveyard during night. They considered it a junction for the demons, ghouls, witches and the spirits of the dead….

Arpita had to take her decision fast but that was not an easy job. She had never believed what people had said about the graveyard but what if they proved right…. what if the ghouls really came up to her and eat up her flesh…what if the witches turned her into one of them…what if…. no no she could not let all these eerie thoughts enter her mind. There had to be no place for such thoughts in her mind. Arpita shook her head to eradicate these sinister thoughts from here head, instead she thought of all the lovely happening of the day while talking small steps towards the graveyard…every step she took seemed as a step closer to death.

Arpita opened the gate of the graveyard and took the half lit lantern. As she walked a little forward the gate behind her slammed shut with a loud bang. Arpita stood where she was paralyzed with shock...waiting for some spirit to come for her and take away her life…But nothing happened...Atleast until then…she explained herself that the door slammed shut due to the rowdy wind blowing. She took a few more steps with her heart thumping hard on her chest. But then she alleged that she had seen someone behind the bushes. She looked out there but could not see anyone, was it… she shook her head again; maybe it was only that she had had many bad thoughts that’s why every movement seemed scary to her. Just then there was a strong lightning followed by violent thunder. Arpita screamed her lungs out. She was now trembling with fear. All she wanted to do was run as fast as she could to her home. Her safe home. Arpita kept on comforting herself that everything would be okay. Within some time she would be at home. By keeping this in mind she moved on but then she had the peculiar feeling of being watched.

“Who is there?” shouted Arpita. There was no reply. “Who’s there?” Again no reply.
Arpita had tears rolling down her cheeks. She was extremely terrified. Over her sobs she heard the laughter of someone, some child… The wind grew more and more fierce. There was no other sound except the blowing noise of the winds and the sobs of Arpita. And then Arpita’s lantern went of…OH NO!!! Now what will she do…Arpita had now lost all the hope of getting out of this graveyard safely…Her sobs grew louder. What would happen now??? She took a few steps forward and then there she had a glance at something eerie crawling towards HER. Lightening struck. She saw it. It was a GHOUL. How could this be possible? Now all the stories that had existed about the graveyard had turned true.
The ghoul was creepy. It had long ears and extensive eyes. From his mouth blood dripped. His color was grayish blue, EW!!! OH MY GOD!!!
Arpita bellow in horror. What was going to be of her??? She would be dead in few more minutes. She turned around and started to run to the entrance of the graveyard….and then OH GOD…She tripped!!! She tripped in front of a grave as she did her head up she saw a bloody hand raise up from the grave stone. Terrified Arpita quickly got up to her feet.
She began her run to the door again. Once more she heard, not only heard but also saw the spirits of two children laughing and playing. This graveyard was truly a junction of the supernatural and Arpita was going to be turned into one of them. While running Arpita saw a skull, A SKULL lying half hidden under the dry leaves. Far away somewhere, Arpita could hear the hoot of an owl. Arpita knew the demons were chasing her. She had to get out of here. She had to reach the entrance gate. She had to be quick as she could hear the rustling of leaves behind her which indicated the arrival of the demons.
Arpita’s heart was thrashing against her; it seeded as if it would just come out of her. What a pain it was! She wished she had never chosen this way. But what crying over spilt milk!
She could now see the entrance gate a few feet away from her. She tripped again!
This time she did not have the energy to get up quickly too. The demons were now at a foots distance from her. She got up. And tried to move but oh, She could not! The ghoul had had hold of her right foot. Arpita had been caught. She could not get out of the ghouls hold; it was too tight and painful. The other demons (zombies, spirits and more ghouls) came towards her. She was now in the middle of these dangerous creatures. They all were thirsty for her blood, for her life…Arpita Screamed an excruciating scream…

“Arpita, Arpita, wake up! Wake up darling!”
Arpita slowly opened up her eyes. She saw the ceiling above her and then her mother beside her. Arpita was over the moon when she saw this. She tightly embraced her mother into her arms.
“Arpita what’s wrong with you? A moment ago you were screaming that spine chilling scream and now you are smiling such a wide smile.” Said her mother and checked her temperature
“Oh ma! How was I saved?”
“Saved? Saved from what child?” asked her mother with a quizzical look.
“Saved from the demons mom.” Said Arpita. She too was confused by her mother’s behavior. 
“Oh child you surely had a bad dream yesterday the whole day you were with me.” Replied her mother laughing.
“What a dream?” said Arpita. Now her head was swirling around and round. How could she have imagined all this I all seemed so real? Oh god what was this!
Ha ha ha darling I have told you so many times don’t watch these stupid horror movies before going to sleep. See what this dream has done to you. You are sweating child.” Said her mother
This all had been a dream. Arpita wiped her forehead. It was atleast better than all this being real. Arpita took a deep sigh and made it a resolution never to watch horror movies again before going to sleep.

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  1. I am imppressed. It's very interesting. She is really 14 years old? I like!

  2. Congratulations Kavya,you are really good..and I am so proud of you,to see Reshma's girl doing so well,keep on following your will go places,wishing you the very best in life.

  3. Congratulations,a writer in the making...

  4. Love ghost stories...please write more..

  5. Interesting and well thought descriptions. Budding writer in the making.....

  6. very nice..unbelievable you are just 14

  7. good work kavya..I hope u keep this up...

  8. I'm a proud mother today...but don't let this new found appreciation get into your head...keep improving with every new writing...god bless you...

  9. Hey Kavya.....this was a smooth and gripping read! Good going and don't stop the pen...let us know when you write next.......

  10. Awesome job for a 14 year old. The story was actually compelling enough that I shooed my kids away while I read it. Good Job! Write more please. Can we have one where it's not a dream???? like Stephen king :)

    Your Mom's childhood friend

  11. good work kavya.. keep it up

  12. Hey kavya... Nice work dear... Keep writin.. All d best... :)

  13. this story gives me hope of a beautiful dawn in literature. read wishes for your bright future.

  14. what a fab story!!!!!!!! congratulations!! keep writing more and i hope you'll attain great heights one day


  15. hi!a really scary story ws really scared out of my wits but enjoyed reading every bit of it Congs!!!!!keep it up continue to write..........

  16. 2 thumbs up!! keep it up my talented sister...


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