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We actually have a story!

This is my first post, so before I actually write anything worth suiting the blog.. I found out - we actually have a story!
We, not you.. not me alone. The concept of "we" have evolved over the years and with the popularity of social media, its no more "you", and definitely not "me".
We are here to write, to post stories.. to share our "own" stories.. in a way making "our" story. The success story of this blog, about being "us", of the use of social media and the society in large.

Social media in the last one and a half years, has taken our society by a storm, uplifting us to the level next. The level that considers shaking hands and hugging as offline..sharing files and status updates as online ! Innumerable tweetups , blogger meets in the country.. human networking at its best. The world had been a small place, internet made it smaller...we perhaps making it the smallest possible place to live it. Thats our story!

We are building our community.. our religion. The religion with perhaps two rituals - expression and popularising. This new religion of our smallest world is our story!

Our friendship, our collaboration... is our story...
Our individual posts, our shared stories... are just another story...
Well, We Have "A" Story !

3 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. Wow..this is called intelligent writing..Welcome to "WE HAVE A STORY",and my instincts about you were correct.We have such a talented aspiring writer like you here....and we will have a story!!

  2. We actually have started our story writing!

  3. Couldn't agree more Anirban - we do have a story : )


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